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									Silver Max EP Grease

Nemco Silver Max LCM EP Grease is a premium quality, lithium complex grease
containing 3% molybdenum disulfide. The addition of extreme pressure and other additives
significantly enhances its performance properties. Silver Max LCM EP Grease is available
in NLGI grade No. 1 and 2. It has a high dropping point (260° C) and excellent mechanical
stability as indicated by its resistance to change in consistency. It is non-corrosive and has a
high resistance to water washout and oxidation.

The technical fine grade of molybdenum disulfide used in the manufacture of this grease
has an extremely low particle size (96% of the particles of this grade are under 2 microns in
size), which eliminates the abrasiveness associated with lower quality grades of moly


Nemco Silver Max LCM EP Grease is recommended for equipment subjected to heavy
shock loading, particularly on slow oscillating or reciprocating bearings, and for applications
designed for extended intervals between lubrication. Many on- and off-highway equipment
manufacturers recommend grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide. Such grease must
be non-abrasive and non-corrosive, and should have a high resistance to oxidation and the
washing action of water. Ideal grease for such applications should have an inherently high
mechanical stability, in order to retain its lubricating ability over long periods of heavy use.


Nemco Silver Max LCM EP Grease is especially recommended for automotive and
industrial applications involving heavy shock load conditions.

Nemco Silver Max LCM EP Grease applications include:

  - Automotive chassis lubrication including shackle pins and ball joints
  - Construction and mining equipment
  - Tractor-truck fifth wheel assemblies
  - Anti-friction wheel bearings
  - Automotive universal joints
  - General industrial applications
  - Farm and off-highway equipment

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Typical Characteristics

Physical characteristics listed in the table are typical and may vary slightly,

                            Nemco Silver Max LCM EP Grease
   NLGI Grade                                              1                       2

   Soap Type                                      Lithium Complex        Lithium Complex

   Texture                                         Smooth/Tacky           Smooth/Tacky

   Colour                                               Grey                      Grey

   Penetration (25°C) 60 strokes                      310 - 340              265 - 295

   Rust D-1743                                          1, 1, 1               1, 1, 1

   Oxidation D-942, 100 hrs, PSI loss                   5 Max                 5 Max

   Oil Separation D-1742 Mass %, Max                      10                      10

   Dropping Point, °C Min, D-1265                        260                      260

   Four Ball EP, Weld Point, Kg, Min, D-2596             400                      400

   Four Ball Wear, EP LWI, D-2596                      60 Min                 60 Min

   Timken OK Load, Min, D-2509                         60 lbs.                60 lbs.

   Water Washout 80°C, Max, D-1264                 Less than 10%          Less than 10%

   Water Spray Off, D-4049                         Less than 15%          Less than 15%

   Base Oil Viscosity
    SUS @ 100°F                                       735 - 950              735 - 950
    SUS @ 210°F                                      73.5 - 86.0            73.5 - 86.0
    cSt @ 100°C                                      13.5 - 16.5            13.5 - 16.5
    cSt @ 40°C                                       140 – 180              140 – 180
    Viscosity Index                                      90                     90

Issued November 2005

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