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									Prayer                                                                                  COLEFORD BAPTIST CHURCH
      ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by                            ‘To know Christ and make Him known’
      prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your                                 WELCOME TO OUR WORSHIP
      requests to God.’    Phil 4 v 6
                                                                          Sunday 21 February
Please pray for …                                                         10:30   Morning Worship                               Ms Jackie Morgan
                                                                                  Worship 3: True Worship - John 4:19-26
   Ron Powell, David and Sheila Wilkes                                    18:30   Concert in aid of Haiti at the church (details overleaf)
   Lena Short's granddaughter Lucinda, that she will receive healing
                                                                          Monday 22 February
   from cancer                                                            09:00   Prayer Meeting
   the ‘After Alpha’ evenings
                                                                          Wednesday 24 February
   the Church Leaders, Worship leaders and musicians                      10:00     Maintenance Team
   all the children’s and youth initiatives in the church:                11:00   Coombs Communion Service
   Tiggywinkles, Sunday School
                                                                          Thursday 25 February
                                                                          09:30   Mini Music makers
Lenten Words for the Week Ahead:                                          11:00   Bible Study in the vestry
                                                                          19:30   Fellowship Group at Newgale
A Divine Moment in history when the Trinity of the                        19:30   After Alpha @ the Manse
Godhead are experienced together:
                                                                          Friday 26 February
‘It was at this time that Jesus came from Nazareth to
                                                                          09:30   Tiggywinkles
Galilee and was baptised in the river Jordan by John.                     13:30   Rehearsal for Women’s World Day of Prayer Service
As he was coming out of the water, he saw the heavens                     18:30   Music Group Practice (new musicians always welcome)
break open and the Spirit descended on him like a dove.                   18:30   Lent Course   (See insert for details)
And a voice came from heaven: “You are my beloved
Son; in you I take delight.” At once the Spirit drove him                 Saturday 27 February
out into the wilderness.’ Mark 1:9-12                                     18:00  Safari Supper (details overleaf)
                                                                          16:00   Bowling until 18:00 – please speak to Sarah for details
Minister:    Rev Peter Wade     832278              Peterwade@aol.com     Sunday 28 February            Lent 1
Secretary:   David Swinyard     832971       davidswinyard@talktalk.net   10:30   Morning Worship                   Rev Peter Wade
Treasurer:   Sally Thomas       833943     p.thomas206@btinternet.com             Worship 4: A life of Worship - Romans 12:1-8; Psalm 84
Notices:     Margaret Michie    810591        mgtmichie@googlemail.com
               News and Information                                    our regular coffee-makers (from Sally)
                                                                       Cleaning God’s House: This is an important part of Service.
                                                                       If you are able to spare 1 or 2 hours each month to clean one
Concert for Haiti with the Forest of Dean Brass and the Forest
                                                                       area of the church, please speak to Sally. There are lots of
of Dean Male Voice Choir in the church this evening at 18:30.
                                                                       spaces on our Cleaning Roster and it would be great to fill
This is a free concert with donations for the Haiti Appeal. The        them and have a cleaner building. If you can just help
band want to strengthen their links with the church and the            occasionally and would like some company, how about coming
community. Please support the concert and invite as many as
                                                                       along on a Wednesday morning 10:00-12:00? There’s even a
possible for this good cause
                                                                       free cup of coffee! … and some terrific fellowship!

