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					   San Juan del Rio Catholic Church            FOURTH SUNDAY ORDINARY TIME                                           January 31st, 2010

                    Our Mass Intentions                                     Please Pray for our Family and Friends
Saturday                   January 30                            Richard Sabroske , Phillip Millett, Donna Stage, Lisa Freo, Josie
  5:15 PM                  Florentine Vanderheiden+ Fr. John     Smrekar , Heather Hurst, Lauren Pacek, Shirley Stiles, William
Sunday                     January 31                            Walte, Rhonda Bass, Roger Jolicoeru, Alice Nassau, Robin W,
  8:30 AM                  Kayla Whidden+             Fr. John   Laura Reece, Christopher Stephenson, John Dooney, Perricone
11:00 AM                   Bud Williams+         Fr. Lawrence    Family , Connor Pavlitsa, Paul Manilla, Cliff & Pam, Donna
  5:00 PM                  People of the Parish Fr. Lawrence     Fonseca, Daniel Witkovich, Charles Mickler, Virginia Leon-Barth,
Monday                     February 1                            Terry Wambles, Charles Bundscho, Bill Hillenbrand, Rileigh Dunn,
  9:00 AM                  Jeanmarie DeVinney+                   Marilyn Fox, Stephanie, Robin, Linda Harpe, Olga Arreche, Cliff
Tuesday                    February 2                            Davis, Peter Wirsching, John Philbin, Ruthanna Wetzel, George
 9:00 AM                   Richard & Jodi Cieslinski             Weike, Suzanne Losco, Mary Mytholar, Vargas Family, Joseph
                           (Intentions)                          Cutaia, Mike Allen, Larry Ballowe, Mary Gates, Frank & Hedy Grif-
Wednesday                  February 3                            fin, Larry Davidson Family, Janelle Turkowski, Ashley Enos, Alta
9:00 AM                    Blasé Bieniek+                        Buckley, Larry Vickers, Herbert Thompson, Alex Ditota, Robin Fox
Thursday                   February 4                            Higgs, Kelley Senesac, Helena Beard, Pauline Mendez, John
9:00 AM                    Jeanmarie Devinney+                   Faulk, Jim Veale, Elizabeth Alexander, Liz Rodriguez, Patricia
Friday                     February 5                            Arnold, Michael Blandford, Robert Linton, Gary Smith, McGann
9:00 AM                    Jeanmarie DeVinney+                   Family, Aldada Harrell, Thomas Argondizza, Claire Stewart , Ruth
Saturday                   February 6                            Fechter, Joseph Aguilera, Ryan Russell, Jennifer Westbrook,
 5:15 PM                   Linda Gurule+         Fr. Lawrence    Holly McCoy, The Bilello Family, Nancy Clare, Irene Cosio, Rich-
Sunday                     February 7                            ard Lainson, Sandy Shurr, Scott, Mary Frances Costanza, Michal
 8:30 AM                   Michelle & John Whidden               Levault, Logan Robertson, Jan Wade, Patricia, Antonio Andrade,
                           (Intentions)          Fr. Lawrence    Sr., Madison Evans, Jeanette Currie, The Diamond Family, Daniel
11:00 AM                   Bud Williams+         Fr. John        Joseph Brown, Joseph Adrian Milton, Susan Valente Hanrahan,
 5:00 PM                    People of the Parish Fr. John        Mauer Family, Melanie Simpkins, Bernice Quinn, Joey Michaels,
                                                                 Larry Meyer, The Kowall Family, Marie Chase, Dennis Pauline,
                                                                 Mark Reilly, Debbie Langenderfer, Robin Williams, John Smith,
                                                                 Levina Beecher & family, Heather & Josh Isbell, Carol Ann
                          Devotions                              Garrett, Carol Ann Vaughan, Nancy Burelle, Gayle Friley, Joan
                                                                 Florio, Jack Felts, Sr., Eleanor & Dennis Smith, Micheline Chis-
Mondays Morning Prayer Group @ 6:00am in the Parish Hall         holm, Patricia Philbin, Cooper Nowotny, Cathy Malloy, Judy
        Christian Prayer Group @ 6:30pm in the Church            Parker, Terrence Hettich, Mike & Angie Larson Family, Jim
                                                                 Haugen, Terri Teal, Kim Teira, Becky Ferguson, James Crowley.
Tuesdays Adoration & Divine Office w/Fr. Tony @8:00 am in
         the Church
                                                                                       Adult Faith Formation
Wednesdays Women’s Bible Study @ 9:30am in the Chapel                        Breaking Open the Word/Question of the Week
          Bible Study w/Fr. John @ 6:30pm in the Chapel                                 January 31st: 4:21-30

