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Submitted for approval December 10, 2008
                                            MEETING SUMMARY
                                             November 12, 2008
PRESENT: Brenda Cox: Mark Epstein; Lynne Pilot; Deborah Johnson; Larry Rouvelas; Erica
Wood, Chair; Ex-officio: Maimoona Bah, Northern Virginia Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Program; Susan Philp, Chair, Arlington Commission on Aging;, Cheryl Johnson, PRCR
ABSENT: Joy Nathan*; Dianne Mehlinger*; and Margie Teed*

OTHERS PRESENT: Alicia Beach-Halverstadt, Glenda Blake, Bonnie Kiessling and Martha
Trunk, Staff


I.    Call to Order and Introductions – Welcome to New Members, Brenda Cox and Lynne

Meeting was called to order by Erica Wood at 6:30 pm. Ms. Cox and Ms. Pilot were welcomed
to the Commission.

II.    Approval of Meeting Summary and Acceptance of Agenda

October 1, 2008 minutes’ attendees are corrected to delete SusanPhilp and remove Brenda Cox
and Lynne Pilot as excused since they had not been appointed or notified of the meeting date
change. A motion was made, seconded and approved to accept meeting summary as
corrected. Mr. Rouvelas asked to add information about Sunrise as IXa. The other topics will
be renumbered in that section.

III.    Public Comment –none

IV. Arlington Community Foundation Focus Group on Civic Engagement. Susan Philp
facilitated the focus group which is designed to explore the reasons behind volunteerism and
utilize them in efforts to foster volunteerism.

V.     Action Items

     a.    Consideration of Possible Retreat/Reassessment. Ms. Wood indicated that a
retreat would be a good forum to help develop our annual report and workplan for 2009 and
provide an opportunity to gather the ideas of our new members. Setting aside a block of time,
outside our regular meetings, to discuss what we want to do is helpful. It would be a
weekday morning and we would not have a facilitator. Ms. Wood will utilize to
pick possible dates for the retreat. Mr. Rouvelas will find a facility to hold the retreat. Mr.
Epstein and Ms. Wood will work on the agenda. The retreat will be in addition to our regular
December meeting.

     b.      Use of Volunteers. Ms. Wood reported that we had provided the results of our
June meeting to the volunteer coordinators. There is a need to reassess our role in terms of
what is the need and who will be the volunteers. There is merit to the idea and this will be a
topic at the retreat.

     c.     ESL Project. Mr. Rouvelas reported that there is a need for more ESOL training
for workers in long- term care facilities but that there is no curriculum developed and this is
outside the scope and resources of the Commission.

     d.     Fact Sheet for Administrators. Ms. Wood reported that Ms. Mehlinger is working
on this.

VI. Chair’s Report – Erica Wood

      a.    Public Health Mailing. Ms. Wood reported that we had forwarded an email after
the last meeting from Public Health. Ms. Pilot reported that there had been an outbreak at the
Jefferson but that it was brief and handled properly.

     b.     Long-Term Care Employee Service Recognition. Ms. Wood reported that the
nominees for Long-Term Care Employee Service Recognition were presented to the County
Board on October 22, 2008. Six individuals, representing 4 facilities were present. There were
2 addition nominees. The 6 who were present were presented with a certificate by Chairman
Walter Tejada. Ms. Teed helped with the ceremony. Ms. Wood provided copies of the Sun
Gazette article commemorating the event and passed around the photos from the ceremony.

     c.   County Budget Forum; County Board Hearing November 18. Ms. Wood reported
that Mr. Carlee had a presentation on the budget shortfall for FY09 – approximately $15M.
The extent of the loss of revenue for FY2010 will not be known until after the real estate
assessments are completed. It is expected to be more than the $15M for FY09. As a result Mr.
Carlee has initiated a hiring freeze. The County Board meeting on November 18th will provide
the budget guidelines for 2010. There will be an opportunity for community input and Ms.
Wood requested and by motion was approved to testify.

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      d.     Joint DHS Chairs Meeting. Ms. Wood reported on the Joint DHS chairs meeting
with Ms. Blake on the 12th. The major topic was the budget shortfall for FY 2009 of
approximately $15Million. DHS will share in the cuts. Ms. Blake is reviewing the 2010 budget
with Ms. Eisner. The Joint Chairs are preparing a letter highlighting the effect of budget cuts
on our vulnerable populations to the Board and the Chair. Ms. Wood requested permission of
the members to prepare a letter from this Commission to highlight the need to continue
support for the Mary Marshall Assisted Living Facility and also the need to maintain the
services in the Independent Living Facilities. A motion was made, seconded and approved for
this letter.

