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					              SPU Manila INTER-OFFICE BULLETIN

Vol. III No. 15                                                               22 February 2010


From the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

                                ENVIRONMENT STEWARDSHIP
                            Contributed by Portia Zoleta-Vitug, RN, MM

The thrusts of SPU Manila are Pro-Life, Environment Stewardship, Social Responsibility, and Peace.
This writer was inspired to take action along the environmental thrust when the school sent
representatives to attend the 1st environmental workshop of member schools of the St. Paul
University System in November 2008. Hence she came up with ideas to help Mother Nature in simple

        Because of the active participation of Les Main De St. Paul, Batch
2010, headed by Ms. Aille Garces, Ms. Rina Rodil, Ms. Vanesa Rovero
and many more, we organized the first fund raising activity in support of
our thrust in the environment entitled: “Give a Leaf on Christmas Day.”
It was followed by another fund raising during the university week. The
objective of the group in pursuing both projects is geared toward the
institutionalization of the Paulinian Environmental Society, bringing
awareness about the implications of climate change in health. The
society also aims to come up with an “SPU Manila Urban Herbal Garden”
to create an environment that will support alternative medicine, which is
cheap but reliable, to increase awareness in the Paulinian society of the
                           implications of climate change in the health of

                          the people, how to help save Mother Earth
                          through planting more trees and plants, and
                          advocating energy saving and environment
                          protection. Recently, the concept of the
                          paperless office came into being and is now
                          becoming an irreversible trend. Paperless
                          office envisions an office with no paper but
                          only digital documents. All the work in such
                          an office will be done not on paper but on
                          computers. Besides getting rid of a lot of
clutter and saving storage space, an additional benefit of a paperless office would be a reduction in
environmental damage--since fewer trees will be cut to make paper and there will be less carbon
dioxide emission, which is involved in printing paper.

From the College of Music and the Performing Arts

                         Pasinaya 2010: CCP Open House Festival
                                    Contributed by Bing Morado

Pasinaya 2010: CCP Open House Festival was held on 7 February 2010. Dubbed as the biggest one-
day performing arts festival in February, Pasinaya was CCP’s opening salvo for the National Arts
Month. THOUSANDS of visitors, mostly students from various universities and colleges trooped to the
Cultural Center of the Philippines to see more than 80 shows performed by CCP’s Resident
Companies and 2,000 artists. Among the performers presented in the Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino
(Little Theater) was the St. Paul University Chamber and Guitar Ensemble.

        The festival opened with a parade led by the Marine Drum and Bugle Corps, accompanied by
the towering Higantes of Angono, Rizal, the Hip-Hop dancers of Obra Performing Artists of Quezon
City, the Drum Beaters of Buganda, and the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group in the CCP Little Theater

       The Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theater) was crowded with music lovers who listened
to the melodic tunes of the Hail Mary the Queen Children’s Choir, St. Paul University Chamber and
Guitar Ensemble, Spotlight Artists Centre, PHSA Chamber Ensemble, Imusicapella, the PPO
Woodwind Quartet, Guitar Friends and top notch classical artists, soprano Clarissa Ocampo and tenor
Andrew Fernando.
                                               Left: The St. Paul University Guitar Ensemble…
                                               Right: The Chamber and Guitar Ensemble
From the Supreme Student Council

                             The Paulinian Electoral Forum II
                               Contributed by Kerwin George Fortes

Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon was guest speaker in the Paulinian Electoral Forum II on 12 February
2010. The forum was held at 3:00–5:00 P.M. in the Fleur-de-lis Theatre.

       The activity, which was organized by the Supreme Student Council (SSC) and other student
leaders, was hosted by faculty members, Ms. Gwen Abrico and Mr. Joseph Vega.

