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                                                                                                                                                                             QUT INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE
Integral part of QUT
Learning and teaching                                        Small classes                                               Orientation programs
QUT International College’s small class                      International College class sizes are                       International College offers students a full
sizes, highly qualified and dedicated staff                  small to allow for greater interaction with                 orientation with all its programs. Staff are
and cutting-edge multimedia and language                     teachers and other students, a key factor in                available to assist with everything from
resources combine to help students                           developing academic skills and confidence.                  course enrolment to adjustment to life and
maximise their personal and academic                                                                                     study in Brisbane.
achievements.                                                Inner city location
                                                             International College is located two
Student success                                              kilometres from the Brisbane city centre on
International College’s learning and teaching                the QUT Kelvin Grove campus.
facilities and individualised support services
contribute to the high rates of progression                  Facilities
of graduates to their preferred university                   International College has its own student
programs. Graduates also enjoy a high                        learning and recreational facilities for the
success rate in their QUT degree studies.                    exclusive use of its students. These include
                                                             five computer labs (two open 24 hours a
Language and learning support                                day), language laboratory, Independent
Students in university entry programs have                   Learning Centre, and multimedia enabled                         QUT INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE
access to Language and Learning Advisers                     lecture theatres. Students have their own
to help improve language and academic                        dining room and common lounge.                                  www.qutic.qut.edu.au
skills. QUT International College provides
Welfare Advisers for personal counselling for
the exclusive use of its students.

International experience
Each year International College welcomes a
diverse mix of students from many different
countries and continents into its friendly
supportive environment. With students from
Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the
Americas, International College provides a
truly international educational experience.

Mentor program
Specially trained student mentors provide
assistance, guidance and support to new
students to assist with their adjustment to
studying and living in Australia.

Dedicated staff
International College’s dedicated teaching
and administrative staff are highly qualified
with a great deal of experience in teaching
and assisting international students. Many
of our staff have lived and worked overseas
and some speak second languages.

                                                             |   PICTUR E A BOvE Q UT INTER N ATION A L COLLEG E IS LOCATEd AT KELvIN G ROv E CA MPUS

qut InternAtIonAl colleGe AwArDeD For
QUT’s International College was awarded the Queensland Education and Training
International (QETI) award for the Outstanding Pathway Program for 2008.
This award covers all of the college programs – English Language, Foundation,
University Diplomas, Tertiary Preparation and Postgraduate pathways.
The award comes as QUT International College (QUTIC) celebrates the 20th anniversary
of its Foundation Program making it one of the country’s first two Foundation programs
established to help overseas students make a successful transition to university life.
QUTIC Director Elizabeth McDade said the college was nominated for the high quality of
its courses and its success in supporting and placing students in university programs.
“The video series Cultural Bridge to the Classroom, is an example of one of the
initiatives of the college, developed to assist students adapt to the Australian university
environment,” Ms McDade said.                                                                                                                                           19
course InForMAtIon
                                                                                                           This program is suitable for students who
                                                                                                           have met the academic requirements
General English (ELICOS) Courses                         English for Academic Purposes                     of a QUT degree program but have not
(QC20)                                                   (QC10)                                            achieved the required English language
                                                                                                           level. Successful completion of the EAP
                                                                                                           Plus course provides a pathway into a QUT
CRICOS code: 060277K                                     CRICOS code: 011424G
                                                                                                           postgraduate program.
campus: Kelvin Grove                                     campus: Kelvin Grove
fee: $1,750                                              fee: $4,200                                       academic requirements:
dates of entry: Approximately every five weeks           months of entry: March, July and October          A conditional offer for a QUT degree program.
duration: Five weeks, 25 hours per week                  duration: 12 weeks full-time, 25 hours per week   Students without a conditional offer who wish
The course code for General English is determined        program objectives:                               to improve their academic English may also
by the number of weeks studied. Students must                                                              apply if they meet the English language entry
study a minimum of 5 weeks.
                                                         To assist students to improve and develop
                                                         their English language proficiency to meet
                                                         the language entry requirements for QUT           English language entry requirements:
     Course Code                    Number of weeks
                                                         postgraduate programs.                            Successful completion of the EAP entry test;
     QE05                            5 weeks
                                                         why choose QUT for English for Academic           or an IELTS score of at least 5.0 (with reading
     QE10                            10 weeks
                                                         Purposes?                                         and writing sub-scores of at least 5.0); or
                                                                                                           TOEFL 500 (paper) or 173 (CBT) or 60 (iBT)
     QE15                            15 weeks            Successful students in the English for
                                                                                                           (with sub-scores of at least 18 in writing and
     QE20                            20 weeks            Academic Purposes program who meet all
                                                                                                           reading); or approved equivalent.
                                                         other entry requirements will progress to their
     QE25                            25 weeks            chosen QUT postgraduate program.
     QE30                            30 weeks                                                              program structure:
                                                         academic entry requirements:
     QE35                            35 weeks            A conditional offer for a QUT postgraduate        •   Academic reading and note-making
                                                                                                           •   Academic writing
     QE40                            40 weeks            program. Students without a conditional offer     •   Listening and note-taking from lectures
                                                         who wish to improve their academic English        •   Speaking in academic settings
     QE45                            45 weeks            may also apply provided they meet the English     •   Seminars and presentations
                                                         language requirements.                            •   Academic study skills
program objectives:                                                                                        •   Computer word processing
                                                         English language entry requirements:                  Internet research skills
QUT International College General English                                                                  •

