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									     SUCCESS IS ALREADY
                                     E      Y       E               O         N
                                                                                       A   R      B       O        N        N        E

                          WITHIN YOU

      Do you have your life and career planned out? I thought I did, until I
      discovered the incredible opportunity that Arbonne has to offer. You
      never know when and why your plans might change, and this was one
      opportunity that I did not see coming.

      I was approached by ERVP Candice Yeager and decided to host a
      Presentation in order to learn more about Arbonne’s herbal and botanical
      ingredients. I had a desire to be healthy and learn more about my skin. I
      loved what I discovered about Arbonne and the line of products. I found
      out why some products that I had used in the past were not yielding results.
      I also learned which Arbonne products would work best in my problem
      areas. I decided to sign up just to get the product at a discount. I was not                                                        becky gilman
      interested in this business.                                                                              Independent Consultant, Region Vice President
                                                                                                                            Becky Gilman Region; Tulsa, OK
      Candice asked me if I would ever consider doing the business and I
      politely said, “One day, maybe.” Well, that comment ended up being a
      crack in the door, a possibility, so to speak. Candice would call and invite
                                                                                           corporate world in the field of computer technology. I had worked as a net-
      me to “meetings.” I did not feel comfortable going to meetings and when
                                                                                           work engineer for nine years, but this came with a great price — my time,
      she called, I would let the voicemail kick on, or avoid her calls altogether.
                                                                                           my freedom and my life. I had to lay down many things that I wanted to
      One day she invited me to come to a car presentation. All I heard was
                                                                                           do with my life because I was bound to corporate expectations. I loved my
      “party” and “food” and thought, “Why not?”
                                                                                           job and I was not looking for something else to do. But, I have a dream
                                                                                           that pulls at my heart. I longed to be able to stay home after marriage and
       The party was ENVP Stacy Thorn’s car presentation. As I sat there and
                                                                                           have children, and be able to live out of my heart instead of my bank
       watched and listened to these women get up and share their stories, I was
                                                                                           account. I could not accomplish this with my corporate job. There are many
       taken back by how these incredible women had overcome their personal
                                                                                           things that a corporate job supplies you with, but there are also things that
       obstacles and had found success in life. I believe that when you surround
                                                                                           are lacking. In the corporate world, a person works for someone else’s
       yourself with success, you will become successful, and I wanted to be
                                                                                           vision, caps out at a salary level and rarely gets recognition, just to name
                                                         successful in every area
                                                                                           a few things. In Arbonne, it is different. You work for yourself and your
                                                         of my life. I had already
                                                                                           dreams. If you want a raise, you just work a little harder. The recognition
Becky with friend and sponsor,                           achieved success in the
ERVP Candice Yeager.                                                                       with Arbonne is amazing. I have earned jewelry, a white Mercedes-Benz,
                                                                                                                                  trips, flowers, gifts the list goes on.
                                                                                                                                  The year that I started my business, I
                                                        Becky with some of her team.
                                                                                                                                                               continued ...

                                                                                                                            Becky and her sweetheart, John.
                              success strategy:

                                                                                                                                                                                                 REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
    “          Develop enthusiasm, conviction
              and consistency in your business
                     for great success.

     received the announcement that my job’s corporate headquarters was mov-
     ing to a different state. This ultimately would mean my position with the
     company was over if I did not move. I did not want to move and needed
     a plan for success that would work as long as I did not quit.

                                                                                             Becky, ENVP Stacy Thorn and DM Pam Bekka.
     I started my business in February of 2003 and promoted to DM two months
     later. I was on a roll. Between September and December of 2003, I went
     into Area qualification twice, but did not finish. I was devastated. I knew
     that if you take away the option to quit, then you will succeed, so I stayed               my Arbonne story. Thank you to the Home Office staff for all the hours of

                                                                                                                                                                                                              The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
     consistent with Presentations and sponsoring. My upline encouraged me                      support and graciousness. You guys rock.
     and helped direct my next steps and at NTC 2004 Texas, I promoted to
     Area Manager.                                                                              To AMs Tonya Ellison, Mistie Ellis and Tudy McCreary: Your tenacity and
                                                                                                luster add such spice to our team. You are next. To DMs Pam Bekka, Amber
     In the next months, I focused on sponsoring, getting in front of as many peo-              Zigmont, Vickie Hickner, Chawky Bekka, Gwen Phillips, Candace Hunt,
     ple as I could and praying over my business. Three main ingredients are                    Barb Calvin and Dawn Young: Thank you for your hard work and consis-
     necessary for your business: They are, enthusiasm, consistency and convic-                 tency. Your Mercedes-Benzes are right around the corner. You deserve the
     tion. I worked on developing all three ingredients and by December of                      best. To my assistant and soon-to-be-DM, Jessica Bowen: You keep me on
     2004, we were in qualification for Region and finished in January of 2005.                 track and organized — what an incredible gift that is. To the rest of my team
                                                                                                in qualification: It is so worth it. Let Arbonne be the vehicle to your dreams.
     This has been an incredible journey of self-discovery, triumph, tears, joy
     and growing beyond my comfort level. Your Arbonne business will grow                       To my family: Thank you for showing me I can do anything I set my mind
     as much as you get out of your comfort zone, just like my business did.                    to. I love you!

     I am thankful for this incredible opportunity to live out my dreams. Thank                 To my sweetheart, John: Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement
     you to ERVP Candice Yeager, for pursuing and seeing in me the potential                    and for telling me to “Go get ‘em!” You are the picture of love and support.
     to succeed. You set an amazing example of leadership and strength, and
     are so close to my heart and precious to me. To ENVP Stacy Thorn: You                      I believe there are no accidents in Arbonne. You are at the right place at
     are relentless. Your support, prayers and training have all been ingredients               the right time; there is nowhere to go but up. Arbonne provides a vehicle
     to my successful journey to RVP. To ENVP Meloni Barkley and ENVP Cindy                     for you to live your dreams, so begin dreaming and dream big. It is your
     Pipkin: Thank you for your love, laughter and encouragement. I am blessed                  time. You already have everything you need to succeed. It is in you.
     by both of you as my upline. To President Rita Davenport: A special thanks                 So, what are you waiting for?
     for your phone calls and for instilling hope in me. You have helped shape

ERVP Candice Yeager, ENVP Cindy Pipkin and Becky
at NTC 2004 Texas.
                                                                                                                           EAM Tonya Ellison and Becky at ENVP Stacy Thorn’s Area Manager
                                                           Becky and ENVP Stacy Thorn on the ASAP Cancún 2004 trip.        Challenge in 2005.

                                                                                                                                                          E Y E O N A R B O N N E | MARCH 2005

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