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					                                Nhulunbuy Christian School Newsletter
                             Term 1 Week 5                                                    Wednesday 24 February 2010

                             Eugenia Avenue / PO Box 621, NHULUNBUY NT 0881                   Email: ncs.admin@ntschools.net
                             Telephone: 8987 2187; Facsimile: 8987 2357                                    www.ncs.nt.edu.au

 DATES TO                                                            ’S
                                                   FROM THE PRINCIPAL DESK
                             Early in our married life, Sal and I participated in a short term foster care program. We would have
                             troubled young teens come and stay with us for up to a month at a time, while whatever crisis was
                             unfolding at home, could be sorted out or until a more permanent foster-care arrangement could be
25 FEBRUARY                  made. One boy, having lived with us for a few weeks, obviously felt we didn’t want some of our
- School Photos              things and so “did a runner” taking with him our VCR, CD player, camera and pretty much any-
26 FEBRUARY                  thing transportable that he could carry. We were a bit rocked by this, Sal in particular, having in-
- Uniform Free Day           vested time and love into his life. We thought about ending our involvement in the program as we
                             could see that we would probably get “ripped-off” again some time in the future. We debated the
(Bring gold coin donation)
                             issue for a while until, through our sense of injustice emerged the thought that if protecting our
10 MARCH                     “stuff” prevents us from helping others then we are too concerned about our stuff.
- NCS Council AGM            Jesus turns people toward their relationships. He seems as interested in how we relate to one an-
13 MARCH                     other as how we relate to Him. “Go and fix things with your brother and then come and worship
- Working Bee                God.” So much of what He teaches reminds his hearers that people, and the way they connect, are
                             important. More important than stuff, more important than career achievement, more important
22-26 MARCH                  than pride when seeking restitution when a friendship has been damaged.
- Parent Teacher
                             The disciples asked: “How many times must I forgive?” and “Who is my neighbour?”
                             Religion does that to some people. It diminishes them - the disciples wanted to know what the rule
26 MARCH                     is – they want a concrete bottom line: “Just give me the rule Jesus and I will try to follow that…”
- Uniform Free Day           But Christianity is so much more expansive – when should I forgive – always. Who is my
(Bring gold coin donation)   neighbour – everyone.
                             Much of my time is spent helping restore or rebuild relationships – they loom far larger in a stu-
 ASSEMBLY                    dent’s world than Maths or English – and whilst they take a great deal of time, thought and grace,
                             helping students redeem their relationships is what Winnie the Pooh would call a Noble Deed and
   WEEK 5—YR 5
                             is something that Christ calls us to. Or, as Paul puts it: “be ministers of reconciliation……”
     SCHOOL                  Steve Venour
WEEK 7—TRANSITION            Principal
   WEEK 8—YR 1
  WEEK 9—YR 2
                                                                  SCHOOL FEES
                              Your Family Statements will be out soon. Just a reminder that school fees for 2010 are:
                                                   Transition to Year 5: $720 per term or $2880 per year
    2010                                            Year 6 to Year 9: $1015 per term or $4060 per year
 TERM DATES                   The school is offering a 5% discount on fees paid upfront for the whole year. Your Grounds and
                              Maintenance Levy of $150 per term per family will appear on your statement as well.
         Term 1
      27 January to           Once statements have been sent out, fees are payable within 14 days. Outstanding 2009 fees are
         1 April              due immediately. Please feel free to make an appointment to speak to Steve Venour, our Princi-
                              pal, if you are having or are going to have difficulty paying your school fees this year.
        Term 2
       12 April to            We welcome regular automatic payments, if this is easier for parents to make smaller, regular
        18 June               payments. If you make direct deposits into our account, please put your name in as the ref-
                              erence, so that we can put your payment against your fees.
         Term 3
         19 July                                             Nhulunbuy Christian School Policy:
      24 September                       End of Semester Reports are not sent out until outstanding fees have been paid.
         Term 4               Regards
       11 October             Nellie Logan
      10 December             Finance Officer

                              Live, Love and Learn
NCS Newsletter                                                                           Term 1 Week 5, 2010