programs assist students to develop                      IELTS 5.5 with reading and writing sub-scores     •   Library research
communication skills for the real world. These           of at least 5.5 and no other sub-scores below     NB: During the first 12 weeks, students will have
intensive programs are suitable for students             5.0, or approved equivalent.                      more in-depth academic English instruction in
at all levels of English, from Elementary to                                                               the above areas. The second 12 weeks further
Advanced. Successful students in these                                                                     develops students’ independent study skills in an
programs will develop the core skills of                 program structure:                                academic context.
reading, writing, speaking and listening,                •   Academic reading and note-making
                                                             Academic writing
and increase fluency and accuracy.

                                                         •   Listening and note-taking from lectures
why choose QUT for General English?                      •   Speaking in academic settings
General English programs can also prepare
                                                         •   Seminars and presentations                    Cambridge First Certificate
                                                             Academic study skills
                                                                                                           in English Preparation course

students to take other International College             •   Computer word processing
language programs including English for                      Internet research skills
Academic Purposes and the Cambridge First

                                                         •   Library research
Certificate in English Preparation course.
                                                                                                           CRICOS code: 053950D
academic entry requirements:                                                                               campus: Kelvin Grove
No specific requirements                                                                                   fee: $4,200
                                                         EAP Plus                                          months of entry: March and September
English language entry requirement:
No specific requirement                                  (QC24)                                            duration: 12 weeks full-time, 25 hours per week

                                                                                                           program objectives:
                                                         CRICOS code: 064814K                              To prepare students to take the Cambridge
program structure:                                       campus: Kelvin Grove                              First Certificate in English examination.
•    Integrated skills of speaking, listening, reading   fee: $8,400                                       Successful students who pass the Cambridge
     and writing                                         dates of entry: April, July, November             First Certificate in English Preparation course
•    Grammar in context                                  duration: 24-weeks full-time, 25 hours per week   and examinations will be awarded the
•    Vocabulary development
                                                                                                           Cambridge First Certificate in English.
•    Independent Learning Centre program                 program objectives:
     Computing skills development
                                                                                                           academic entry requirements:

•    Regular tests and individual counselling
                                                         EAP Plus allows students to commence their
•    Language laboratory                                 entry into an English for Academic Purposes       No specific requirements
•    Field trips                                         course earlier. Successful applicants can
•    Cultural studies                                    enter the course at pre-intermediate level and    English language entry requirements:
•    Social and recreational activities                  immediately begin developing their English        IELTS 5.0, or TOEFL 500 (paper), or TOEFL
                                                         language and study skills in an academic          60 (internet), or successful completion of
                                                         context. Students will learn to operate           Intermediate level in the QUT International
                                                         effectively in an Australian academic setting     College General English program. Students
                                                         in terms of study techniques and student/         must also successfully complete the QUT
                                                         lecturer relations and expectations.              International College placement test.

program structure:                                    Postgraduate Business Pathway                          Postgraduate Information

                                                                                                                                                                     QUT INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE

    Use of English
    Writing review and assignment
                                                                                                             Technology Pathway
•   Writing workshop                                  CRICOS code: As per chosen QUT
    Speaking and listening                            Postgraduate Business program

                                                      campus: Kelvin Grove                                   CRICOS code: As per chosen QUT postgraduate
•   Literature study                                                                                         Information Technology program
    Examination skills and strategies                 fee: As per chosen QUT Postgraduate Business
                                                                                                             campus: Kelvin Grove and Gardens Point

