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									Bulletin 2103

              Project Compassion Fifth Sunday of Lent 21st March 2010
God calls us not only to life, but life to the full. This
week’s Project Compassion story introduces us to Teresa
from El Salvador, who lives in one of El Salvador’s most
impoverished communities. Teresa and her youngest of
four sons, are living with HIV. They are supported by
Caritas Australia who fund a preventive education and
accompaniment program that aims to halt the spread of
HIV/AIDS and support those living with and affected by
it. Your Project Compassion donation enables Caritas
Australia to continue to address the physical and emotional wellbeing of people like
Teresa who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and give them access to improved health as
well as promote their confidence and self esteem.

The Holy Week and Easter Ceremonies Roster is now on the green notice board in
               the church foyer for Extraordinary Ministers, Readers,
               Commentators, Servers and Collection Supervisors. The Choir will
               co-ordinate the voices and parts for the Passion Readings on Palm
               Sunday and Good Friday. It would make Mons Toms’ work a lot
               easier if the above ministers could indicate if they will be available
               for which of the Ceremonies. The roster for the Altar of Repose
               Watch is also on the notice board. A complete schedule of the
               Ceremonies and times is now available on the Parish Website under
Ceremonies. www.stmarysseymour.com

Stations of the Cross are walked with Our Lord each Friday Evening
during     Lent at 7.00pm. Reconciliation is available on the Friday
evenings when the Stations are walked at Seymour This week we walk
with Jesus at St. Joseph’s Tallarook.

                    St. Mary’s College Carnival officially begins after the 10.00am
                      Mass this Sunday and will conclude at 4.00pm. Last Raffle
                       tickets are available at the Piety Stall, for the top Carnival
                         highlights refer to the church notice boards.

Change to Mass times this week. There will be no morning Mass on Wednesday.

Easter Ceremonies Time Table. The Ceremonies are listed on the Parish Website
under Ceremonies. www.stmarysseymour.com and hard copies are available in the
church foyers. Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday Mass at Tallarook 8.00am

Prayer for Rain: Heavenly Father, maker of all things and protector of your people,
look upon us in your love and give us your help. Open the heavens for us and give us
the rain we need. Teach us to live for you and to share your gifts with others. Father
hear us in our need, for we come to you through Christ our Lord.

Thanksgiving envelopes are available for collection in the church foyer.

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