Rivers, Redgums and Plains Shire Future Plan Wakool Shire Council

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					Rivers, Redgums and Plains: Shire Future Plan

Wakool Shire Council has taken the next step in producing a new local
environmental plan (LEP) with the release of a three-part "Rivers, Redgums and
Plains: Shire Future Plan" pack for community comment.

The process that began with a groundbreaking Shire Future Search Conference
at Moulamein in July last year has culminated in the development of a
Community Vision 2006-2036, a Local Profile of existing trends and conditions
in the Shire, and a Draft Issues Paper which focuses on the current and
emerging issues facing the Wakool Shire.

These three papers are being released to the community in line with Council's
commitment to create awareness, establish options, and identify key planning
and development issues in consultation with the Shire community before
producing the new LEP.

Even the name of the three-part pack reflects community input, with rivers,
redgums and plains identified by participants in the Moulamein Conference as
epitomizing the unique character of their Shire.

"The LEP is about the way Council will make decisions and guide and control
development, in relation to the social, economic and environmental attributes of
the Shire," Wakool Shire Planning and Environment Manager Chris Chapman

"It provides a detailed outline of appropriate land uses for any given parcel of
land within the Shire.”

Mr Chapman said he looked forward to the community’s feedback and

“It is our commitment to involve the shire community in guiding future directions
and decisions in this important process and we are eager to receive community
comment," he concluded.

The important three-pack of documents will be on public view until Friday May
11 at the Wakool Shire Council offices at Moulamein and Barham, Koraleigh
General Store, Tooleybuc Post Office, Murray Downs Golf & Country Club and
Wakool Café.
The documents will also be available on the Wakool Shire Council website at

Comments must be submitted to Wakool Shire Council by 4pm Friday, 11th May,
via phone (03) 54533200 or FAX (03) 54533122. Alternatively, comments can
be forwarded: Attention: Sarah Wain, Shire of Wakool, Private Bag 40

Finalising the Issues Paper and preparing a draft Strategic Framework will be
the next steps in the process that will pave the way for a draft LEP.

An LEP is prepared by Council and must receive Ministerial approval.

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