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									   Orientation and Enrolment for International Students
                      February 2010

      Please note attendance is compulsory. If you are not present you may lose your place in the
                 course. You must contact us if you are unable to attend this program.

                                 TAFE NSW – NORTHERN SYDNEY INSTITUTE
  College:                       Ryde College
  Date:                          Friday, 5th February 2010
  Time:                          9.30am to 1.30pm
  Venue:                         Ambassador Room 1 & 2
                                 Building A Level 4
                                 Ryde NSW 2112

  Program for the Day:
    9:30am – 9:45am          Meet and Greet
    9.45am - 10:00am         Student Introductions
   10:00am – 10:20am         Adult Study Centre - Jenny Weirick & Stephanie Wallbank
   10:20am – 10:25am         Harassment Contact – Kerrie De Coque
   10:25am – 10:35am         Student Association – Allan Cross
   10:35am – 10:50am         Tea/Coffee Break
   10:50am - 10:55am         E-Services – Administration
   10:55am – 11:20am         Counselling Unit and International Students Forum
   11:20am - 11:30am         Address by Robyn Vidler, College/Business Line Management
   11:30am - 12:20pm         Enrolment & Section tour
   12:20am - 12:30pm         Collection of Enrolment forms & Personal details
   12.30am - 1:30pm          Lunch at A Block Level 4 Terrace BBQ

  Documents to bring:            Letter of offer from the International Student Centre (ISC)
                                 ISC Receipt for tuition fees
                                 Confirmation of Enrolment (COE)
                                 Passport with valid student visa

  Contact Person:
  Name:                          Robert Brennan
  Location:                      Room 5A-7 Level 5A Building A,
                                 250 Blaxland Rd
                                 Ryde NSW 2112

  Phone:                         +61 (02) 9448-6473 Fax: +61 (02) 9448 6291
  E-mail:                        robert.brennan@tafensw.edu.au

                                     IMPORTANT NOTE!
   Students who do not enrol and start their course by 8 February 2010 will be referred to the
Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) and may risk cancellation of their student visa.

                      CRICOS Provider Name: TAFE NSW – Technical and Further Education Commission
                                            CRICOS Provider Code: 00591E
                       Location Map and Transport Details

Buses stop directly outside the rear of the college. From the city, the best bus to
catch is bus 501.

OR Travel by train to West Ryde train station. This station is on the Hornsby-via-
Strathfield train line. Express train services from the centre of Sydney make it
possible for students to travel to West Ryde in 30 minutes. From the station you
can take buses 401 or 434 to reach the college.

For the most up to date transport information and the most convenient route
please visit the website www.131.500.com.au or call 131 500.

Parking is available at the college.

                 Arial Map                                            Ground Map

                CRICOS Provider Name: TAFE NSW – Technical and Further Education Commission
                                      CRICOS Provider Code: 00591E

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