First Fridays Adoration @ 9:30am—7:00pm in the Church            Theme: Speaking in the Synagogue

First Sat./Sun Rosary before every Mass (5:15, 8:30, 11:00,      Gospel Reflection: In this reading from the Gospel, the people do not
              5:00) in the Church                                listen to Jesus. They did not really believe he was the Messiah because
                                                                 they had known him all their lives. To them, Jesus was “Joseph’s son”
                                                                 and nothing more. But, he never gave up. Jesus knew that his Father
                                                                 was with him always.

                                                                 Question for Adults: Have you ever felt like “giving up”? What can
                                                                 you remember from this Gospel that will help you not to give up?

                     Scripture Readings                          Question for Children: Remembering that Jesus would not “give up”
Sunday: Jer 1:4-5, 17-19/1 Cor 12:31---13:13 or 13:4-13/Lk       doing difficult things, what one thing can I do this week to act as a lov-
4:21-30                                                          ing person?
Monday: 2 Sm 15:13-14, 30; 16:5-13/Mk 5:1-20
Tuesday: Mal 3:1-4/Heb 2:14-18/Lk 2:22-40 or 2:22-32
Wednesday: 2 Sm 24:2, 9-17/Mk 6:1-6
Thursday: 1 Kgs 2:1-4, 10-12/Mk 6:7-13
Friday: Sir 47:2-11/Mk 6:14-29
Saturday: 1 Kgs 3:4-13/Mk 6:30-34
                                                    SAVE THE DATE

   February 6               Spaghetti Dinner                  February 14             Valentines Day Celebration
   March 12                 SJDR 40 Days for Life             April 17, 2010          Spring Silent & Live Auction
   May 16, 2010             SJDR Golf Tournament

