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									                    ST MARGARET MARY’S COLLEGE

                                   ANNUAL REPORT 2007

School System:              Catholic
School Address:             19 Crowle Street, Hyde Park QLD 4812
                             PO Box 1806 AITKENVALE QLD 4814
Telephone:                  (07) 4726 4900 Facsimile: (07) 4726 4989
Total Enrolments:            647
Year Levels Offered:         Year 8 to Year 12
Coeducational or single sex: Single sex – Girls

Distinctive Curriculum Offerings:

The College has a strong focus in The Arts with the Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance
strands offered.

The curriculum in the Junior school is based upon the approved QSA Key Learning Area
syllabuses for Mathematics, Science, Studies of Society and the Environment, Health &
Physical Education, Languages Other Than English (Italian and Japanese), Technology and
The Arts. St Margaret Mary’s College is a trial school for the KLA English syllabus.

The College also uses a number of the subject syllabuses associated with the KLA syllabuses
e.g. SOSE KLA – History and Geography subject syllabuses for Year 10; Technology KLA –
Information & Communication Technology Education, Business Education, Home Economics
Education, and Industrial Technology and Design Education (Graphics).

In the Senior school, St. Margaret Mary’s College offers a range of Authority and Authority-
registered subjects.

   Special subject offerings include:

   •       Music offered to all Year 8 students (The College Music program based on the
           Kodály philosophy – use of the voice and aural skills.)
   •       Design and Technology in Yrs 8 – 10
   •       Dance in Years 9 to 12
   •       ICTE and Business Education in Years 9 and 10
   •       University Maths – MA1000 Foundation Mathematics to Year 12 Maths C
   •       Extension English in Year 12
   •       Extension Music in Year 12
   •       Schoolbased Traineeships and Apprenticeships
   •       Study of Religion and Religion and Ethics in Years 11 and 12
Extra Curricular Activities:

   •       Bella Voce Choir
   •       Bel Arco and Concert Band
   •       Amnesty International
   •       Interact Club
   •       St Vincent de Paul
   •       Door knocks: Guide Dogs Association, Leukaemia Foundation, Salvation Army
   •       Relay for Life
   •       Rowing
   •       Participation in Interschool sports: Hockey, Netball, Water polo, Indoor Cricket,
           Touch Football
   •       Awards Night Dance
   •       Festival of One Act Plays
   •       Debating
   •       Public Speaking: Lions Youth of the Year, Rostrum, Legacy, Apex
   •       Peer Support Programme with Year 11 and Year 9 students
   •       Buddy Programme with Year 8 and Year 10 students

Staff Development Priorities for the Year:
•      Ongoing Professional Development related to new
   • o         Senior Authority and AuthorityRegistered subjects
   • o         Years 110 KLA Outcomes syllabuses
•      Ongoing Professional Development in the use of ICTs in
       teaching and learning
•      Professional Development related to pedagogy
Social Climate:
   •       Campus Minister – available for staff inservice, organises staff retreats, visits staff
           and students where appropriate
   •       Two school counsellors: one full time and one part time – available to students and
   •       Pastoral Care Coordinator for each year level

Strategies used for involving parents in their child’s education:
   •       Weekly newsletters are issued to keep parents informed of current and up coming
   •       All staff/parents are encouraged to keep in contact through the use of student
   •       Provide Parents with a login to the College Extranet
   •       Publishing of material via the school extranet: Newsletters, excursion forms, student
           timetables, assessment calendars, course outlines, assignment task and criteria
           sheets, lesson resources
   •       Parents are contacted if a student is given Time Out
   •       Parents are encouraged to attend the Subject Selection Information evenings and
           SET Plan interviews for Year 10s
   •       Parent/Teacher interviews in Terms 2 and 3
   •       Parental involvement in Year 10 mock job interviews
   •       Parents consulted in the School Renewal process
   •       Parents assist with placements for)Year 11 Work Experience (voluntaryduring
           school holiday time)
   •       Parents and Friends Association
   •       College Board
   •       Parental involvement in sporting teams
   •       Parental involvement with Bella Voce Committee
   •       Parents involved in School Finance Committee
Teacher Qualifications

 Qualification                          Percentage of classroom teachers and school
                                                   leaders at the school
 Doctorate                                                   2
 Masters                                                     9
 Bachelor Degree                                             79
 Diploma                                                     4
 Certificate                                                 6

Expenditure on and teacher participation in professional development:

The total funds expended on teacher professional development in 2007 were $34,399 and the
involvement of the teaching staff in professional development activities during 2007 was 100%.

