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									                 The Golden Valley VFW Voice
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                  HF (Rick) House III 660-924-1853,postal.blue@hotmail.com, Editor & Publisher
                                      Mary Hosmann 660-885-3649, Assistant

Commander:        Rick House      924-1853                     President:   Barbara Danforth   525-1376
Adjutant:         Sam Gibbons     890-2370                     Secretary:   Pat Snyder         885-6817
Quartermaster:    Bob Easton      885-4920                     Treasurer:   Mary Hubbard       885-7404
Chaplain:         Charlie Fry     885-4676                     Chaplain:    Cathline Vest      885-9777

                  A request from our
             National Commander-in-Chief
Dear Comrades and Supporters:
The Pepsi Refresh Project http://www.refresheverything.com is an online 
grant program sponsored by PepsiCo. It is available to applicable nonprofits 
and Grants are determined through an Internet voting process which is 
open to the public. 
With our country at war, and with thousands of new veterans returning 
from the battlefield, our mission and our many assistance programs are 
more important than ever.   The truth of the matter is, we are hard‐pressed 
to meet the ever‐growing demand for assistance for our veterans, service members and their fami‐
lies.  That is why I have directed the VFW Foundation to gain entry to the Pepsi Refresh Project at the 
highest grant amount ($250,000) in the next open period (April 1, 2010). The VFW has begun the 
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award consideration beginning 4/1/10.

Grant awards are not determined by merit but simply by the number of on‐line votes received.  In 
order to have any chance at receiving a grant, we must successfully mobilize an effective and mas‐
sive Internet campaign to enlist supporters to vote for our cause. 
I am now asking for your help in getting the word out so that we can garner as many on‐line votes 
from our membership and supporters as possible. 
Soon, you will be receiving detailed information about VFW’s upcoming “Return the Favor” on‐line 
national campaign. Please take a moment and learn how you can help be a part of this important en‐
deavor. Your efforts will go a long way in assisting those who deserve it most.

Thomas J. Tradewell Sr.

     If you are interested in receiving our Post newsletter electronically please send an email to
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                                                                                   HF (Rick) House III
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              2010          VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary                     2

                                                                                    VFW NATIONAL HOME
                                                                                      FOR CHILDREN

                                                                        Latest Update is at the following link:


  VFW Membership
    Annual and Lifetime plans                          If you’re not already a Life Member please
                                                       consider it for this worthwhile organization.
available. Reasonable rates, and
 financial assistance is available                       Cost is only $35.00 and includes a Life
      for those who qualify.                                           Member Pin.
    Ask about our discounts
        for older veterans.
     Contact Bob Wonnell at                   "The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to
 (660)890-2072 or (660)351-2410
       for more information                         the vigilant, the active, the brave."
                                                                       Patrick Henry (1736-1799)
                                                                          American Statesman

Tales from the WebCom                       * hairy cell leukemia
                                                                                        the Missouri Veteran Stories pro-
                                            * Hodgkin's disease                          gram. We are in a "race against
                                            * ischemic heart disease                      time" to colllect the passionate,
   JOINT MEMBERSHIP                         * multiple myeloma                          first-hand accounts of our citizens
         DRIVE                              * non-Hodgkin's lymphoma                      and their service to help secure
                                            * Parkinson's disease
    MARCH AND APRIL                         * porphyria cutanea tarda
                                                                                         and ensure our freedom. Every
Posted at 08:56 PM on Friday, Febru-        * prostate cancer                            day that goes by more and more
ary 19, 2010 by Dept MO-VFW                 * respiratory cancers                                 stories are lost.
                                            * soft tissue sarcoma (other than os-
                                            teosarcoma, chondrosarcoma,                  Our state will be faced with deci-
The Department Commander                     Kaposi's sarcoma or mesothelioma)
Dave Morgan and Ladies Auxil-                                                           sions on continuing this invaluable
iary President Yvonne Massey are            List provided courtesy of Dept Sr-Vice       program in the coming days. We
working together on a Joint effort          Commander Bob Wonnell                         all know of the challenging eco-
on Membership.                                                                            nomic environment but this is a
                                                                                          program that cannot be lost be-
We are asking all VFW Post and                          She Serves                       cause we can NEVER get the sto-
Ladies Auxiliary to have a dual                                                                      ries back!
membership drive at your Post in            Home Base for VFW's female
March and April.                            vets                                  Look for further updates in the
--THIS IS AN IMPORTANT                      VFW National has launched a site to     coming days and please go to
MATTER                                      help connect our female combat vet-   www.missouriveteranstories.org
                                            erans.                                and take a few minutes to be in-
---Working together ---On Mem-                                                   spired. You can also submit your
bership—Communication---And                 VFW’s She Serves campaign honors support to Jefferson City through
helping your Post so that we can            the sacrifice and service of female   the ease of a simple click or two
continue helping our veterans and           veterans. Visit and you’ll feel the near the bottom of the home page.
families in your community.                 support of other veterans who know
THANK YOU                                   the distinct pride of being a female              Thank you!
                                            military member. All are invited to
State Commander,                            meet them, hear their stories and From "Missouri Veteran Stories"
DAVE MORGAN                                 share your own. Visit
Ladies Auxiliary President ,                www.JoinSheServes.org and join         Comrades and Sisters, we could
YVONNE MASSEY                               our networks on Facebook and use some help on this. If you want
                                            Myspace.                             to help, just follow the suggestions
                                                                                         is the last sentence.
 Here is the new expanded                                                               It is really easy to do.
 Agent Orange Disease List.                                                      Dewey M. Riehn, Legislative Chair-
                                              Hello Missouri Veterans
                                                                                        man, VFW, Mo. Dep
* acute and subacute transient peripheral          and Supporters!
* AL amyloidosis
* chloracne                                 Missouri has led the nation in hon-           To read more about these stories
* chronic lymphocytic leukemia              oring our states' veterans and in-                    and others got to
* diabetes mellitus (type 2)                spiring and educating us all with             http://vfwwebcom.org/Missouri
          April                 The Golden Valley VFW Voice                   Page
          2010      VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary    3

