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									Scholarship Fund Guidelines                                                 The
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and Application Form

  General Information
  With origins dating back to 1880, Johnson Inc. is one of Canada's leading insurance and benefit
  providers. Through more than 60 locations, Johnson Inc. offers insurance and benefit solutions
  to individual policyholders and to over 3,000,000 members and employees of client
  associations/organizations from St. John’s, NL to Vancouver, BC.

  Who May Apply
  All Canadian residents completing high school and who are beginning post-secondary education are
  eligible to apply for a Johnson Scholarship.

  Scholarship Amount
  Annually, Johnson will award 100 scholarships each valued at $1,500 to students attending a post-secondary
  educational institution in Canada.

  Application Forms
  Students should submit their applications to the Johnson Scholarship Fund on the completion of their
  graduating year of high school.

  Completed application forms must be submitted by September 15th. Completed applications are to
  contain an official school transcript of final year credits, a reference letter from a school faculty member and
  a letter from the applicant describing their school and community activities and their future plans.

  Selection of Announcement of Winners
  An examiner(s) external to Johnson Inc. is contracted to read all applications and determine the successful
  candidates. The decision of the examiner is final. The rating used by the examiner is: grade average (65%),
  reference letter (25%), and personal letter (10%) for a maximum total of 100%. It is therefore
  critical to submit: an official transcript, a reference letter, and a personal letter.

  Selection of successful applicants should be complete within eight weeks of the deadline. Please be advised
  that as a condition of application, the applicant consents to Johnson Inc. publicly announcing the name of
  each successful scholarship applicant, his/her home province, and, where applicable, the name of any
  Johnson sponsor group with which they are associated.

  Further Information
  Should further information be required, please call toll free 1-877-328-7878, e-mail,
  or visit us online at
                             Johnson Scholarship Fund Application Form

Street:                                                                        City:
Province:                           Postal Code:
Phone Number: (          )                                 E-mail:

High School Graduating From
Street:                                                                        City:
Province:                           Postal Code:
Phone Number: (          )                                 Fax Number: (         )

Post Secondary Institution You Plan to Attend
Street:                                                                        City:
Province:                           Postal Code:
Your Parent/Guardian
Name:                                                                          City:
Province:                           Postal Code:
Phone Number: (          )                                 E-mail:

Is your Parent/Guardian a Member/Employee of a Johnson Inc. Client Group? (Please circle one)

If yes, please indicate the name of the association, federation, union, or business.

Signature of Applicant                                                          Date: Day/Month/Year

Forwarding Address
Completed applications should be forwarded to one of the following:
          Mail: Administrative Director                               Fax: 1.877.754.1026
                Johnson Scholarship Fund
                95 Elizabeth Avenue,                                  E-mail:
                P.O. Box 12049
                St. John’s, NL, A1B 1R7
                           Johnson Scholarship Fund Reference Letter

To be completed by applicant
Name:                                                   High School Attended:

To be completed by the person supplying the reference
Phone: (       )                       Fax: (       )                     E-mail:

How do you know the applicant?

Note to Referee
This reference should be current and provided by a school official who is able and willing to attest to, not only the
applicant’s academic achievement, but also to his/her involvement in and contribution to the school and community
through extra-curricular activities and accomplishments. Please include any demonstrated leadership qualities, special
initiatives taken, or industry shown. You should also comment on the applicant’s future plans and his/her readiness to
undertake post-secondary study. Also, you are asked to attest to the student’s overall character (ie: integrity,
self-confidence, etc.). It is important that you provide a thorough summary of the student’s activities and progress as
all applicants will be assessed on the criteria mentioned above. Referees may use this form, attach or submit a
reference letter, under separate cover, by mail, fax, or e-mail.

We thank you for your time and effort on behalf of this applicant.

Reference Letter

                                                                                              (You may use other side)
                         Johnson Scholarship Fund Reference Letter

Signature of Referee                                         Date: Day/Month/Year

  Please forward in one of the following ways:
          Mail: Administrative Director               Fax: 1.877.754.1026
                Johnson Scholarship Fund
                95 Elizabeth Avenue,                  E-mail:
                P.O. Box 12049
                St. John’s, NL, A1B 1R7

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