; Sir Jeffery Amherst MG 18 L 4 Finding Aid No 810
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Sir Jeffery Amherst MG 18 L 4 Finding Aid No 810


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									                                            Sir Jeffery Amherst
                                                 MG 18 L 4
                                            Finding Aid No. 810
                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

Series I - National Archives of Canada Series

               Volume Contents and Shelf List to the National Archives transcripts and photostats
               of the papers of Jeffery, William, and William Pitt Amherst. The manuscripts are
               arranged in packets.
                                                                                                    Part I, pp. 1 - 6

Series II - Harvester Microform Series

               File Titles and Microfilm Shelf List to the Harvester Microform microfilm edition of
               the military papers of Jeffery and William Amherst. The manuscripts follow the Kent
               Archives Office arrangement.
                                                                                                 Part II, pp. 9 - 17

Kent Archives Office - Catalogue of Amherst MSS.

               Calendar to the Sir Jeffery Amherst and Family Papers. The National Archives has
               only portions of these manuscripts.
                                                                                           Part III, pp. 1 - 201
                        AMHERST, SIR JEFFERY AND FAMILY                                                   1
                                     MG 18 L4

Volume   Packet                               Subject

 1         1      Letters from the Chevalier de Drucour and articles of capitulation for Louisbourg, 1758.
                  (transcripts, 36 pages)

           2      Letters of congratulation received on the capture of Louisbourg, 1758. (transcripts, 28

           3      Despatches from William Pitt, 10 June 1758; 7 January 1760; 24 March 1761; and 8 July
                  1761; and Royal Warrant for demolition of the fortifications of Louisbourg, 8 February
                  1760. (transcripts, 10 pages)

           4      Letters from Admiral Edward Boscawen, 1758. (transcripts, 46 pages)

           5      Letters from Lord Barrington and Charles Townshend relating to military matters, 1760-
                  1761. (transcripts, 21 pages)

 2         6      Letters from Lord Barrington, 1758-1759; four letters from Jeffery Amherst to Barrington,
                  1759; a letter from Major A. Prevost, 1759; instructions to physicians, 1758; and memorial
                  from Kilby, Barnard and Parker to Lord Barrington, 1758. (transcripts, 65 pages)

           7      Major Robert Rogers' account of the march of his Rangers from Montreal to Detroit, 13
                  September 1760 to 23 February 1761. (transcripts, 43 pages)

           8      Letters from General James Wolfe, 1758; Lieutenant William Crosbie's account of what
                  happened at Lorembec, 16 June 1758; Lieutenant James Hopkins' letter to the Adjutant
                  General, 1758. (transcripts, 31 pages)

           9      Letters from Lord Barrington, 1759-1761; and from Amherst to Barrington, 1760-1761.
                  (transcripts, 141 pages)

           10     Despatches from William Pitt, 1758-1759. (transcripts, 86 pages)

           11     Letters to and from Lord Ligonier, 1758-1763. (transcripts, 221 pages)
                  Also available in part (pp. 1-121) on Microfilm Reel A-127.

 3        12      Letter from Amherst to Governor Thomas Pownall, Louisbourg, 24 August 1758, outlining
                  the plan of campaign. (transcripts, 2 pages)

           13     Letters from William Pitt, 9 and 18 September 1758; and 9 April 1762. (transcripts, 9
                            AMHERST, SIR JEFFERY AND FAMILY                                                   2
                                         MG 18 L4

         3    14      Opinions requested from Amherst by Government on different matters, 1766-1767. Items
cont’d                copied are: Answers and Remarks on the Plan for the future management of Indian affairs,
                      6 October 1766; Remarks on the Plan of settling a Colony at the Illinois (1766); Remarks
                      on Lord Barrington's Plan (1766); and, a memorandum that a third seat of government
                      should be established and Forts Stanwix and Oswego should be retained (1767). There is
                      also a note from Baron and Lady Smythe sending Alpine strawberry plants, 10 September
                      1767. (transcripts, 17 pages)

              15      Correspondence, 1774, on the appointment of Major Hugh Debbeig as second Engineer on
                      the staff of General James Murray at Minorca, 1774, and on criticism of General James
                      Wolfe's conduct in 1759. (photostats, 37 pages)

