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									                                                 EPS BULLETIN
                                  Fortnightly publication                                                         No 4,
      18 March 2010
      Email: elsternwick.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au             Tel: 8534 6100          www.elsternwickps.vic.edu.au

                          23        School Tour 9.30 am
                          26        Last Day Term 1 – 2.30 finish
                          12        Term 2 begins

Principal’s Column:
Get well soon wishes have been extended to Ms                    each morning. If you have arrived late for Monday
Tegan Moorhouse [grade 2] who has been in hospital               morning assembly please stand with child during the
all week. She is recovering well and is expected back            singing of the national anthem and then guide them to
next week.                                                       the class line.

Friends for Life Program                                         Outstanding School Charges 2010
Well over 60 parents from Years 3/4 attended the                 Information was sent out in October last year
information session on Friends for Life Program. This            regarding charges for 2010. At that time families
is the first year we have run the program and at this            returning to EPS were requested to complete the
early stage its being well received by the students.             paperwork and return it to school by 29 January. We
Thanks to Josie Stokes, Lisa Standing and Laura                  note that a few families have overlooked this and
Stanford and Cally Armstrong who supported the                   request that you kindly finalize this before the end of
organisation of the evening.                                     term, next week. If you have misplaced your forms
                                                                 please call at the office to collect a copy.
Ride to School Day
Well done to Elinor Knappert [Library] and Sharon
                                                                      UNIFORM SHOP CLOSED
Meeking [Prep] who organised what appeared to be a
successful ride to school day yesterday.
                                                                  next Tuesday last week of term 1
School Council News
Congratulations to the following people who were
nominated onto school council as community
members: Andrew Lyon and Penelope Ward –                         Bike Shed               – the gate has been
Ambler. Elections for school council leadership                  repaired and it is now safe to have all bikes,
positions were held and I can announce that the                  scooters & skateboards stored in the bike shed.
following parents were successful:                               All scooters and skate boards should be placed
                                                                 in the centre of the bike shed not around the
        Andrew Lyon – President                                  perimeter as they can be easily stolen.     DO
        Frank Peppard – Vice President                           NOT LEAVE BIKES, SKATE BOARDS OR
        Simon Yuncken – Treasurer                                SCOOTERS IN OR AROUND CLASS ROOMS.
        Erica Robinson – Secretary