                                                      semester of entry: February and July. Also available   fee: As per chosen QUT postgraduate Information
                                                                                                             Technology program
                                                      in October for some courses.
                                                      duration: 1 semester full-time                         semester of entry: February and July
                                                                                                             duration: one semester full-time
University Certificate in Tertiary                    program objectives:
Preparation (QC05)                                                                                           program objectives:
                                                      The Postgraduate Business Pathway program
                                                      provides a pathway to a range of QUT Faculty           The Postgraduate Information Technology
                                                      of Business postgraduate programs for                  Pathway program provides a pathway to
CRICOS code: 065044F                                                                                         a range of QUT Information Technology
campus: Kelvin Grove                                  students who do not meet the language entry
                                                      requirements.                                          postgraduate programs for students who do
fee: $7,571                                                                                                  not meet the language entry requirements.
semester of entry: February, July and October         The programs are:
duration: One semester full-time                      Master of Business Administration (MBA)                the programs are:
                                                      Master of Business (Applied Finance)                   •   Master of Information Technology (CRICOS
program objectives:                                                                                              code: 003776E)
                                                      Master of Business (Integrated Marketing
The University Certificate in Tertiary                Communication)                                         •   Master of Information Technology Advanced
Preparation provides a pathway into a                 Master of Business (International Business)                (CRICOS code: 053123F)
range of QUT postgraduate programs.                   Master of Business (Marketing)                         •   Master of Business Process Management
There are two streams in this program.                Master of Business (Public Relations)                      (CRICOS code: 062622A)
Stream A is for students who do                       Master of Business (Strategic Advertising)
not meet the English language entry                                                                          why choose QUT for the postgraduate
requirements of their chosen QUT                      why choose QUT for postgraduate business               information technology pathway?
postgraduate program and Stream B                     pathway?                                               Successful students in the QUT Postgraduate
is for students who meet the language                 Successful students in the Postgraduate                Information Technology Pathway program
entry requirements for their chosen QUT               Business Pathway program will be granted               will be granted full credit for the two
postgraduate program but prefer the                   full credit for the two Communication units            Communication units towards their chosen
additional language support.                          towards their QUT Faculty of Business                  Information Technology program.
why choose QUT for the University                     program.
                                                                                                             Academic entry requirements:
Certificate in Tertiary Preparation?                  academic entry requirements:                           Students must meet the academic
Successful students in this program                   Students must meet the academic                        entry requirements of their chosen QUT
will progress to their chosen QUT                     entry requirements of their chosen QUT                 postgraduate Information Technology program.
postgraduate program.                                 postgraduate Business program.
                                                                                                             english language entry requirements:
english language entry requirements:                  English language entry requirements:                   IELTS 6.0 with sub-scores of at least 5.0, or
Stream A: IELTS 6.0 with sub-scores                   IELTS 6.0 with sub-scores of at least 5.0, or          TOEFL 550 (paper), or TOEFL 80 (internet),
of at least 5.0, or TOEFL 550 (paper),                TOEFL 550 (paper), or TOEFL 80 (internet),             or successful completion of QUT International
or TOEFL 80 (internet), or successful                 or successful completion of QUT International          College English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
completion of the QUT International                   College English for Academic Purposes (EAP)            or EAP Plus program.
College English for Academic Purposes                 or EAP Plus program.
(EAP/EAP Plus) program. Stream B:
IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 575 (paper), or TOEFL                                                                     program structure:
90 (internet), or successful completion of            program structure:                                     semester 1:
the QUT International College English for
                                                      semester 1:                                                Communication 1
Academic Purposes (EAP) program.                                                                             •

                                                      • Communication 1                                      •   Communication 2
                                                      • Communication 2                                      PLUS
program structure:                                                                                           •   24 credit points of postgraduate Information
                                                      24 credit points of Postgraduate Business units            Technology units.
stream A semester 1:
•   Communication 1
•   Communication 2
•   Computing
•   Faculty unit
stream B semester 1:
•   Communication 1
•   Communication 2
•   Computing (optional)                                                                                     Advanced standing
•   One or two faculty units                                                                                 QUT may offer you credit based on
                                                                                                             your previous studies. Please check
*Students commencing in summer semester,
that is October entry, should note that the range                                                            individual course listings on
of faculty units available is very limited. Not all                                                          www.studyfinder.qut.edu.au for more
disciplines offer summer units and therefore                                                                 details on credit or advanced standing.
students will be required to study academic units
from the range of disciplines available.

                                                                                                             Additional costs may be incurred by
                                                                                                             students in particular courses, for example
                                                                                                             engineering students may need safety
                                                                                                             equipment for site visits and creative artists
                                                                                                             may need materials. Costs vary from A$45 to
                                                                                                             A$1200. Please refer to www.international.
                                                                                                             jsp to check for any additional course costs.


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