                                    Upcoming Parish Events and Parish News

SJDR School is now accepting applications for the             Carbux Carwash Fundraiser for the School. For every
2010-2011 school year in grades PK3 - 8th grade. We           $10 car wash purchased during the month of February the
also offer the 4 year old VPK program. Our Principal,         school will earn $4!! When entering the car wash, press the
Jeanne Brown, would be happy to meet with you to              fundraising/coupon button. Enter the code 2010. You will
answer your questions and give you a tour of our              also have a chance to add an additional amount and we
wonderful school. Make plans now to visit and see             keep 100% of that!! There are brightly colored business
what we have to offer your child. If you have any             cards in the foyer of the church with these instructions. We
questions or you would like an appointment please             will also be at the carwash on February 27th from 10am-
call the school office at 287-8081 or visit our website       2pm to encourage all those driving by to come in and use
at www.edline.net/pages/San_Juan_Del_Rio_CS.                  our code to help us earn some money. All are welcome to
                                                              come join us that day. All proceeds will go to the Play-
Pizza Palace, Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 4pm to              ground Fund for the School. We are grateful to Carbux for
10pm. Stop by the Pizza Palace in Julington Creek             this generous offer and know with the support of the school
(located at 116 Bartram Oaks Walk in shopping center          and parish this will be a great event. Questions, contact
next to Gate, phone 230-3171). Dine in or Carryout and        Debbie Kent 610-9042.
tell the cashier you are there to support San Juan del Rio
Catholic Church & School. 20% of revenue will be do-          Diet Center of Jacksonville will donate 20% of profits
nated by Pizza Palace 1st Tuesday of every month.             made on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Diet Center of
                                                              Jacksonville offers 4 unique programs that are designed to
The SJDR Youth Group and Students of the school               help get weight off and keep it off while meeting nutritional
will be collecting money donations on the weekend of the      needs. The programs are designed with the health and nu-
Super Bowl. All of the financial proceeds will go to sup-     trition guidelines in mind from The American Heart Associa-
port the work of the St. Vincent de Paul food shelf oper-     tion, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Associa-
ated at St. Vincent’s Hospital. As with many of the food      tion, and the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. Come in and try
shelves in town, St. Vincent’s is in great need of your fi-   some yummy samples. Sign up with a family member and
nancial support. All of your donations are greatly appre-     they will receive 50% off their program fees. Located in
ciated. Thank you in advance for your kindness.               Mandarin on San Jose Blvd., directly across from Target,
                                                              10501-6 San Jose Blvd. Phone 240-1311. Ask for Deborah
Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday, February 6th. Remem-            and say you saw this in the bulletin.
ber to mark your calendars, you won’t want to miss the
Women’s Club annual Spaghetti Dinner. Delicious food,         On June 28, 2005, one of our parishioners, CW4 Chris J.
good company, great fellowship! Tickets on sale after all     Scherkenbach, was killed in Afghanistan while on a mission
masses, also available at the door. Adults $6, Children       with a 3rd Battalion 160th Special Operations Aviation Regi-
$4 (ages 4-10), 3 and under free.                             ment. Chris and his fellow Night Stalkers were attempting to
                                                              insert two additional US Navy SEAL teams to assist another
Families are important! Come together February 7th            group of SEALs that had come under fire. One of those
after the 11:00am Mass while having coffee and donuts.        men, Michael J. Murphy, was awarded the Congressional
Meet the mothers and dads that work together for the          Medal of Honor posthumously for his actions that day. The
family outings.                                               MH-47 Chinook helicopter that Chris was flying was shot
                                                              down by a rocket-propelled grenade killing all 16 men on-
Habitat for Humanity Our group from SJDR is commit-           board.
ted to assist in building a home in St. Augustine on Feb-     His wife, Michelle, and daughter, Sarah, remain parishioners
ruary 20. If you are not already on our email list and are    at SJDR and Sarah attends our school. His family and
interested in joining us, or getting more information re-     friends invite you to participate in the CW4 Chris Scherken-
garding this important ministry please contact Dick Kerr      bach Memorial Golf Tournament on Sunday, February
at dickkerr@bellsouth.net or 287-2014.                        21st at Cimarrone Golf Club. Proceeds from the tourna-
                                                              ment will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.
                                                              All donations are tax deductible. Please contact Mike Batten
                                                              955-9923 (batten.mike@gmail.com) or Randy Scott 540-
                                                              8120 (fritzpup@hotmail.com) for more information or to
                                                              make a donation. Let’s help the troops that need it most and
                                                              honor the sacrifice made by Chris and his family.
save the date…

                     Valentines Day
          Sunday, February 14th, 6pm-10pm
          In the San Juan del Rio Auditorium
  Come celebrate a wonderful evening with your special someone, to honor this
 sacrament we call marriage. For information call Casey & Judy Jones 287-2186
                             or jejwwjd1@aol.com.
                                                                                        RELIGIOUS EDUCATION

You can view the Religious Education calendar on our website: http://sjdrparish.org/CCDschedule.htm.

REGISTRATION for the 2009-2010 year took place during the month of August. Registrations can still be submitted with the late fee. The reg-
istration form is available on-line at www.sjdrparish.org.

CATECHIST REGISTRATION IS STILL TAKING PLACE – Thank you so much to the many volunteers who answered the call to help teach in the
Religious Education program. We are still in need of just a few more teachers/assistants. If you are a teen interested in service hours, this is also a
great opportunity for you! If you are interested in any of the positions below, please call or e-mail Katrina as soon as possible at 287-2801 or
dre@sjdrparish.org. These are the classes that still are in need assistance:
                     Monday 5:30-6:45
                         o Grade 7
                     Wednesday Early 4:30-5:45
                         o Grade 5

Religious Education Families- Please make sure your e-mail is updated through the Religious Education office. If you have a change in your e-
mail address, please send the new address to dre@sjdrparish.org.

Children’s Stewardship Envelopes as well as Teen Envelopes are available through the Religious Education office. Please call 287-2801 if you
would like a box(es) for your child(ren). The “Time” and “Talent” lines did not come on these particular envelopes. Children can write their Time
and Talent on the back of the envelope in the nice large white area.