                                                            for filling in at the March
                                  tion today in fulfilling our
                                                            11th meeting. My apologies
                                  responsibility to assist vet-
                                                            for not being present, I have
                                  erans, past, present and fu-
                                  ture.                     been ill with the flu.
       Comrades, March                   Membership is al-         I hope everyone is
has been an eventful month        ways a need, with numbers working on the end of the
at the Post, and it has been      decreasing, so goes our   year reports. We will have a
necessary to make some                                      meeting in April to finalize
                                  voice in the support of Vet-
difficult decisions.              erans legislation. Nearly and mail them to Depart-
       However, we will           all of us know someone    ment.
strive to learn from these        who could be a member of         We still need BINGO
difficulties and move for-                                  and Kitchen workers. Sign
                                  our organization but is not,
ward to accomplish our            for various reasons. I askup sheets are in the kitchen
mission, that of assisting        you to speak with them    and at the BINGO Office, the
our fellow veterans, their                                  breakfast job is 7-10 am Sat-
                                  and ask them for their sup-
widows and orphaned chil-         port in coming alongside  urday and is very easy, just
dren.                             us as we work to make lifecollecting money, and no
       In keeping with the        better for those who have long hours on your feet.
By-Laws we will be elect-         served as well as those   Please stop by and sign up
ing our Officers for the          who are serving and will  for the Saturday of your
2010-2011 term at our                                       choice.
                                  serve in the future. It is a
April 8th meeting, nomi-          military brotherhood that        Election of Officers for
nations are open until the        says “No one left behind”,2010-2011 will be held April
April 8th meeting. If you                                   8th, we will need people to
                                  it is ours to continue vigi-
are interested in serving                                   fill several chairs. Also, we
                                  lance to ensure it continues
as an Officer of the Post         to remain so, by searchingwill be hosting the 6th Dis-
please contact our nomi-          for those overlooked and  trict School of Instruction, so
nating committee chair            deserted. Bringing them a training will be available lo-
Comrade Jr Wilson to let          helping hand if needed so cally for anyone needing as-
him know.                         that they can stand again,sistance in how to do their
       Please ensure that all     proud to have served theirupcoming job. Call me if
of your service in the com-       country, knowing someone  you are interested in helping.
munity is reported to our                                   If you would like to be an
                                  is grateful for their service
Adjutant Sam Gibbons. It                                    Officer next year, please at-
                                  and sacrifice. It is to this
is necessary to report our        end that we continue to   tend the April meeting and let
activities to be able to keep                               me know what your choices
                                  enlist support, both in our
our non-profit status.            fundraising endeavors and are.
       The National Com-          in our volunteer leadership.     We have lost two mem-
mander-in-Chief has made          If everyone helps some-   bers of this past month and
a request for online support      where, the job becomes    the Post lost Don Skaggs.
of the VFW Foundation in                                    Our sympathy and prayers
                                  easier for all. Please lend
obtaining a Grant from            yourself to the cause.    are with Sister Lulu Skaggs.
Pepsi Co. (please see front       Make a difference.        All will be sadly missed.
page), I encourage all                              Rick House
                                                                   There have been sev-
                                                            eral changes in our organiza-
those able, to go online be-
ginning April 1st and vote,                                 tion, but we will survive and
also to request of your                                     grow stronger if we all work
families and friends to do                                  together.
so as well. This grant will                                        Any questions, prob-
                                        Thanks to Sr-Vice
help ensure the future of                                   lems or information, remem-
                                  President Janice Cogdill
the best Veterans organiza-                                 ber I am just a call away.
             April                         The Golden Valley VFW Voice                               Page
             2010            VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary                  4