Jenny McKnight invites you to a Safari Supper followed by fun
                                                                       If you would like to hear the sermon again, or wish to listen to
and games on Saturday 27 February at 18:00 at the church (a
                                                                       a sermon you missed from a previous week, we do have CDs of
fund-raising event for a charity trip (An Open Door to your
                                                                       previous weeks available; for just the price of a small
Heart) ) to Uganda - see notice board in foyer
                                                                       donation in the plate. See the person on the sound desk at the
                                                                       back of the church
        FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT: 22 Feb – 6 March:
      Rachel Whittington is holding a Big Brew event with Traidcraft
      at Acorn Cottage, Edenwall, Coalway (opposite Gibsons) on        Advance Notice: Please note our AGM will take place on
      Saturday 6th March. Come along anytime between 10.30am           Thurs 25 March, when we shall hold our annual deacons’
      and 4pm for a Fairtrade cuppa and help bring about positive      election. Two deacons – Jane Toomer & Simon Phelps – will
      change in the lives of millions of tea workers.
                                                                       have completed a 3-year term. Please pray for wisdom that
                                                                       the church may be guided as we prepare to elect our deacons.
The Women’s Day World of Prayer will take place on Friday
                                                                       Nominations will be requested during the period 7–21 March
5 March at 14:00 in this church. Please see Dorothy if you can
                                                                       Seniors’ Coffee Morning on Thursday 1 April from 10:30 to
                                                                       noon. Please come along, bring your friends and enjoy
Sunday Morning Coffee: This is very successful, with most
                                                                       coffee/tea and a hot cross bun. Ask Maureen Etherington or
people staying – often 50-70 people. Any help would be much
                                                                       contact her on 01594 836 303 if you require transport
appreciated – just turn up and help – particularly with carrying
things up and down the stairs, also with washing up. Even if you
can spare only 10 minutes, this would help considerably. It is a lot
                                                                         ‘Make it your ambition to do something every
for 2 people to do and even more for one person on their own, so
please lend a hand if you are able. It can be quite a time of
                                                                                     that reflects the love of Christ’
fellowship when washing up! Thank you. A big Thank You to all
                                          Selwyn Hughes
                                                          Saturday 7 August-Friday 13 August: Creation Fest
                                                          – Free Christian Family Festival in Cornwall
                                                          (www.creationfest.org.uk) This is a great Christian
FAMILY EVENTS for the SPRING TERM                         Festival for all ages and we are thinking about
                                                          camping there for a few days. If this interests you,
The aim is to organise events, not just for the           please let Maria or Helen know, as we will only go
children, but for the whole church family, so please      ahead with this if enough people are interested
come and support events when you can
                                                          Monday 16 August-Friday 20 August: Holiday Club.
Saturday 27 February: Bowling 16:00-18:00, This is        Sarah will be organising another holiday club for the
the revised date for the bowling trip. Please speak to    children during the summer holidays. She needs
Sarah if you would like to go along                       volunteers to help with this – please speak to her if
                                                          you are able to help
Lent Course (5 weeks) commencing 26 February
Fridays 18:30-19:30 (for the church’s young people
between ages 9 and 14)
Simon and Sarah will be running the course – more                                      21-
                                                          Baptists Together in Prayer: 21-27 February
details to follow
                                                          Hanham, Bristol (Peter Cook)
Saturday 3 April @ 19:30: ‘Family Planning’ Meeting –     God has been teaching us a lot about what it means to be
venue to be confirmed                                     friends as Christians in the church and what friendship has
                                                          to do with our mission together. Praise God for numbers of
A couple of items further ahead in the summer:            new people who have been visiting the church. Pray that we
might be able to build upon this and draw them into the family
life of the church.                                                 Our work with people with disabilities, No Limits, is going
Thank God for the gentle way that he has led us in His ways and     well; some of the folk join us on Sundays. Our traditional
pray that He might give us a real vision for the next step in the   monthly afternoon services have a small but faithful
path along which He is leading us                                   congregation and a monthly meeting for the older folk is also
Longhope (Barry Cocker)

Southwick (Pastoral Vacancy)

We are enjoying great blessing from the Lord with new
members joining us; God is building His church with mature
Christians. Having joined the Partnership for Missional Church
(PMC). we are watching with interest and excitement to see
where He is leading us. We would welcome prayers for
decisions over the pastoral vacancy, and for this first year of
PMC. Prayers for the church leadership would be valued and
also for our church weekend away in May.

Over the past few years our youth work has grown, with a third
of the young people coming from non-Christian families. Their
families are joining us for some family services when the young
people are taking part. Please pray for the planning of the
young people’s work for next year.

Stronger ties with the village school where our Sunday morning
services are held are being made; and we hope to help run a
school Savings Bank.

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