                                         High School Bible Study - An Extension of Our Youth Program 
                                                             Teens 9th-12th Grade
                                                8-week Spring Session (Jan. 27th - Mar. 24th)
                                                            The Gospel of Matthew
                                                       Wednesday nights 6:15-7:45 p.m.
                                                  Registration ($40) available NOW online!
                                                              Meet other Catholic teens 
                                             Learn more about Scripture & your Catholic faith 
                                       Develop a stronger relationship with God & a stronger prayer life

                   YOUTH GROUP INFORMATION
                          HIGH SCHOOL                                                                  JUNIOR HIGH
 January 31st - Sunday 6:15 regular meeting after 5 PM Mass                    February 5th – 1st Friday Adoration – regular meeting 7-8:30
 February 5th – 1st Friday Adoration                                           PM in Parish Hall
 February 6th-7th – Souper Bowl of Caring after all Masses – No                February 6th-7th – Souper Bowl of Caring after all Masses
 meeting                                                                       February 13th -14th – Diocese Youth Rallies – no meeting*
 February 13th -14th – Diocese Youth Rallies – no meeting*                     February 19th - Regular meeting 7-8:30 PM in Parish Hall
 February 17th – Ash Wednesday                                                 March 5th - 1st Friday Adoration – regular meeting 7-8:30 PM
 February 21st - Sunday 6:15 regular meeting after 5 PM Mass                   in Parish Hall
 February 28th - Sunday 6:15 regular meeting after 5 PM Mass                   March 19th – Regular meeting 7-8:30 PM in Parish Hall
 March 5th – 1st Friday Adoration                                              April 2nd – Good Friday – no meeting
 March 7th - Sunday 6:15 regular meeting after 5 PM Mass
 March 14th – Sunday 6:30 – meet at Starbucks (Racetrack and SR
 13) following 5 PM Mass
 March 21st - Sunday 6:15 regular meeting after 5 PM Masses
 March 28th – Palm Sunday – no meeting
                                                “Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:8 
                                               1,974 Total Registered Families
                                                    Weekly Financial Report
                                          $32,120.50 Offertory
                                            $513.46 Children’s Offertory
                                          $32,633.96 Total
                                          $36,500.00 Target Offertory
                                          -$3,866.04 Variance
                                           $9,237.28 Haiti Collection
                                           $2,679.65 Respect Life Collection
                                             San Juan Del Rio Savings Account Balance 
                                                  Expect A Miracle!
                                  Total number of parishioners who have contributed:  384 
                                                                    Total Collected: $390,976.81 God Bless You!

                              Total Pledged $1,608,561.90
                Weekly total:      $3,501.50             Total Collected To Date:                         $1,198,591.72
                            Total number of Parishioners who have pledged: 275
    Please contact Jeanette Ghioto at 287-0519 to make a pledge or if you are interested in more information about
    our campaign or visit www.sjdrparish.org

                                                  Stewardship in Action
                                                                                          Mike Rogero
                                                                         Many thanks to Mike Rogero for donating new
                                                                       computer equipment and assisting with installation
                                                                       Please contact Jeanette Ghioto if you have computer equip-
                                                                        ment in good working order that could benefit our parish.
             For program information, contact: Jerry 287-0519 or email aff@sjdrparish.org

                               Mini-Retreat: The Dawn of New Life
                               Presented by Father John Tetlow
                               Saturday, February 6 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM
                               In the San Juan del Rio Auditorium

                            The sacrament of Baptism is “… the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in
                            the Spirit…” The nature of this retreat is to give participants an understanding of this sacra-
                            ment … an understanding that can live on throughout your spiritual journey as well as your
                            family. Fr. John will help participants to understand more fully the incredible gifts which
                            Christ gives to His Church.
There is a $15 retreat fee that includes lunch. Seating is limited. Registration will close on Tuesday, February 2. Regis-
trations cannot be finalized until receipt of your retreat fee. Please make checks payable to San Juan del Rio Church.
You can mail or drop off your payment at the parish office. If you have questions or are interested in attending, email
Jerry at aff@sjdrparish.org or call him at 287-0519. See parish website for details.

                                        SAVE THE DATE
             Something wonderful is about to happen to make Valentine’s Day Special at
                                            our parish.
                                  Details in next week’s bulletin.

                         Catechism of the Catholic Church

                      Thank you to all those who participated in the study of the past year’s Catechism of the
                      Catholic Church.

