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					Student                                                                               the McLennan
guide                                                                         Melbourne Business School Library

This guide………….. is very brief
If you have any difficulties at all in using the library or finding
information, please come and talk to us.
                                                                                                         200 Leicester Street
OUR OBJECTIVE is to help you                                                                                    Carlton. 3053
                                                                                                               ph: 9349 8420
                                                                                                              fax: 9349 8249

• Books:
Arranged by Dewey subject classification number. The larger books (-‘f’ in front of the book number-) are shelved in
a separate sequence.
Most books are available for 2 week loan, with the exception of texts listed on subject reading lists (3 day loan or on

• Journals:
Current journals are displayed near the loans desk. Back issues are arranged alphabetically by title in the current
journals collection. Bound back issues are shelved alphabetically in the basement and will be retrieved upon
Journals are available for 3 day loan

 • Newspapers:
Daily papers are on the display stand near the loans desk. Back issues are archived in the basement and will be
retrieved upon request.
Newspapers are not for loan

• Management DVDs and videos:
Check out the McLennan DVD and video database for our collection of documentaries – on Enron, global
warming…and management classics – Peter Senge, Ricardo Semler, John Cleese…
Available for viewing in the library

• Reference material:
The Reference collection contains some very useful sources of business information.
Reference items cannot be borrowed

•    Course texts:
High demand books listed on subject reading lists are available for 3 day loan. Generally, you’ll also find a copy in
the reserve collection – ask at the loans desk.
Reserve collection books are available for 1 hour loan or may be booked to be taken home overnight

•    MBS course readings:
The Course readings section of the library web site lists all of the subjects taught during the current term and
provides a one stop shop for all the library resources you’ll require, including text books, past exam papers and
subject bibliographies for wider reading.

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• ARCADIA - online databases
A collection of online resources collected specifically with the MBS course requirements in mind. Mainly full text
sources, including company reports, industry information, newspapers and journals – all fully searchable. Guides to
using ARCADIA are available on the library web site.
Training sessions are run throughout the year. Contact us for individual or syndicate group training.
Access Arcadia at

•   Other library resources:

Lists of rankings which appear in journals:
MBS exam papers:                         MBS LIBRARY
Subject bibliographies:
                                                                                McLennan Library
New books:                                                                                                  200 Leicester Street
                                                                                Carlton 3053
                                                                                Phone                9349 8420
Help.                                                                           Fax                  9349 8249
It’s what we do. If you are not getting anywhere with your research,            Research assistance
or getting there very slowly, please contact us.                                 

Our dedicated information staff may be contacted at                             HOURS:
                                                                                Mon – Thurs        9.00am – 8.00pm                                                      Friday             9.00am – 5.00pm
                                                                                Saturday           10.00am – 5.00pm

OTHER SERVICES & FACILITIES                                                     Term Break
                                                                                Mon – Fri          9.00am -5.00pm
• Photocopiers & printers:
The printer/copier in the library is 0033. Instructions for mapping printers    STAFF:
on your laptop can be found in MBS Direct. You may add credit to your           John Foley:           Library Services Manager
                                                                                Gillian Bruwer:         Cataloguing Librarian
printing/copying account at Print Services.
                                                                                Sally Blake:            Information Librarian
                                                                                Kristina Adams:         Information Librarian
• The Catalogue, your record & “holds”:                                         Paul Holgate:           Acquisitions Officer
The catalogue contains the collection holdings of MBS and the University        Marina Herriman:      Interlibrary Loan Officer
of Melbourne. Check what you have on loan, when your loaned items
are due back, and renew your loans and place holds on books –
all via the catalogue. The McLennan Library has a dedicated PC
for catalogue use, or access the catalogue at:

• Inter-library loans:
If you need a book or article we don’t have, we’ll borrow it on your behalf, but a cost may apply. Please ask us for
more details.

• After-hours return:
Located outside the library entrance. This book return can be used to return library materials when the library is

The McLennan Library, although separate, maintains a strong support relationship with the other libraries on The
University of Melbourne campus. As MBS students you may use and borrow from across the Library system and
you may access the University library’s online resources, SuperSearch.

Last updated 11/06/09

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