              16      Letters relating to the War of Independence in America, 1774-1781. Writers of letters are:
                      General Frederick Haldimand, New York, 9 July 1774; unsigned, New York, 12 December
                      1774; General Thomas Gage, Boston, 11 February and 10 June 1775; Captain M., Boston,
                      20 June 1775; Charles Grey to General W. Hervey, Philadelphia, 28 March 1778; extracts
                      of letters from Philadelphia, 13 and 16 June 1778; and William Balfour to Lieutenant-
                      Colonel Balfour, 28 March 1781. (transcripts, 34 pages)

              17      Thanks of both Houses of Parliament for the successful campaign in North America, 1758;
                      and address from the City of New York. (transcripts, 12 pages)

              18      Correspondence, 1762-1772. Items transcribed are: letter of Chartier de Lotbinière and
                      Mémoire sur la partie occidentale du Canada, jusqu'au fleuve de Mississippi, 4 août 1764;
                      A. de la Boularderie fils, Londres, 6 août 1764; Arthur Maier, Riverhead, 4 January 1765;
                      William Sharpe, Whitehall, 1 January 1765; and Francis Maseres, 2 July 1772. (transcripts,
                      47 pages)

             19/1-2   Diaries of Sir Jeffery Amherst, 7 February 1756 to 9 August 1760. Indexed. (photostats,
                      7.5 cm.)

  4           19/3    Diaries of Sir Jeffery Amherst, 10 August 1760 to 29 November 1763. Indexed. (photos-
                      tats, 2.5 cm.)

              20      Diaries of Captain William Amherst, 16 March 1758 to 8 September 1760, with a revised
                      journal, 1 June to 26 July 1758, which contains details on the capitulation of Louisbourg;
                      and diary, 15 August to 19 October 1762, covering the expedition to Newfoundland and the
                      recapture of St. John's. (photostats, 290 pages)

             21       Journal of Captain John Montresor, Engineer, 7 July to 16 December 1763. [Montresor was
                      sent from New York with Amherst's despatches for Detroit. The ship Michigan in which
                      he sailed from Niagara was lost on Lake Erie about 18 miles from the mouth of the Niagara
                      River, but without loss of life, 28 August 1763.] (photostats, 37 pages)

              22      Two letters from Amherst to Pitt, 23 and 27 July 1758; resolutions by Amherst and
                      Boscawen on the future campaign, 9 August 1758; two letters from Pitt to Amherst, 9 and
                      18 September 1758; and a letter from Pitt to Abercromby, 18 September 1758. (transcripts,
                      20 pages)
                        AMHERST, SIR JEFFERY AND FAMILY                                                      3
                                     MG 18 L4

         4   23   Secret instructions to Brigadier-General James Wolfe, 5 February 1759; three letters from
cont’d            Pitt to Amherst, 10 February, 29 September and 11 December 1759; declaration delivered
                  to the ministers of the belligerent powers by Prince Lewis of Brunswick. (transcripts, 17

             24   Despatches and letters from Pitt, 1760-1761. (transcripts, 55 pages)

             25   Two private letters to Pitt, 21 June 1760. (transcripts, 3 pages)

             26   Warrant for settling the rank of provincial officers in North America; two letters from Pitt,
                  7 January and 22 July 1761. (transcripts, 9 pages)

             27   Letters to Pitt, 27 February, 13 August, 21 October 1761, and 15 June 1762. (transcripts,
                  6 pages)

             28   Letters from Barrington, 12 and 26 September 1759; from Pitt, 7 January and 17 July 1761;
                  and from Henry Caldwell to [Murray], 1 November 1772, on the story circulating as to
                  Wolfe's orders at Quebec. (transcripts, 9 pages)

  5          29   Two letters from the Earl of Holderness to Amherst, 3 January 1758. (transcripts, 3 pages)

             30   Reports on the French forces which surrendered at Louisbourg, 1758. (transcripts, 15

             31   Letters from Wolfe and Colonel Robert Monckton to Abercromby with letters to Wolfe
                  from Murray and Captain John Vaughan, 1758. (transcripts, 19 pages)

             32   Letters from Major-General Sir Joseph Yorke, the Hague, 1759, 1774-1778, including copy
                  of a ballad celebrating British conquests which was sung at Convent Garden, 1759.
                  (transcripts, 77 pages)