                      Enrollment for the 2010-2011 session is currently open. If you are interested in studying
                      the Catechism of the Catholic Church after the Tuesday 9:45 AM Mass, please email Jerry
                      Turkowski at aff@sjdrparish.org. The weekly study will meet for one hour. There is no
                      homework, and there is no charge. It’s a great way to informally learn about the doctrine
                      and traditions of our Catholic Church.

                                            The Spring 2010 CRHP Weekends will be held on March 20-21
Christ Renews His Parish                    (Women’s Weekend) and April 24-25 (Men’s Weekend). You can find
                                            additional information or register online at the parish website.

                                          The first month of the new year is almost over. Have you made your
                                          commitment to learn more about the Catholic faith, to attend a Christ
                                          Renews His Parish Weekend, to join a Bible Study/Catechism Study
        Call to Action                    or to become involved in a parish ministry? Or even better … to grow
                                          closer in your relationship with God by listening to His Call?
                                               Good Steward of the Month

This month we want to recognize a group of men that willingly give of their time, talent and treasure in installing a new
roof for a handicapped member of our parish. They worked many hours sometimes in inclement weather making the
necessary repairs that were needed. They truly live the Christmas spirit.

Join me in saluting Jim Stuebgen, Don Reilly, Tom Stanko, Lynn Nellenbach and John McGraw who provided the scaf-
folding free of charge as JANUARY’S STEWARDS of the MONTH.

Do you have a story of a Good Steward? Please email our parish Stewardship Coordinator, Dennis Davignon at

                                    Pastoral Services/Ministry Monthly Meetings
Pastoral/Ministries       Dates-Meetings                   Contact                    Phone/Email
Pastoral Council          2nd Thursday-7:30pm              Mike Elison               708-8629 mike.elison@att.net
Stewardship Cttee         2nd Monday-7:00pm                Dennis Davignon           519-5844 dae66@comcast.net
School Board              Contact School Office            Jeanne Brown              287-8081 jbrown@sjdrschool.org
Knights of Columbus       2nd & 4th Tuesday-7:00pm         Carlos Irene              287-0441 cirene@comcast.net
Christ Renews His Par-    3rd Sunday-7:00pm                Jerry Turkowski            287-0519 aff@sjdrparish.org
Ladies Auxiliary          4th Thursday-7:00pm              Kit Robinson               287-8579 Roldpoop2@bellsouth.net
Men’s Club                1st Tuesday-7:00pm               Bob Pradella               838-9257 bobpradella@gmail.com
Women’s Club              3rd Thursday-7:00pm              Susan Fiorentino           230-9881 hillerjax@att.net
50+ Club                  3rd Tuesday-7:00pm               Susi Pittman              735-5979 Susique711@aol.com
Youth Groups              Contact Youth Office             Sheliah Drewienkowski     287-7944 sheliah@sjdrparish.org
Boy Scouts (11 and up)    Every Tuesday-7:00pm             Mike Elison                708-8629 mike.elison@att.net
Cub Scouts (gr. 1-5)      Pack Mtg last Friday of month    Jim Bush                  315-3103 sandib443@aol.com
Girl Scouts (k-8 grade)   Tues., Wed., Thurs., 2:45-4:00   Carol McIntyre            287-0785 carolmci@aol.com
Catholic Family FISH      Twice Weekly                     Debra Humphrey             584-7012 dwhumphrey@bellsouth.net
Religious Education       Monday/Wednesday                 Katie Larson              287-2801 dre@sjdrparish.org
Morning Prayer Group      Monday-6:00am                    Frank Baltes              287-1428
RCIA                      Sunday-9:30am                    Deacon Larry              591-6301 lgeinosky@eKemper.com
Prayer Blanket Ministry                                    Sandy Shurr               304-6324 sandy@michaelshurr.com
Choir                     Thursday-7:00pm                  Rocky DiGeorgio           502-8535 rocky@rockydigeorgio.com
Saturday Choir            Wednesday-7:30pm                 Ann Marie McDonald         287-1090 jammac11@bellsouth.net
Knights of Columbus-4th 1st Monday-7:30pm                  Mike LeBlanc               287-8596 mikerph@comcast.net