  Computer Repair Center
                                                                                    You could be supporting
   417 N Maguire Ste F                                                                our newsletter, too!
   Warrensburg, MO 64093
                                                                           Contact postal.blue@hotmail.com
Your all in one stop for personal                                               For more information
 service done right the first time.

  We also sell used computers,
 come see what we have today!                                                                            Boy Scouts of
                                                                                                         Investment in
Rick House “In business for 15 years and with 45 years com-
bined experience, this family owned business provides friendly ,                                           Campaign
courteous service. I trust them to fix it right the first time I bring
it in.”

Bob Easton “Working on both PC’s and Laptops they provide a
variety of services, all for the right price. I wouldn’t take my
                                                                           Investing in the future by instilling
computers anywhere else”                                                     Character in the youth of today.
Stop in and see what these Comrades and more have already dis-
                                                                          Celebrating 100 years of good turns
covered. You’ll never want to go anyone else again!                      To make a pledge, call 1(800)776-1110

    Members of VFW Post 1894 currently deployed overseas.
                    Please provide information on any others we may be missing including addresses if known to
                                       Rick House 924-1853 or at postal.blue@hotmail.com.

Aaron Pietrzak                                Lisa Beaudrow
TF 1-108th Cav (RSTA)                         (MO ANG Afghanistan)
FOB Hughie                                    Address not available at print time
APO AE 09310

SGT. Michael Smith
D co 1/130 ARB                                Feel free to drop them a line and let
Basraha, Iraq                                 them know that we are thinking of
APO AE 09374                                     them and supporting them!!!

                                                    There’s nothing like a letter
SGT Jones William                                          from home!!
Nangahar ADT
Fob Finley Shields
APO AE 09310

LCPL Stephen Schildgen
3rd BN, 7th Marines, Lima Co.
Barracks 1403 Rm. 265                            Know of someone we missed?
29 Palms, CA 92278                                Have more information?
(Going to Afghanistan at the end                        Let us know!
of March)
          April                 The Golden Valley VFW Voice                      Page
          2010       VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary      5

                  Decision Simplifies Application for Disability Pay
WASHINGTON (March 18, 2010) – Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki today announced
the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is taking steps to make it easier for Veterans to obtain dis-
ability compensation for certain diseases associated with service in the Persian Gulf War or Afghani-
stan. This will be the beginning of historic change for how VA considers Gulf War Veterans’ ill-

Following recommendations made by VA’s Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Task Force, VA is publish-
ing a proposed regulation in the Federal Register that will establish new presumptions of service con-
nection for nine specific infectious diseases associated with military service in Southwest Asia during
the Persian Gulf War, or in Afghanistan on or after September 19, 2001.
“We recognize the frustrations that many Gulf War and Afghanistan Veterans and their families ex-
perience on a daily basis as they look for answers to health questions, and seek benefits from VA,”
said Secretary Shinseki.

The proposed rule includes information about the long-term health effects potentially associated with
the nine diseases: Brucellosis, Campylobacter jejuni, Coxiella burnetii (Q fever), malaria, Mycobacte-
rium tuberculosis, Nontyphoid Salmonella, Shigella, Visceral leishmaniasis and West Nile virus.
For non-presumptive conditions, a Veteran is required to provide medical evidence that can be used to
establish an actual connection between military service in Southwest Asia or in Afghanistan, and a
specific disease.

With the proposed rule, a Veteran will only have to show service in Southwest Asia or Afghanistan,
and a current diagnosis of one of the nine diseases. Comments on the proposed rule will be accepted
over the next 60 days. A final regulation will be published after consideration of all comments re-

The decision was made after reviewing the 2006 report of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS),
titled, “Gulf War and Health Volume 5: Infectious Diseases.” The 2006 report differed from the four
prior reports by looking at the long-term health effects of certain diseases determined to be pertinent
to Gulf War Veterans.

The 1998 Persian Gulf War Veterans Act requires the Secretary to review NAS reports that study sci-
entific information and possible associations between illnesses and exposure to toxic agents by Veter-
ans who served in the Persian Gulf War.

