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									            Making Laminate countertops look like Granite countertops

You might have invited your neighbors to the house warming party to your newly bought
home. As the house is a little old one you did mange to look after the painting works and
little of re-modification in your hall and bedrooms. You might have neglected the old
laminated kitchen counter tops until your guests pointing out at it and ask you to do
something about it as it is spoiling the whole look. Don’t worry about the expense of
replacing a new kitchen countertop now coz here is an exiting idea to make the old worn-
out laminated kitchen counter top look like anew real granite top. If you had been
thinking about the expense of getting a new one and would like to postponed the plan of
replacing new granite top then this idea will make your countertop look neat until you
save enough money to get anew one. Of course the method that is to be explained here is
very much cost effective yet trendy neat and gives great complement to your walls and
flooring. Its now time for you to just stop getting annoyed over those old, ugly and
outdated laminate kitchen countertops. With a little of your time and effort you will
become the owner of a granite countertops kitchen. Get this mimic granite countertop for
a very little expense that you might have not even dreamt of for such great looks. Your
countertops wont juts look chic but will also turn more durable.

Now coming to the step wise explanation for getting those beautiful and durable mimic
granite kitchen countertops. First, it’s important for you to clean the old countertop
thoroughly. Use a tough soap based cleaner or any other stain removers and eliminate
grease, oil and dust particles stuck over to the countertops. Clean counters, eliminating
any grease, particles or dust. Let the counter dry full and your first step is over.

Next you need to take some Cabinet Rescue into the roller pan then roll out a smooth and
even coat onto the surface of the counter. If you find a few corners and other nooks
harder to reach then it is advisable to use a small foam brush. When you are done with
the first coat let is dry for minimum 2 hours and then recoat and let it dry thoroughly for
at least 24 hours.

Now, it’s time for you to paint your countertop. Choose the colors you need to paint the
countertops with and take them in separate plates. Dip a half damp sponge into one of the
color and gently give touches on its surface. Never press the sponge harder or take excess
of paint and leave it to drip or over pour from the sponge. After finish covering the whole
counter with these colors leaving the necessary gap for the next color, allow the paint to
dry for about a minute. Use the other colors also and paint in the same manner and make
sure to cover the counter fully without visible gaps that shows out. Allow the paint to dry
out completely.

Then take a foam roller and paint 3 or 4 coats of high gloss polyurethane on the counter.
Just remember to leave at least 1 hour of gap to let each coat dry before you coat another.
There you go with your all new mimic granite kitchen counter.

           Making Laminate countertops look like Granite countertops

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