Angel Tree, Lenten        Crosses and Food Collection      Joyce Svoboda              287-1117 jsvoboda@sjdrschool.org
Adoration                 First Fridays, 9:30am-7:00pm     Wendy LeBlanc             287-8596 wbleblanc@comcast.net
Career Assistance Min     1st Tuesday-7:00pm-9:00pm        Bill Hampel               230-2936 BHampel@bellsouth.net
SJDR Website              www.sjdrparish.org               Katie Larson              287-2801 webminister@sjdrparish.org

Habitat for Humanity      Contact for more info            Dick Kerr                 287-2014 dickkerr@bellsouth.net

Crochet & Knitting Min                                     Cay Hillenbrand           262-7639
                                      MINISTRY SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 6/7

MASS                   ALTAR SERVERS                      EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS                            LECTORS
5:15 pm Satur-   A. & M. Durnin, W. & A.            M. Bergan, E. Grygielko, B. Hoffman, A. &    D. Stritter, M. Kolisnyk
day              Cook, F. Testa                     L. Longendelpher, D. O’Meara, M.
                                                    O’Meara, P. Reed, M. Siler, P. & P . Sori-
                                                    ano, E. Suffes, M. Williams, K. Zipperer
8:30 am          R. Friederich, H. Deruiter, E.     M. Boylan, A. Catalano, D. Coates, S.        M. Greene, C. Collins
Sunday           Hector, J. LaManna, M. Brig-       Fiorentino, T. Harkness, D. & S. Kerr, M.
                 ham                                Nellenbach, E. Raulerson, L.Ventura

11:00 am         A. Cassette, K. & Z. Gaubert,      L. Alvarez, C. Baker, J. Brown, G. Del-      J. Jones, C. Jones
Sunday           C. Taylor, E. Bradley              Charco, J. Fox, M. Irene, K. Lowenthal, A.
                                                    Messina, R. Morin, T. PeBenito, T. Ponce,
                                                    B. Rigel, M. Rogero, C. Schuller
5:00 pm          N. Fanelli, M. Teira, C. Benner,
Sunday           J. Kaszanits, B. Ina

  Westminster                                         Live Oak Unit/Residences/Skilled Unit
    Woods                                                      Leigh Ann Alvarez

                                                                                         Welcome our Newly Baptized
  We welcome our newest members, and hope that with our help, they
  quickly become active in our parish life. Richard & Stephanie Coo-
  per and their family, Larry & Kerry Hickey and their family, Rob &
  Michelle Pavlik and their son, and Peggy Rudolph.

                        No eye has seen, Nor ear heard, Nor the heart of man conceived,
                              what God has prepared for those who love Him.

                         Our deepest condolences to the Santora and Cozzolino families
                         for the loss of Jamye, after a long and brave battle with cancer.
               & HELPING (CFF)

How do you read Scripture? Do you find yourself encountering the living
Word? Do you understand the Catholic faith in its Traditions, Revelations,
Saints, and Sacraments? Do they come alive for you and cause you to
ponder what it would have been like to be in the presence of Jesus? Be
awakened by the Holy Spirit as you are guided by these Christian teach-
ings to search the Will of God. Join this new series “A WELL-BUILT
FAITH—A Catholic’s Guide to Knowing & Sharing What We Believe”                  300,000 March for Life in US Capital Another 75,000 Participate
on Wednesday morning in the Chapel during the school year.                      Online