Staff Attendance

The teaching staff and school leaders attendance rate in 2007 was 97.6%.

Staff Retention

Proportion of teaching staff retained from the end of 2006 for the entire 2007 year was 92%.

Average Student Attendance rate

The average student attendance rate is:
Number of school days x number of students in the school=number of possible attendance days.
Addition of all days absent by all students=total number of days absent Number of possible
attendance days total number of days absent=total attendance

The average attendance rate as a percentage in 2007 was 92.9%

Apparent Retention Rates

The Apparent Retention Rate is calculated using the nationally agreed methodology: the
number of fulltime students in Year 12 expressed as a percentage of the number of students
enrolled five years previously:
                                     2007 – 93%
 Year 12 Outcomes

 St Margaret Mary’s College Year 12 School Performance Reporting 2007
 Breadth of Curriculum (number of subject area categories offered)               13
 Number of Certificates of Post Compulsory School Education                       0
 OP-eligible with no Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification       103
 OP-eligible with one or more VET qualifications                                  6
 OP-ineligible with no VET qualification                                         16
 OP-ineligible with one or more VET qualifications                               12
 Total Senior Certificates Awarded                                               137
 Number of students completing VET competencies                                  52
 Number of VET qualifications awarded                                            22
 Number of students completing/continuing a school-based apprenticeship           8
 or traineeship
 Percentage of OP eligible students with OP 1 to 15                              68%
 Percentage of students awarded Senior Certificates and awarded one or           13%
 more VET qualification
 Percentage of students awarded Senior Certificates with OP -eligibility or      88%
 awarded a VET qualification
 Percentage of QTAC applicants receiving a tertiary offer                        99%

Parent survey
A parent feedback survey was conducted in June, 2008. This survey indicated a strong
satisfaction level from parents regarding the College’s: provision of educational opportunities,
pathways and support for learning needs of the students; encouraging feedback of staff to
students and the way in which the College maintains contact with parents on their daughters’

The College is conscious of looking at maintaining and developing links with all parents,
monitoring teacher performance and offering the best education to the students as possible.

Post-school destination information from the current Next Step survey

The Queensland Government Next Step survey targeted all students who completed Year 12
and gained a Senior Certificate or Certificate of Post-Compulsory School Education in 207,
whether they attended a Government, Catholic or independent school, or a TAFE secondary
college. The Office of the Government Statistician conducted the survey between 2 April and
17 May 2008, approximately six months after the young people left school. Responses were
predominantly collected via computer-assisted telephone interview with a paper-based survey
collected from a small number of students for whom telephone details were not available.

 Survey Response Rate

     Number of               Number of students who              Response rate
     respondents               completed Year 12                     (%)
     126                              137                             92
Main Destinations of Year 12 Completers
                                                         Number of Students      Percentage of
         Destination                                      in each category      students in each
         University (degree)                                     51                     40.5

         VET Cert IV+ *                                           3                     2.4

         VET Cert III *                                           3                     2.4

         VET Cert III/other *                                     3                     2.4

         Apprentice *                                             3                     2.4

         Trainee *                                                7                     5.6

         Working FT                                              28                     22.2

         Working PT                                              19                     15.1

         Seeking work                                             8                     6.3

         Nor Studying/NLIF                                        1                     0.8

         Total VET                                               19                     15.1

         TOTAL                                                   126                    100

         Main Destination s Year 12 Completers 2007

                            6.3%   0.8%


                                                                              University (degree)
                                                                              VET Cert IV+ * V ET
                                                                              Cert III * V ET Cert
                                                                              III/other * Apprentice
                                                                              * Trainee * Working
                                                                              FT Working PT
                                                                              Seeking w ork Nor
                                                  2.4%                        Studying/NLIF
                          5.6%               2.4%

The fully detailed report based on the findings of the Queensland Government Next Step survey
is available on the College website.

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