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									FY 06/07 ADOPTED OPERATING BUDGET                                             COUNTY OF ALBEMARLE, VIRGINIA

As with many of the programs of the County of Albemarle, the development of the budget is a team effort. The
County Executive’s Office develops the final budget with the assistance of many other individuals in County
government. This acknowledgement identifies those key individuals who shared in the development of this budget;
many others who assisted are not individually identified.

 Albemarle County Regional Jail (ACRJ)   Col. Ronald Matthews; Maj. Roland Beauford;
                                         Thomas H. Robinson, Steve Carter; Michelle Small-Toney;
                                         Melvin A. Breeden

 Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention Center    Charles S. Edwards; Jodi Dillow, Kevin Sibley;
 (BRJDC)                                 Thomas H. Robinson

 Board of Supervisors                    Ella W. Carey

 Circuit Court                           Sharon M. Frazier

 Clerk to the Circuit Court              Shelby J. Marshall

 Commonwealth’s Attorney                 James L. Camblos, III; Annette Cox

 Community Development                   Mark B. Graham; V. Wayne Cilimberg; Amelia G. McCulley;
                                         James N. Schlothauer; Pamela M. Shifflett; David B. Benish;
                                         Sherry M. Short; Ana D. Kilmer; Kenneth C. “Tex” Weaver

 Community Relations Manager             Lee P. Catlin

 County Attorney                         Larry W. Davis; Marsha A. Davis

 County Executive                        Robert W. Tucker, Jr.; Roxanne W. White; Thomas C. Foley;
                                         Melvin A. Breeden; Laura F. Vinzant; Brenda K. Neitz;
                                         Lee P. Catlin; Lori S. Allshouse; Steven A. Allshouse;
                                         Diane B. Mullins; Beverly A. Taylor

 Emergency Communications Center         Thomas A. Hanson; Thomas L. Hatch; Fotini Russo;
                                         Marjorie F. Thomas; Jill N. Hill

 Extension Service (Va. Cooperative)     Peter L. Warren

 Finance Department                      Richard M. Wiggans; Robert J. Walters, Jr.; R. Ed Koonce;
                                         Bruce M. Woodzell; Joseph R. Correa; Tammy R. Critzer

 Fire Rescue Department                  John D. Eggleston; John P. Oprandy; Robert A. Brown;
                                         Robert N. Lowry; Michael S. Lambert; Jason C. Nauman

 General District Court                  Phyllis L. Stewart

 General Services                        George A. Shadman; Michael R. Stumbaugh; Gerald T. Shatz;
                                         Cynthia T. Jones

 Housing Office                          Ronnie L. White; Raymond Hammond

 Human Resources                                                                   na
                                         Kimberly L. Suyes; Kimberly P. Branham; Lor E. Gerome;
                                         Wendy J. Roberman; Colin M. Winter

 Information Technology                  Michael J. Culp; Michele E. Carter; David J. Burnett;
                                         Jonathan W. Wells

 Juvenile/Domestic Court                 Alice P. Waddy

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FY 06/07 ADOPTED OPERATING BUDGET                                               COUNTY OF ALBEMARLE, VIRGINIA

Magistrate’s Office                        Cheryl A. Thompson

Parks & Recreation                         Patrick K. Mullaney; Robert W. Crickenberger; Amy E. Smith;
                                           Tonia Y. Patton; Timothy L. Hughes; Matthew H. Smith;
                                           Daniel L. Mahon

Police                                     John F. Miller; Crystal B. Limerick; John T. Parrent;
                                           Elizabeth B. White; Dr. Jonathan Earl; Nicole B. Marshall

Region Ten                                 Philip Campbell; Caruso Brown; Pam Lam

Registrar                                  Linda D. Helf; Clarice B. Schermerhorn

Sheriff                                    Edgar S. Robb; Jeffrey B. Vohwinkel; Ellen M. Pollard

Social Services                            Katherine A. Ralston; David C. Cattell-Gordon;
                                           Sonia M. Jammes; Kevin J. Wasilewski; Michael C. Jenks;
                                           Lynette Bishop

Soil & Water Conservation District         Alyson R. Sappington

Thomas Jefferson Health District           Dr. Susan L. McLeod; Sandy Miller; Linda Vasquez; Jeff

Agency Budget Review Team                  Albemarle County: Roxanne White; Katherine A. Ralston;
                                           Juandiego R. Wade; Laura Vinzant; City of Charlottesville:
                                           Linda Peacock; Robert A. Cox, III, Ryan Davidson;
                                           Commission on Children & Families: Saphira Baker;
                                           Gretchen Ellis; United Way: Cathy Smith-Train; UVA: Julie
                                           Baird; Citizen Representatives: Mary Reese; Sara Dansey

                      Special thanks to Crystal M. Rejonis, Information Technology Department,
                           for providing most of the pictures contained in this document.

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