             33   Letters from Colonel Isaac Barré to Colonel William Amherst, 1759, 1763, 1774-1777;
                  letters to and from Colonel William Amherst, 1761-1777. (transcripts, 55 pages)

             34   Commission and instructions to Major-General Sir Jeffery Amherst as Governor and
                  Commander-in-Chief, 1758-1760. (transcripts, 18 pages)

             35   Nothing copied. [Contains duplicates of material in Packets 3 and 24, above.]

             36   Army Accounts, America, 1760-1764, and Report on the defences of Halifax, by William
                  Spry, Commanding Engineer, 1 September 1778. (transcripts, 21 pages)

             37   Letters from the War Office on routine matters, 1761. (transcripts, 6 pages)

             38   Letters from Charles Townshend, 1761-1762, with a letter from Amherst to Townshend, 27
                  January 1763. (transcripts, 63 pages)

         5   39   Papers relating to the Newfoundland Expedition commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel
cont’d            William Amherst, 1762. (transcripts, 5 cm.)
                  AMHERST, SIR JEFFERY AND FAMILY                                                       4
                               MG 18 L4

6    40     Letters from the Earl of Egremont, 1761-1763, including a few to colonial governors and
            one to John Stuart, Agent for Indian Affairs, 16 March 1763; one from Ligonier to Amherst,
            25 July 1760; one from Abbé La Corne to Egremont, 18 May 1763, with a memorial from
            the Dean and Chapter of Quebec, 17 May 1763. (transcripts, 5 cm.)

     41     Letters to Egremont, 1762. (transcripts, 28 pages)

     42     Orders on financial matters, 1762-1763. (transcripts, 51 pages)

     43     Letters from Welbore Ellis, War Office, 1763. (transcripts, 65 pages)

     44     Letters to Ellis, with some regimental returns and discharges, 1763. (transcripts, 38 pages)

     45     Treaty made by Colonel John Bradstreet with the Ottawa, Chippewa, and other Indians, 11
            September 1764, with three letters by Captain Thomas Morris, 31 August and 2 September
            1764, sent by Charles Gould, Horse Guards, 3 November 1764. (transcripts, 22 pages)

     46     Replies by the English and the French members of the Grand Jury of Quebec, rejecting
            General James Murray's proposal that the streets of Quebec be lighted, 20 October 1764.
            (transcripts, 3 pages)

7    47     Papers relating to Sir Jeffery Amherst's request for a grant of the Jesuit Estates, 1770-1774,
            including letters written by Alexander Wedderburn, Colonel James Robertson, William
            Smith, Pierre Roubaud and Francis Maseres. (transcripts, 118 pages)

    48-49   Letters received from army officers, 1770-1775. [Lieutenant Campbell's report on a town
            to be built on the Mississippi, 1774, is included in Packet 49.] (transcripts, 2.5 cm.)

    50      Private letters received, 1774-1775. The correspondents are Gage, Townshend, Haldimand,
            Dartmouth, Abercromby, and Barrington. (transcripts, 19 pages)

     51     Correspondence, 7 to 10 December 1777, with the Earls of Suffolk and Chatham about
            Amherst's instructions in regard to Indians. (transcripts, 8 pages)

     52     Proceedings on military matters at Cabinet meetings held on 16 September 1779, 13 May,
            18 August and 28 September 1780. (transcripts, 6 pages)

     53     Etat des troupes Françaises entretenues à la Louisianne, [1742-1743]; Mémoire sur la
            Louisianne donné par un homme de là à Montréal, 1760; description of Chickagou Indian
            portage, n.d.; and three tables of distances, one westward from Philadelphia, one from
            Albany to Niagara, and a third from Albany to Quebec. (transcripts, 35 pages)

     54     Memoirs of an Officer of Invalids by Lieutenant James Miller. [Miller enlisted in 1757. He
            was at Quebec and he served also during the American Revolution.] (transcripts, 2.5 cm.)

     55     Journal et ordres du jour de l'armée française à Carillon, avec une description de l'Amérique
            du Nord, 1756-1757. (transcripts, 2.5 cm.)

