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Position Description Position Description


Position Description Position Description

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									                   Position Description – Trainer and Assessor
                          Bright Futures Training College

                         Position Description
Job Title                 Trainer and Assessor

Employment Status         Casualised Contract Labour


Bright Futures Training College place great emphasis on flexibility in training
delivery and assessment. We recognise that students are busy people with
busy lives but also with study and career goals.

With that in mind, we deliver training and assessment services using a
variety of styles, including e-learning, workshops, external study, and

Bright Futures Training College is registered to provide the following
qualifications in Queensland;

   •   CHC30402   Certificate III in Children’s Services
   •   CHC40402   Certificate IV in Out of School Hours Care
   •   CHC50202   Diploma of Out of School Hours Care
   •   CHC50302   Diploma of Children’s Services
   •   CHC60202   Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services

Job Role

The role requires the delivery of training packages to students of Bright
Futures Training College and the maintenance of accurate and timely student
records. You will be responsible for planning, preparation and delivery of
training, including preparation of lesson plans and training resources.

Development of course content, monitoring and accurate recording of student
progress and preparation, validation and review of assessment records will
also be key responsibilities of this role. Students attending Bright Futures
Training College may be full-time, part-time, external, or apprentices.

Trainers/Assessors are required to undertake workplace assessment and
observations in accordance with each student’s training plan.

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                     Position Description – Trainer and Assessor
                            Bright Futures Training College

Skills and Qualifications

This position requires excellent customer service and interpersonal skills,
combined with sound time management and decision-making skills.

Essential to this role is;

   •   Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services
   •   Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
   •   Current Working With Children Blue Card
   •   Current driver’s licence

 Proficiency the MS Office package and a high attention to detail will also
contribute to success in this role.

Professional Development

An ongoing Professional Development program is vital to success in the role
of Trainer and Assessor.

The Bright Futures Training College Principal will work with you to develop
and maintain your Professional Development program and to ensure it
addresses any weaknesses in your current profile and maintains or expands
your expertise in areas of change in the VET sector.

Your Professional Development program is to be approved by the College
Principal within three months of commencement.

While the cost of Professional Development will generally be the
responsibility of the employee, Bright Futures Training College will contribute
to specific Professional Development activities at the sole discretion of the
College Principal


This position reports to the College Principal.

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