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Salmon River Wildlife Reserve
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For further information, please contact us at the coordinates listed below.

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                                                       Inscription procedure

       1. A maximum of 10 inscriptions per sector, per River. Each inscription costs 6$ and is payable by check, money
          order or credit card. The lottery will be held November 1st.
       2. All inscriptions must be received no later than the last Monday preceding the Lottery.
       3. All inscriptions may be completed by telephone or forwarded by facsimile.
       4. We are not responsible for delays resulting from postal services.

       CODE                                                      RIVERS / SECTORS
       CAUS1             Causapscal                           sector 1 (canoe trip)
       PATA2             Patapédia                            sector 2 (canoe trip)
       CAUS2             Causapscal                           sector 2 (with guide)
       PATA3             Patapédia                            sector 3 (including Lodge)
       MATGE             Matapédia                            sector Glen Emma (with guide)

NON TRANSFERABLE for these sectors.
Matapedia River, sector 2 (Glen Emma)                             June 24 to August 15
Causapscal River, sector 2                                        June 1 to June 15
Patapedia River, sector 3                                         June 5 to July 5
Causapscal, River, sector 1 (canoe trip)                          June 1 to June 24
Patapedia River, sector 2 (canoe trip)                            June 25 to July 30

                               462, St-Jacques Nord C.P. 308
                               Causapscal (Québec) G0J 1J0
                               Telephone : 418-756-6174 / 1-888-730-6174
                               Fax : 418-756-6067
                               Email :

                              La réserve faunique des rivières Matapédia-et-Patapédia fait partie du réseau des réserves fauniques
                              gouvernementales dont la responsabilité relève du ministre de la Faune et des Parcs.