8    56     Instructions to Amherst about courts martial, and instructions from Amherst about the
            government of Cape Breton and the Island of St. John [P.E.I.], 1758. (transcripts, 8 pages)
                        AMHERST, SIR JEFFERY AND FAMILY                                                     5
                                     MG 18 L4

         8   57   Monckton's plan for the reduction of Canada, October 1757; Abercromby's account of the
cont’d            action at Ticonderoga, 18 July 1758; and letters from army officers, 1758-1759.
                  (transcripts, 61 pages)

             58   Order Book, from 13 December 1758 to 26 October 1760. (photostats, 5 cm.)

             59   Letters from Sir Jeffery Amherst to William Amherst, 1759-1778, including a letter from
                  William Bayard to Lord Amherst, 14 December 1777. (transcripts, 41 pages)

             60   Letters from: William Meredith, 1760; George Ross, 1767; Arthur Mair, 1770; and one from
                  the Earl of Dorset, 1778, enclosing a translation of the Chevalier de Contrecoeur's account
                  of the defeat of General Braddock, 1775. (transcripts, 14 pages)

             61   Extract of a letter from a cousin, Mrs. Browne, 8 November 1764; and a letter from his
                  sister, Mrs. E. Thomas, 14 November 1764. (transcripts, 7 pages)

             62   Letters from Pierre Roubaud to Sir Jeffery Amherst and to the Earl of Egremont in french,
                  1762, each containing copies of his odes on the birth of the Prince of Wales, as addressed
                  to Amherst and to Murray respectively. (transcripts, 26 pages)

             63   Miscellaneous papers by William Amherst, 1762-1777. They consist of: Thoughts on the
                  conduct of administration with regard to Sir Jeffery Amherst, n.d.; Thoughts concerning
                  America, n.d.; Inscription on the tomb of Captain Roderick McKenzie, (1762); Observations
                  on American affairs, 1777; and Idea for an inscription to record the deprivation suffered by
                  Amherst when removed as Governor of Virginia. (transcripts, 23 pages)

  9          64   Account of Sir Jeffery Amherst's transactions in America, by his secretary, Arthur Mair,
                  1762; Mair to Amherst, 1764; and Vice-Admiralty commission to William Pitt, 2nd Earl
                  Amherst, 18 April 1835. (transcripts, 2.5 cm.)

             65   Letters from governors, 1763. (transcripts, 20 pages)

             66   Army accounts and correspondence, 1763-1764. (transcripts, 17 pages)

             67   Letters to Murray, Gage, and Burton, 6 February 1764. (transcripts, 6 pages)

             68   Papers relating to Amherst's resignation of the military command in consequence of his
                  suspension as Governor of Virginia, 1768. (transcripts, 2.5 cm.)

             69   Letters from Lieutenant-Colonel Eyre Massey, 1770; from F.A. Strasburger, Eyre Massey,
                  and James Murray, 1771; from Thomas Gage and Edward Mason, 1772; letter from
                  Amherst to Lord North, 1771; and memoir by Pierre Roubaud justifying the grant of the
                  Jesuit Estates to Amherst, (1770). (transcripts, 25 pages)

             70   Letters from Colonel James Robertson, 21 December 1775, 15 June 1778, and 13 September
                  1782; and a memorandum on the cost of transportation of troops to Canada and the daily
                  expenses incurred by the American army. (transcripts, 19 pages)

             71   Letters to and from Lord North on Amherst's appointment as Master General of the
                  Ordnance, 1771 and 1774. (transcripts, 13 pages)
                         AMHERST, SIR JEFFERY AND FAMILY                                                    6
                                      MG 18 L4

         9 72-75   Letters from military officers with a few returns, 1772-1775, and 1784. (transcripts, 2.5
cont’d             cm.)

            76     Correspondence with the Earl of Aberdeen relating to the 2nd Earl Amherst's appointment
                   as Commissioner and Governor of Upper and Lower Canada, 1835-1836, with one letter
                   from Lord Glenelg, 1836, and memoranda prepared for Amherst's guidance. (transcripts,
                   5 cm.)

 10         77     Papers sent to the 2nd Earl Amherst by Nathaniel Gould, 22 April 1835, in order to inform
                   him of Canadian viewpoints. They consist of extracts from newspapers, various reports,
                   resolutions, and letters, and of Gould's own pamphlet Practical Advice to Emigrants, second
                   edition, 1834. (transcripts and photostats, 10 cm.)

            78     Genealogical chart of the Amherst family, 1399-1857. (transcripts, 3 pages) Vertical
                   Filing Cabinet

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