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                 Position yourself
                 for maximum benefit
                 For many, superannuation is a set-and-forget investment. But unless you actively
                 set your super investment strategy to suit your personal circumstances, you may
                 not be making the most of this attractive investment vehicle.

                 You’ve worked hard to make money and                       a higher return over this period by investing              For those who sat tight and left their
                 get yourself established financially, so it                in an aggressive or growth portfolio.                      superannuation alone during the global
                 goes without saying that any investments                                                                              financial crisis, the slight recovery and
                                                                            Someone aged in their early fifties with
                 you make would be carefully considered.                                                                               positive returns are the reward for being
                                                                            a large super balance may be interested
                 This consideration process usually involves                                                                           patient, sticking with their strategy
                                                                            in protecting their capital, rather than
                 researching the types of investments                                                                                  and not reacting emotionally to falls in
                                                                            achieving high growth, and thus invest in a
                 available, the level of risk involved and the                                                                         investment markets.
                                                                            more conservative portfolio. Alternatively,
                 investment timeframe.
                                                                            if that same person had a smaller super                    While the global financial crisis drove the
                 But do you pay this much consideration to                  balance and had a shorter investment                       average super fund in Australia down by
                 your investments within superannuation?                    timeframe, they may make the choice to                     around 27 per cent, research by Chant West
                 Unless you’re getting close to retirement,                 take on more risk in order to achieve the                  has shown that the average super fund has
                 superannuation can often be a low                          potential returns needed to satisfy their                  grown by more than 18 per cent during the
                 priority. With many super funds allowing                   requirements in retirement.                                past seven months. So while there is a little
                 flexibility in their investment portfolios, it’s                                                                      way to go before returns are on par with
                 worthwhile ensuring the portfolio you are
                                                                            Positioning yourself for                                   pre-GFC levels, there are promising signs.
                 invested in suits your needs. It can make                  opportunities
                                                                                                                                       The point is that, in light of the slight
                 a big difference in the long term if you                   A number of super fund members have                        recovery in investment markets and
                 balance your risk tolerance against potential              taken evasive action during the global                     positive signs in the economic outlook,
                 investment returns.                                        financial crisis and changed their portfolios              it’s important that you are well positioned
                 Obviously your life stage, financial and                   to cash or conservative investment options.                to take advantage of and maximise any
                 lifestyle goals play a part here. Someone                  Depending on their circumstances, many of                  opportunities that are available.
                 who is 30 and potentially has another                      these people could have missed out on any
                                                                            gains experienced over the past few months                 Super is a generally a long term investment
                 30 years in the workforce has a long
                                                                            and into the future.                                       and with the flexibility that is available, it’s
                 investment timeframe, so may be willing to
                                                                                                                                       worth taking the time to make sure that
                 accept a higher level of risk and thus achieve
                                                                                                                                       your super strategy is the best one for you.
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