Sir John Franklin Grad Class of 2010

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					                                  Contact Information
Important Dates:                        (867) 669-0773
    December 18th, 2009
  - First advisory project due.         Administration:
                                       Pat Teskey, Principal
      March 1st, 2010
  - Demonstrate potential to      Al McDonald, Assistant Principal
 achieve required 100 credits.

       April 1st, 2010
 - 25 CALM hours due to your
     Guidance Counsellor.
                                   Ed Lippert, Assistant Principal
                                        Sir John
                                   Guidance Counsellors:
- Second advisory project due.

       June 11th, 2010
                                  Doreen Cleary, Department Head
- minimum 50% school awarded            Sandra Bowden
   mark for Diploma courses.

                                         Pam Monkman
                                                                     Grad Class
        June 26th, 2010    
- Academic & Gala Ceremonies
 at the Yellowknife Community
                                          Arnold Krause
                                                                      of 2010
                                        Grad Advisors:
                                        Wendy Campeau

                                          Cynthia Roach
                                          Grad Council
                                      Information Inside
     What do I need to                                                                   4. I must be attending my classes on
                                         NWT Graduation Requirements
 participate in Grad 2010?                      Section 26.7                             a regular basis.
                                                                                         - students must be actively involved in
                                         Senior Secondary School Handbook
                                                                                         the attainment of the required credits
1. I need to be a grade 12 student.      English                     15 credits          by regularly attending class and com-
- a student will be designated a grade   Social Studies              10 credits          pleting assignments.
                                         Mathematics                 10 credits
12 student when they have completed
                                         Science                     10 credits
a minimum of 70 credits including the    Fine Arts                    3 credits          5. I must have completed my CALM
following:                               Calm                         3 credits          Hours.
- English 20-1, 20-2, 20-3               Community Service             1 credit          - students must completed 25 hours of
- Socials 20-1, 20-2                     Physical Education           3 credits
                                                                                         community service by April 1st, 2010
                                         Northern Studies             3 credits
- Math 20 (Pure, Applied, Essentials)                                                    and have all paperwork into my guid-
                                         CTS                          5 credits
- Science 20 or 25, Experiential         Career & Program Planning     1 credit          ance counsellor by this date.
  Science 20, Biology 20, Chemistry      Additional Grade 12 Courses 10 credits
  20 or Physics 20.                      Unspecified	                26 credits
                                         Total                      100 credits          6. I must have completed my Advi-
                                                                                         sory Assignments.
2. I must be passing all my classes.
                                         High	School	Immersion	Certificate	              - students must complete two inde-
- to earn credits in senior secondary
                                                  Requirements                           pendent projects for Advisory 12. The
courses, a student must be achieving
                                                                                         first	 project	 is	 due	 December 18th,
at least 50% in each course.             French Language Arts               15 credits   2009 and the second is due April 1st,
- for diploma exams, a school awarded    Études Sociales                    15 credits   2010. These must be handed in to
mark of 50% is required on or before     Mathematiques                      10 credits
                                                                                         Mrs. Bowden in the Guidance Depart-
June 11th, 2010 to be considered a       Sciences                           10 credits
passing grade for participation in the                                                   ment.
                                         Total	for	Bilingual	Certificate	   50	credits
Academic Graduation Ceremony.
                                                                                         7. I need to have paid my Graduation
                                         Total	for	Immersion	Certificate	35	credits
3. I must have 100 credits.
                                         Go to to see your           - students will be required to pay a
- students must achieve 100 credits      transcript online. You will need your NWT       graduation fee for participation in
and must demonstrate the potential       Health Card number and your SIN or NWT
                                                                                         the Academic Grad, Gala, and After
to achieve those credits by the end      Student Number in order to register.
of term one of Semester 2, which is
                                                                                         - the amount and date due will be com-
March 1st, 2010.                                                                         municated to students and parents at
                                                                                         a later date.