Because the Persian Gulf War has not officially been declared ended, Veterans serving in Operation
Iraqi Freedom are eligible for VA’s new presumptions. Secretary Shinseki decided to include Af-
ghanistan Veterans in these presumptions because NAS found that the nine diseases are prevalent in
that country.

Noting that today’s proposed regulation reflects a significant determination of a positive association
between service in the Persian Gulf War and certain diseases, Secretary Shinseki added, “By setting
up scientifically-based presumptive service connection, we give these deserving Veterans a simple
way to get the benefits they have earned in service to our country.”
Last year, VA received more than one million claims for disability compensation and pension. VA
provides compensation and pension benefits to over 3.8 million Veterans and beneficiaries. Presently,
the basic monthly rate of compensation ranges from $123 to $2,673 to Veterans without any depend-

Disability compensation is a non-taxable, monthly monetary benefit paid to Veterans who are disabled
as a result of an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active military service.
For more information about health problems associated with military service during operations Desert
Shield, Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and related VA programs go to
www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/gulfwar/ or go to www.va.gov for information about disability
            April                   The Golden Valley VFW Voice                          Page
            2010          VFW Golden Valley Post 1894, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary         6

                                         APRIL 2010
   SUNDAY            MONDAY          TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY THURSDAY              FRIDAY         SATURDAY

                                                                   1                2               3               4
     Our Post Calendar is ONLINE at                                                                     Morning
                                                                                    Reserved for        Breakfast
  http://tinyurl.com/vfwpost1894calendar                                                                 6:30-10
                                                                                    Pitch Players
                                                                                      6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                    POST BINGO

 4                  5               6                7             8                9               10              11
                                     Pitch Players                   Post Meets
                                        Play at                     at 7:30 p.m.    Reserved for
   SUNDAY                             11:30 a.m.                                                         6:30-10
                                                                     Ladies Aux     Pitch Players
POST RESERVED                                                          Meets          6:00 p.m.     POST BINGO
                                   AUX BINGO                          at 7 p.m.

 11                 12              13               14            15               16              17              18
                                     Pitch Players
                                                                                    Reserved for        Breakfast
                                        Play at       Men’s Aux
                                      11:30 a.m.                                    Pitch Players        6:30-10
                                                       Meets at
                                                                                      6:00 p.m.
                                   AUX BINGO           7:30 pm                                      POST BINGO

 18                 19              20               21            22               23              24              25
                                     Pitch Players
                                        Play at                      Post Meets     Reserved for
                                      11:30 a.m.                                                         6:30-10
                                                                    at 7:30 p.m.    Pitch Players
                                    AUX BINGO                                         6:00 p.m.     POST BINGO

 25                 26              27               28            29               30              31
                                     Pitch Players
                                        Play at
                                      11:30 a.m.

                                   AUX BINGO

Thursday       April 1          April Fools Day
Sunday         April 4          Easter POST RESERVED
Tuesday        April 6          Army Day
Thursday       April 8          Ladies Auxiliary Meeting 7:00 pm VFW Post Meeting 7:30 pm —Officer Elections—
Sunday         April 11         Gulf War Cease Fire (1991)
Wednesday      April 14         Men’s Auxiliary Meeting 7:30 pm
Thursday       April 15         Tax Day
Week of        Apr 18-24        National Volunteer Week
Thursday       April 22         VFW Post Meeting 7:30 pm       Earth Day
Friday         April 24         Arbor Day
Tuesday        April 27         JROTC Award Ceremony (Clinton High School) 6:30 pm-9:00 pm

Saturday       May   1          Loyalty Day
Sunday         May   2          District 6 Meeting Sedalia, MO VFW Post 12 Noon
Sunday         May   9          Mother’s Day
Monday         May   31         Memorial Day

 We are once again working on putting together Car-pools and accommodations for those interested in
attending the VFW National Convention in Indianapolis, IN. If you are interested in attending this event
   please contact Rick House so that we can keep costs as low as possible for those who wish to attend.
                                              Thank you

           Next MO Department Convention                       Please keep your address updated to help
                  is June 18-20, 2010                         us avoid costs from the Postal Service. We
                  Columbia, Missouri                                 pay $.50 for each correction.
             Start planning now to attend.                                                         Thanks

             The next District 6 meeting                             The 110th National Convention
           May 2, 2009, meal at 12:00 noon                                  August 21-26 2010
                 meetings to follow.                                       Indianapolis, Indiana
               Sedalia, Missouri Post                                 Start Planning NOW to attend

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