      The program of the forum was as follows:
      Invocation and Philippine National Anthem                      SPU Manila Chorale
      Welcome Remarks                                                Kaycee Garcia, SSC President
      Video Introduction-Richard Gordon
      Talk                                                           Senator Richard Gordon
      Open Forum
      Resolutions                                                    Kapisanan ng mga Guro
                                                                     Supreme Student Council

 Left: Senator Gordon with school officials…

            Right: The Senator stresses a point…

       The First Presidential Forum, held in December 2009, had as guest speaker Secretary Gilbert
“Gibo” Teodoro. He was accompanied by his running mate, Edu Manzano, who revealed that he is an
alumnus of St. Paul kindergarten.
From the Institutional Research and Knowledge Office
Contributed by Kristine F. Punzalan

                              Participation in the 12th NIH Anniversary

The National Institute of Health celebrated its 12th anniversary on 11 and 12 February 2010 with the
theme: “Nutrition and Health: Survival and Beyond.” St. Paul University Manila, through the
Institutional Research and Knowledge Office, participated in the celebration, particularly in the Poster
Exhibit and Competition. SPU Manila sent five poster entries based on researches from the Mass
Communication and Nursing Programs.

       According to Honorable Estrella Alabastro, Secretary of the Department of Science and
Technology, “Health and nutrition should be a public concern.” This statement is consistent with the
presentations from SPU Manila. Some of the other competing institutions focused on the scientific
aspect of health care and nutrition, whereas the presenters from SPU Manila, particularly the entries
from the Mass Communication Program, focused on the manner by which certain health and related
concerns can be made known to the public.

       The researches that were made into posters were: Cultural Competence of Nurses in Selected
Medical Tourism Health Care Institutions: Basis for the Development of a Cultural Competence
Education Program by Arianne C. Jamison, MAN; The Effectiveness of DOH Non-traditional Comfort
Room Ads In Promoting Breast Self Examination among Female SPU Manila Students; Development
of an Interactive Educational Material on Solid Waste Management; An Exploratory Study on
Selected Smokers’ Perception on Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels; Premarital Sex Has
Consequences: A Proposed Guerilla Advertising Campaign Educating Students of SPU Manila on
Premarital Sex.

        The fresh perspectives that were featured in the SPU Manila posters attracted the other
participants on site and made them inquire about the contents and results of the study. Some
participants even requested for copies of the promotional outputs of the advertising campaigns.

Left: Judges scrutinize the posters from SPU Manila…

                                                                                       Ms. Kristine
                                                                                       and Mass
                                                                                       and alumnae…

From the Guidance Unit
Contributed by Zena Magena

                                      SPU MANILA JOB FAIR 2010
                                                5 February 2010
                                            8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
                                     Levesville Hall and Conference Lobby

One of the services of the Guidance Unit is Career and Placement Service. This assists the students in their
transition from school to the world of work. The event aims to guide the seniors and juniors in selecting jobs
suited to their qualifications and provide them with prospective job opportunities and practicum sites.
       It was for this reason that the Guidance Unit held a job fair, pictures of which will tell the story:
From the Alumni Office
The Paulinian Family condoles with the family of Amparito de Villa-Puckett, High School 1965,
Commerce 1969, on her untimely death on 19 February 2010. Amparito was about to go to the
airport to return to San Francisco, where she was based, when she suffered a massive heart attack.
She went back to the Lord after four days in coma.

       Ampy was a member of the SPMAFI Board of Trustees.

On a lighter note…

                                         Some members of High School1965, College 1969
                                         had dinner with Lydia Boston (third from left),
                                         balikbayan from California,
                                         in Phohoa, Greenbelt 1
                                         on 18 February 2010.

Post Post Script to Commerce Reunion
We share a few more pictures of the First Grand Commerce Reunion…

                                    Msgr. Bauson (extreme right), Atty. and Mrs. Mariano Ereso, Jr.
                                    (second and third from right) and some commerce alumnae…

Ivy Violan , total performer and loyal Paulinian…
                  BSC 1970, biggest delegation…

                                         Left: Pilita Corrales (6th from right)
                                         with some commerce alumnae…

         Right: The Steering Committee
for the First Grand Commerce Reunion
      in one last post event meeting…