  Chaplaincy News from Alex Parr
                Rules Or Relationship?
                                                              Uniform Free Day
 For a lot of people, to be Christian is to follow a set
                                                               This Friday, 26th February 2010
 of rules - end of story. When they don’t follow the                   Theme: Sunnies for Sight,
 rules, guilty feelings remain, and they struggle to               so decorate and wear you sunglasses
 feel accepted by God. Have you ever felt this way?                       as well as free dress.
 Now Jesus certainly had a lot to say about living the        Don’t forget to bring your gold coin for our
 right way. He taught about faith, forgiveness, hypoc-         school’s sponsor child, Auma Josephine,
 risy, judgementalism, justice, marriage, money, re-                       living in Uganda.
 pentance, seeking God, temptations, tradition, work
 and many other topics as well. Yet Jesus didn’t
 come to earth as a ‘Ten Commandments Version 2’
 with flesh instead of stone! He was so much more
 than that. The whole context of His life and ministry
                                                                     NEWS FROM
 was relationship. Jesus ‘did life’ with his disciples.
 In addition to holding teaching and healing cam-
                                                                   AUMA JOSEPHINE
 paigns around the countryside, He also participated
 in dinner parties, weddings, and festivals. He experi-
 enced the whole range of relationships from close
 friends, to regular friends, right down to enemies
 who wanted to kill Him. He performed amazing
 miracles, all the time attributing His power to His
 Father in heaven, whom he obeyed while on earth.

 Jesus often went off by Himself to spend intimate
 time praying with the Father, simply relating, gain-
 ing strength.

 John Chapter 15 in the Message version of the Bible
 is a brilliant chapter about the relationship that we
 can have with Jesus. Check these quotes out, and
 read the whole chapter sometime!

     "I am the Vine, you are the branches. When
     you're joined with me and I with you, the re-
     lation intimate and organic, the harvest is
     sure to be abundant. Separated, you can't
     produce a thing.” (Verse 5).

     "I've loved you the way my Father has loved
     me. Make yourselves at home in my love. If
     you keep my commands, you'll remain inti-
     mately at home in my love. (Verses 9-10).

 Christianity is not following a set of rules. It’s a rela-
 tionship with Jesus. He is so accepting of us in spite
 of all our faults. He just wants to hang out with us,
 and have His love ‘rub off’ on us - guilt free, no
 striving necessary!

                         Live, Love and Learn

      GROUNDS & MAINTENANCE LEVY                                            NCS Council News:
 Parents, as you know, the school charges a $150 Grounds          The School Council Annual General Meeting will
 & Maintenance Levy per term, per family. But you can            be held on Wednesday night, 10th March 2010. All
 work it off by doing 6 hours of work for the school per         NTCSA Members are invited to attend. Any
 term. There are plenty of opportunities to work off your        NTCSA Members wishing to stand for nomination,
 Grounds & Maintenance Levy. Here are some ideas:                please contact the Front Office for a nomination
 •        Working Bee - Saturday, 13 March
 •        Covering Library Books - email your contact
          details to ncs@woodington.com and our librarian,
                                                                              P & F UPDATE:
          Clare, will contact you when books arrive.
                                                                 The P&F held their AGM this week. We would like to
 •        School Newsletter - email your contact details         welcome the new committee.
          to nellie.logan@ntschools.net
 •        Classroom Help - see your child’s class teacher                 Chairperson         Maria Slatter
 •        Crossing Duty - Volunteers are urgently                         Vice Chair          Helen Italiano
          needed. Please leave your contact details with                  Secretary           Carmel Santarossa
          Susan Rogers on 8987 1042.                                      Treasurer           Kellie Roos
 •        P&F Fundraisers - email your contact details                    Fundraising         Judith Kowalewycz
          to Maria Slatter on mslatter@bigpond.net.au and                 Special Projects    Kelly Thomson
          one of the P&F Committee Members will contact                   Special Events      Susan Rogers
          you.                                                            Uniform Shop        Kerry Asplin
 •        Parent Representative for P&F - please                 This year the P&F have requested that each class have 2
          read the P&F Update at right for more information.     parent representatives. These parents will be the class
                                                                 contacts for fundraising activities occurring throughout

            School Photos
                                                                 the year.
                                                                          Transition          Michelle Richardson
                                                                                              Anne-Marie Baker
                                                                          Year 1              Kelly Murray
 School photos will be held THIS
     THURSDAY 25th FEBRUARY                                               Year 2              Di Gentle
 Please get your envelopes in by then. If you are wanting
                                                                          Year 3              Marie Martinez
 sibling photos taken, you can collect specific sibling en-
 velopes from the front office.

