Swing-door drive unit FDC and F4 by lindash


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									            Door Automation

           Swing-door drive unit FDC and F4
           Compact. Universal. Reliable.

Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 1                   15.10.2007 16:06:28 Uhr
         The convenient, high-performance solution
         Automation considerably enhances the user comfort of a traditional, manually-operated door. The flow
         of pedestrian traffic is increased. Cumbersome, difficult-to-open doors become much easier to use. A mo-
         tion detector can be used to provide contact-free access. Reliable door closure prevents a loss of valuable
         heated or cooled air in the building, resulting in big energy savings.
         The swing-door drive unit supports such management functions as controlled access and fire safety.
         Movement is monitored by a series of standard- and norm-compliant safety elements.

Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 2                                                                                   15.10.2007 16:06:32 Uhr
Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 3   15.10.2007 16:06:35 Uhr
         The automation of lightweight interior doors …

Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 4                               15.10.2007 16:06:35 Uhr
            … and heavy, traditional doorways

Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 5                     15.10.2007 16:06:42 Uhr
         Control and reliability

Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 6        15.10.2007 16:06:48 Uhr
            Individual adaptation
            to operating functions

Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 7          15.10.2007 16:06:52 Uhr
         Installation and configuration options

Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 8                       15.10.2007 16:06:54 Uhr
Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 9   15.10.2007 16:07:01 Uhr
         Range of uses and applications

Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 10              15.10.2007 16:07:01 Uhr
Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 11   15.10.2007 16:07:01 Uhr
Brosch_FDC-F4_12s_EN.indd 12   15.10.2007 16:06:27 Uhr

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