VII. Long-Term Care Ombudsman Report.

      a.    Update. Ms. Bah reported that both the Administrator and Assistant
Administration of the Potomac Center have left. The Acting Administrator is Richard
Kincaid. She also reported that there is a new Executive Administrator, Sonya Harman, at
Sunrise of Arlington. As part of her annual visits to facilities, Ms. Bah visited Sunrise of
Arlington on 11/3/2008 and Sunrise of Bluemont on 10/23/2008. There were no formal cases
opened as a result of these visits. While at Sunrise of Bluemont Ms. Bah noticed that the
minutes of the Resident Council meetings were posted. She also reported that Mr. Jonathan
Ellis had done a good job containing a recent outbreak of gastrointestinal disease.

Volunteer Ombudsmen have been assigned to all Arlington facilities except Culpepper
Garden. The next volunteer Training will be on Tuesday December 2nd on Infection

    b.     Regional Family Council. Ms. Bah reported that the next meeting of the Regional
Long Term Care Family Council will be on November 17th at the Mason District Government
Center from 2 to 4 pm. The topic will be Powers of Attorney versus Guardianship.

The Regional Family Council is sponsored by this Commission, Legal Services of Northern
Virginia, TLC and the Northern VA Ombudsman office. They hold bi-monthly meetings with
the host and sponsor alternating. There are currently 13 family councils in Northern Virginia,
an increase of 4 over last year. Family Councils are required in Nursing Homes but are
optional in Assisted Living Facilities. However, many Assisted Living Facilities do have

One of the tenets of our charter is to foster family councils.

VIII. Staff Report

            L:\Team\aging-sp_aging\Comm - LTCR\Meeting Summaries\ACLTCR meeting summary of
     a.     EMS/APS/Public Health Reports. Ms. Blake introduced Ms. Alicia Beach-
Halverstadt. Ms. Halverstadt provided the following information on Adult Protective
Services (APS) reports during the past 2 months. APS had investigated 3 reports of abuse,
neglect of exploitation at Manor Care during this time. There were also 3 reports at
Cherrydale – 2 were unfounded. APS is currently investigating a call from Cherrydale. There
was one unfounded case at Potomac Center. There were no reports at any of the Assisted
Living Facilities.

APS may investigate concerns of abuse, neglect or exploitation. The fear of retaliation is a
barrier to reporting. Staff is obligated to report cases. State Licensure sets rules for Assisted
Living. The Ombudsman Program is resident centered and are not mandatory reporters. APS
is concerned with the safety and/or health of the resident.

Only 5% of APS cases come from nursing homes and few are founded. The majority of the
calls they receive are due to self-neglect.

      b.     Mary Marshall Assisted Living Residence. Ms. Blake reported that no contract
has been awarded. Due to the budget shortfall it is in a holding pattern. Many capital projects
are in the same position.

IX. Contacts with Residences

      a.     Sunrise. Mr. Rouvelas provided information about Sunrise operations. Sunrise
had been responsible for the management of Brighton Gardens. Ameritest is assuming
management of the facility. They are a well-respected management firm. They are currently
running the facility in Manassas that is supporting the County’s RAFT program. There may
be changes in procedures, etc.

There was also a Washington Post article about Sunrise being caught in the credit crunch.
Sunrise at the corporate level maintains a revolving bank debt which had been difficulty to
renew. (This was not Sunrise unique.) This difficulty does not affect the operational levels of
the communities. Sunrise as the management company gets 5% of the profits. Reductions of
services would affect the amount of profits, which is self-defeating.

        b.     Cherrydale Open House. Ms. Wood attended the Cherrydale Open House. She
received a full tour of the facility and tested some of the rehabilitation equipment. She was
asked to provide a liaison to the Community Advisory Council. She also was advised that the
facility has cable connectivity. There is no digital TV conversion problem.

      c.     E-Message. Ms. Wood provided copies of the latest e-message.
            L:\Team\aging-sp_aging\Comm - LTCR\Meeting Summaries\ACLTCR meeting summary of
         d.    Voting. Ms. Wood has sent an e-mail to all administrators about rides to the

       e.     Community Advisory Councils. Ms. Wood attended the Culpepper Garden
advisory council meeting. She mentioned having a joint meeting with The Carlin as a means
to strengthen The Carlin’s advisory council. Since the next meeting of the full Advisory
Council for both the Independent and Assisted Living sections will be in the Spring, it was
suggested that The Carlin’s advisory council be invited to the April meeting.

The Hunter’s Park advisory council has begun meeting. Ms. Wood will get an update from
our appointees, Cindy Fagoli and Debra Heft.

X.   Next Meeting. The next meeting will be at 3033 Wilson at 6:30 pm on December 10.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

              L:\Team\aging-sp_aging\Comm - LTCR\Meeting Summaries\ACLTCR meeting summary of