       UNIFORM SHOP                                                                 2010 ICAS 

                            2010                                 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools 
                                                                                for the University of NSW  

                 OPEN: Thursdays                                     Don’t forget forms need to be returned with the correct 
                                                                             amount of monies to the Front Office by  
               TIME: 2.00pm to 3.00pm
                                                                              Monday the 8th March, 2010 
      Don’t forget to use your vouchers at the uniform                         if you wish your child to participate  
                   shop - $75 per student.                                         in the following extra subjects 

                 LOST PROPERTY:                                                          Computer Skills 
     All lost property is at the Front Office. Please check if                              Writing 
     anything is yours. We still have quite a collection from
                              last year.

NCS Newsletter                                                                                        Term 1 Week 5, 2010

                                                                         SCOUTS ARE BACK FOR 2010!
           Kids Craft Club:
                      (5 to 12 years)                                           Discover Scouting
           WHERE: Oasis Christian Assembly
                                                                 Are you aged 6 to 25 and looking for fun, freedom,
              (opposite Primary School)                             friendship, excitement, challenge... and more?
            WHEN: Fridays, 3.30 - 5.30pm                     Are you an adventure-loving adult who wants to help young
                 COST: $3 per child                                       Aussies reach their full potential?
                                                                          Be Prepared... for new adventure!
           UTH GROUP                                                    We meet at the Scout Hall, Enalu Road
                                                              Joey Scouts (aged 6 – 7.5) Cub Scouts (aged 7.5 – 10.5)
                   (Year 6 and Up)                           Scouts (aged 10.5 – 14.5) Adventurer Scouts (14.5 – 17.5)
           WHERE: Oasis Christian Assembly                                        Rovers (17.5 – 25)
              (opposite Primary School)                          JOEY / CUBS – 23rd February 5:00pm – 6.30pm
             WHEN: Saturdays, 7 - 9pm                                          (every second Tuesday)
                COST: $3 per person                                SCOUTS – 25th February 6:30 pm – 8:30pm
                                                                              (every second Thursday)
                                                               IF YOU ARE INTERESTED OR WOULD LIKE MORE
       AND CONFIRMATION                                        NEW MEMBERS MOST WELCOME!!
 Parents who wish for their child/children to re-
 ceive the sacraments of First Holy Communion
 and or Confirmation, are asked to complete the
                                                                  GOVE NETBALL FUND-
 enrolment form which is on the back table at the                       RAISER
 Catholic Church. Bishop Eugene Hurley will visit
 Gove mid May for the ceremony.                             We are currently fundraising to send Team A across to
                                                            compete in The International Netball Festival being held in
                                                            Hawaii in April 2010.

                        AFL                                 We have two products for sale.
                                                            1. Magnetic Picture Pockets for 6X4 photos—$15.00
 Any kids 12-14 years (or 11yrs turning 12 this year)       These are great for hanging on your fridge, it has a strong
                                                            magnetic strip and you can change the photos as often as
 interested in starting an AFL team from Nhulunbuy to
                                                            you like. Great for school photos or fun family times to re-
 play the Yirrkala boys on Saturday mornings when the       member.
 season starts around mid-April, parents please contact:
        Jo     0448 860 950 or 8987 3387                    2. Picture Pockets—$25.00
        Mel 0417 450 673                                    9 A4 size pockets in one easy to hang display area. They
                                                            are double sided so you can actually fit 18 A4 paper/
                                                            photos. This is a great way to display your children's art-
                                                            work, school certificates, sporting participation certifi-
    MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS                                     cates, etc, so they don't clutter up the fridge!

  Music Lessons have started. If anyone has any musical     These items are currently on display at the Front Of-
  instruments they would like to donate to the school, we   fice. Order forms have been emailed. Should you re-
  would greatly appreciate it. Guitars, keyboard and drum   quire another one, please contact the Front Office.
   set are of the greatest need. Please contact Tim Webb,          Orders need to be back to the Front Office
          the Music Teacher for more information -                            by 1st March 2010.

                                  NHULUNBUY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL  
                                      MISSION STATEMENT 
  To assist parents in the education of their children, so that they may live, love and learn to their fullest poten-
                 tial through a relationship with Jesus Christ and an understanding of the Bible.

NCS Newsletter                                                                                  Term 1 Week 5, 2010

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