                             ALL WELCOME                                        Washington DC, January 22, 2010 (Zenit.org) - Some 300,000 people
                   For more information please contact:                         gathered in Washington, DC today to mark the 37th anniversary of the US
                       Debra Humphrey 584-7012                                  Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.
                       dwhumphrey@bellsouth.net                                 Half of the multitude that attended the annual rally and March for Life was
PLAYDATES                                                                       under the age of 25, Fr. Thomas Euteneuer, president of Human Life Inter-
MOM’S NIGHT OUT                                                                 national, told the Eternal Word Television Network.
The First Fruits Nursery is available during Friday Bible Study in the cry      Another 85,000 participated in the pro-life demonstration through a Virtual
room and during the 11:00am Mass located in the Pre-K Classroom in the          March for Life, an initiative sponsored by Americans United for Life Action.
school. The Nursery is for 1-3 year olds. This is a time for children to        The action group launched a Web site for people who support the cause
learn about the love of Jesus, to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially,   and want their voices to be heard but were unable to attend the event.
and emotionally. Anything learned by fun is not soon forgotten! For more        The Web page allowed users to sign in and choose an avatar-a digital
information about the nursery or to volunteer contact Adrienne Chamber-         figure-to be placed on a map in front of the congressional buildings,
lain at nature3b@yahoo.com.                                                     thereby making a stand to defend life…
Traveling Madonna- Invite the Blessed Mother into your home and teach           Charmaine Yoest, president and CEO of Americans United for Life, ex-
the rosary to your family and loved ones. If you would like to have the         plained in a letter that “with a health care bill that includes taxpayer fund-
blessed statue of the Madonna, please contact La-                               ing for abortion hanging in the balance, this is an important, historic oppor-
laine_fernandez@hotmail.com.                                                    tunity to get the attention of politicians in Washington.”
                                                                                “In this critical moment, every American must be heard regardless of
                                                                                where you are,” she affirmed.
                                                                                This year is the “most important March for Life in history, Yoest said. “So
                                                                                much is at stake in this moment. To read full text to go http://
                                                                                www.zenit.org/article-28128?1=english Zenit The World Seen From

                                                                                Dan and Carol McIntyre                    Dru Faulk
                                                                                K of C                                    Respect Life Coordinator
                                                                                Respect Life Family Representative        287-2067
                                                                                DanMcI@aol.com                            drufaulk@aol.com
                    EUCHARISTIC ADORATION

                       All Parishioners Invited
Friday February 5, 2010
Every Tuesday
 8:00 am - 8:45 am Liturgy of the Hours
     prayed with Fr. Tony
1st Friday of the Month:
   9:00 am - Mass
   9:30 am - Rosary for the unborn & prayer for
     Vocations to the Priesthood
   12:00 pm - Angelus Prayer
 3:00 pm - Divine Mercy Chaplet (Leader for Dec.
—Beth Stuebgen)
   6:40 pm - Vespers (Evening Prayer)
   7:00 pm—Benediction

+If you would like to spend one hour a month with our Lord
in front of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, please contact:
Wendy LeBlanc at wbleblanc@comcast.net or 287-8596
+Also if you would like to purchase your own Shorter Christian
Prayer book @ $13.95 for Vespers, please contact:
Marcia Rogero at fishsup@comcast.net or 287-4089.
Jesus tells us in Matthew 28:20: “I am with you always, until the end
of the world.” He is with us in the Eucharist!
                     AROUND THE DIOCESE                                                               GENERAL INFORMATION
St. Joseph Academy Make-up EXPLORE Test: Saturday, February 6,
2010, 8-11am. SJA Cafeteria.                                                     Baptism Please call the office 287-0519 to arrange for Baptism and to
For more information, to schedule a tour or shadow day or to sign up for         plan to attend a Baptism Prep class, preferably before the baby's birth.
an SJA Reception, please contact Mr. Pat Keane, Director of Admissions           Baptism Prep class is regularly scheduled on the third Wednesday of
at 904-824-0431, extension 305 or via email: admissions@sjaweb.org.              each month. You need to be registered, active and participating in the
Financial aid is available.                                                      church 6 months prior to the Baptism.