The next school council meeting is on Monday April

School finishes at 2.30 pm on the last day of term,
Friday March 26th. There is an end of term assembly
commencing at 2.15pm where we will get a chance to
farewell Ms Salter. The first day of term 2 is Monday
                                                                            EARLY DISMISSAL
April 12th.                                                            last day of term – 2.30pm
There has been an increase in the number of students                   Children will be dismissed
arriving late for school. I urged all students to remind                 following the assembly
their parents that school starts promptly at 8.50 am
                                                                    which will commence at 2.15pm.
                                                                event and stall are fast approaching, and the event
                                                                organisers are looking for people to assist with making the
Friends program starts at EPS                                    EPS mothers feel special. CALLING ALL FATHERS- as
Last Monday we had the first of our year three and four         Arron Wood can testify, helping with the Mother‟s Day
classes begin the „Friends for Life‟ program. We are            events is a terrific way to earn those always needed brownie
fortunate to have the support of staff from Southern            points!! If you would like to help out at these events, please
Metropolitan Region and Shine to help run the program.          contact either Maria McGrath (0438 042 302), or Libbie
On Tuesday night about 60 parents joined us for an              Geason (0419 548 096)
information session about the program which was run by
the same staff. Thank you to all who attended and we hope       Reminder 3- for those venturing into the EPS office, please
you found the evening as informative as I did.                  remember that the office is only accessible via the Murphy
                                                                St entrance. Entering via the grade 1 learning spaces
This program and Restorative Justice practices along with       disrupts classes, so please refrain from doing so. The walk
circle time, is practiced in every classroom as part of our     around the building to the front of Murphy St is really very
wellbeing work with students. Wellbeing is one of the key       scenic, and can contribute to your own personal 300k tally-
issues that arose out of our review work last year and many     so why not give it a go?!?
actions have been taken. Please take time to read the new
wellbeing policy which is on the website.                       Reminder 4- please don‟t make us mention double parking
                                             Sarah Salter
                                                                Reminder 5- school finishes next Friday (26 March) at
ZONE SWIMMING CARNIVAL                                          2.30!!
Elsternwick PS was in the Zone Swimming Championships
on Friday 12th March.                                           Finally, a huge thank you to the fanatically organised
Congratulations to:                                             Madeleine Grummett and Nicole George who have spent
10 Yr Boys Relay team – Harry Loughnan, Felix Shulman,          countless hours in structured bliss- sorting, cataloguing,
Kye Gray, Finn Estella                                          naming, arranging and ordering the PA resources to ensure
Medley Open Relay team – Oscar Loughnan, Gus                    things may be easily found for future functions. If anyone
Davidson, Ethan Gillan, Kye Gray                                has a linen cupboard they need sorted out- do we have the
Ethan Gillan – 11 Yr 50m Breaststroke                           girls for you……….
Gus Davidson – 11 Yr 50 m Butterfly & 50 m Freestyle                                                  Maria and Libbie
Kye Gray – 10 Yr 50 m Freestyle
Thanks to the emergency, Charlie Furphy, who came.
                                                                Ride2School Day
Congratulations to Ethan Gillan, Gus Davidson and the 10
Yr Relay team who will compete in the Regional
                                                                Wednesday 17 March
Championships at Frankston on Wednesday 17th March.
Well done Elsternwick.                                          What a sensational turnout of
                                   By Oscar Loughnan            students „wheeling‟ and walking to
                                                                school yesterday.
                                  Swim Squad Captain
                                                                There was a noticeable reduction of traffic around the
Parents’ Association:                                           school. We were greeted at the flagpole by many happy
                                                                and enthusiastic students keen to tell us how they arrived at
Only 9 more sleeps till the end of Term 1, and while it has
been a short term, the kids seem to have packed so very
much in over the past 7 weeks and are looking somewhat
                                                                91% of EPS students cycled, scootered, skateboarded or
exhausted (our preppie did want to know if it meant she
                                                                walked to school (walking included driving part of the way
came back into Grade 1 next term- and was incredulous to
                                                                and walking the rest of the way). That beats last year‟s
hear she had another 3 TERMS to go!!). So just a few
                                                                effort (82%). We‟ll be submitting our results to Bicycle
reminders to jog your memories as we prepare to head off
                                                                Victoria. Thanks to Leah from Bicycle Victoria and the
into the land of chocolate overindulgence, which is our first
                                                                TravelSmart team who helped on the morning. Also to the
term holidays.
                                                                team of Grade 5 & 6 students who coordinated the parking
                                                                of bikes and scooters in the bike shed, behind the library
Reminder 1- get your Fundfoto forms in by 25 March!!
                                                                and near the Prep rooms.
Return the forms to your teacher or into the PA box outside
                                                                Why not try to walk or
the office if you want individual photos of your little
                                                                cycle on a regular
darling(s)- (forms have been emailed to you and placed in
                                                                basis...it‟s good for your
your child‟s bag). If you want family photos (and yes, that
                                                                health, good for the
can include the gerbil if you so wish), you will need to
                                                                environment and it‟s a
book an “after school” timeslot with Fundfoto by phoning
                                                                great way to start the
them on 9598 6811. If you are really not sure what on earth
Fundfoto is and want to see examples of their beautiful
work, there is a poster outside the office, or you can log
                                                                **On a more serious
onto their website at www.fundfoto.com.au.
                                                                note, a staff member on her way to school, noticed some
                                                                students on bikes/scooters crossing Nepean Hwy at Horne
Reminder 2- Without organisers and volunteers, events
                                                                St, against a red light. Please reinforce correct road safety
cannot happen. The extremely important Mother‟s Day
                                                                rules to your children. We want to see everyone travelling
                                                                safely to and from school.
EPS Travelsmart Team

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