SJA & Schooners Lenten Shrimp Fry-Friday, February 26-Save the                   Marriage Couples please contact the parish priest at least 8 months
Date!! Details in next weekend’s bulletin.                                       before the wedding. All couples must participate in the Engaged En-
                                                                                 counter program and the Natural Family Planning program sponsored by
Cleaning for a Reason If you know a woman who is currently undergoing            the Diocese. Please contact Diane Smith at 287-5253 or 657-7332 to
Chemo, there is a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning 1            register for the Natural Family Planning program. Pre-registration for
time per month for 4 months while she is in treatment. All she has to do is      each of these programs is mandatory. For more information about the
sign up and have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment. Cleaning        diocesan requirements or to register for any of the diocesan programs,
for a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area         please visit www.dcfl.org or call (904) 308-7474.
arrange for the service. For Info, http://www.cleaningforareason.org.
                                                                                 First Communion & Confirmation are two-year programs. Contact the
On Friday, February 5, 2010 at 7:30 PM a Jubilus Concert will be cele-           Religious Education Office.
brated at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church, Saint
Augustine/World Golf Village , Florida. The concert will focus on sacred         Ministry to the sick If anyone needs communion, please call the church
choral works and instrumentals, and also the African-American "spirituals"       office 287-0519
tradition. The concert will be followed with a social including cordials,
coffee and desserts. Admission free. Free will offerings gratefully ac-          Welcome Newcomers We would like to welcome you to our Catholic
cepted. Directions: 95-South to World Golf Village (WGV) Parkway. Take           Community. In order to better serve you please fill out a registration card
WGV South a few miles to Route 16. Turn right/West on 16 and go down             and return it to the office, or place it in the collection basket. We encour-
about one mile. Our Lady of Good Counsel Church is on the right. [Or 95          age all parishioners to use the envelope system for their charitable giving
to State Route 16/Outlet Malls. Turn West on SR # 16. Address: 5950              to the church. Teen and Children’s Stewardship Envelopes are available
State Route 16. (904) 599-2540.                                                  through the Religious Education office at 287-2801.

Diocesan Marriage Renewal Are you and your spouse looking for a spe-             Columbarium and Memorial Wall We are now offering niches and
cial weekend getaway together? Oneness in marriage is not accom-                 memorial plaques in our beautiful Columbarium at our pre construction
plished by merely wishing for it. Set aside the cares of work, family, long      pricing effective immediately. This represents a savings of $430.00 per
hours and juggled schedules. Get back in touch with each other on a              niche. Memorial wall plaques will remain $350 each. For more informa-
Diocesan Marriage Renewal Weekend at Marywood Retreat Center this                tion call the Church Office 287-0519.
coming St. Valentine’s Marriage Renewal weekend (February 12-14). You
can register and reserve your space for the weekend at www.dmrjax.org            Deadline for Bulletin Information 4:00pm on Monday
or by calling John and Tina Morrissey at 744-6843.
                                                                                 Requirement for Volunteers All volunteers for any ministry within our
The Journey of Hope Conference 2010 will be held February 27 -28 in              Church over the age of 18 working with children or the elderly must be
Atlanta and will offer resources and advice for divorced and separated           fingerprinted through the Diocese. Those working with children must
Catholics. The conference will address issues of healing, living the Catho-      also attend a class called “Protecting God’s Children”. Classes can be
lic faith and navigating life after divorce. Registration is open to separated   found online at www.virtus.org. If you help in any capacity, even on a
and divorced men and woman and those involved in related ministries. For         one-time basis such as chaperoning a trip, you must follow these guide-
information and to register, visit journeyofhopeconference.com or call           lines. Please call Bernadette at 287-2801.
                                                                                 To Report Sexual Abuse The Diocese of Saint Augustine treats all
You are invited to come experience the Mercy & healing of God! The               allegations of sexual misconduct seriously and deals with all allegations
upcoming Rachel’s Vineyard retreat will be held March 12-14, 2010. This          in a prompt, confidential and thorough manner. To Report Abuse Call:
special weekend offers any woman, man, couple, or family who has strug-          Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator 904-262-3200, ext. 129 or De-
gled with the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion, a confidential, safe     partment of Children and Families, 1-800-96Abuse.
and non-judgmental place to gently explore hidden burdens and receive
the peace Jesus longs to give. Please visit ww.rachelsvineyard.org for           With the onset of cold and flu season, you are reminded that you
more info, as well as other locations, or call 221-3232. God bless you.          should not attend Mass if you are feeling sick or have a fever. When you
                                                                                 are unable to attend Mass because you are sick or are caring for a sick
Would you like to host an International student for 4 short weeks this sum-      person, no sin is incurred. To help prevent the spread of the flu virus, the
mer? We are looking for families to open their hearts and homes to a             Centers for Disease Control remind everyone to (1) cover your mouth
young student ages 13-17. The students are busy from 8:00am to 5:00pm            and nose when coughing or sneezing, (2) wash your hands frequently,
Monday-Friday. If you are interested or for more information please con-         (3) stay at home if you have a fever or feel sick, and (4) get a vaccina-
tact Deborah White (904) 460-2124; Deborah_white07@hotmail.com                   tion when it comes available.
Stephanie Davis (904) 996-8845.