Position Description POSITION Childrens Programs Coordinator

					                             Position Description

POSITION:                  Children’s Programs Coordinator
HOURS:                     37.5 hours per week - flexible
REPORTS TO:                CEO
DATE:                      January 2010


The primary function of this role is to:

       Oversee and administer Mirabel’s Children’s Programs

   •   Provide educational support, youth support, referral and follow-up for
       vulnerable children and youth

   •   Supervise and coordinate staff and volunteers


   •   Oversee the planning, organising, facilitating and evaluating of
       Mirabel’s Recreation Program events and activities (8-17 years) in
       collaboration with the Recreation Team. Follow-up on issues and ideas
       raised during events and debrief with staff and volunteers.

   •   Oversee the planning, organising, facilitating and evaluating of
       Mirabel’s Therapeutic Girls Groups (8-13 years) in collaboration with
       the Children and Youth Team. Follow-up on issues and ideas raised
       during groups and debrief with staff and volunteers.

   •   Child and Youth Education Support – Provide educational support to
       children and young people (6-17 years). The focus of this support is to
       assist young people to progress their educational level to one
       equivalent to their peers, develop strong educational support
       networks, remain in school and gain a positive outlook to learning and
    education. This will also involve liaising with schools, accessing and
    monitoring tutors and assisting with the building of support networks.

•   Youth Support – Provide short-term support to young people (11-17
    years) who are experiencing difficulties or crisis. The focus of this
    support is to maintain the young person’s place within the family, link
    them in with local services and prepare them for integration into the
    Mirabel Recreation Program or the Mirabel Youth Ambassadors.

•   Coordinate, plan and implement the Education Transition Project (12-
    13 years). The focus of the project is to assist young people to make a
    smooth transition to adolescence. Young people are given the
    opportunity to practice safe behaviours and make informed choices
    through the provision of interactive workshops and challenging camps.

•   Plan, develop and facilitate the Victorian Christmas party for children
    and kinship carers.

•   Co-facilitate kinship carers support group meetings when necessary.

•   In collaboration with the Recreation Program worker, organise the
    supervision of Mirabel volunteers ensuring that adequate numbers are
    available to assist with Mirabel children’s programs. Provide follow-up,
    debriefing and support to volunteers following participation in Mirabel
    events and programs.

•   Provide regular debriefing, support and supervision for staff working in
    Mirabel’s Child Programs, including monitoring work load, follow-up,
    feedback and organising orientation for new staff.

•   Ensure the completion of all administration requirements for Mirabel’s
    Children’s Programs including database entry, timesheets, cheque
    requisitions and board reports. Ensure policy and procedures are
    adhered to and updated when required.

•   Provide honest and open information to children relating to the role of
    Mirabel, living in kinship care, coping with grief and loss, strategies for
    managing their feelings and behaviour, etc.

•   Refer children and kinship families to appropriate external services and
    ensure any referrals made are suitable and beneficial to the children
    and/or their family. Liaise with services as needed to ensure a smooth
    and successful referral.

•   Work alongside and in collaboration with all aspects of Mirabel’s
    service delivery. Refer children and families to appropriate programs
    within Mirabel. Work together with the Family Support team to foster a
    holistic approach to supporting children and families.
  •   Advocate on behalf of Mirabel children and kinship carers.

  •   Participate in Mirabel team meetings and assist other Mirabel
      employees where required. Undertake other duties at the direction of
      the CEO.

  •   Act in accordance with Mirabel's Code of Conduct.


  •   Extensive experience in service provision to children and families
      including group work and intensive individual support

  •   Experience coordinating and supervising staff

  •   Knowledge of the education system and services available to students.

  •   Tertiary Qualifications in Health, Social Sciences, Education or other
      relevant fields

  •   Strong belief in the rights and wellbeing of children

  •   Knowledge of drug & alcohol issues and their effects on children and

  •   Knowledge and understanding of Child Protection issues and processes

  •   Knowledge of external community services and agencies

  •   Demonstrated engagement, negotiation and advocacy skills

  •   Strong time management skills

  •   Strong communication and relationship skills

  •   Ability to work unsupervised

  •   Ability to prioritise work and follow procedures

  •   Ability to take direction from senior staff members

  •   Ability to work as a team member in a team environment

  •   Microsoft Office – Advanced

  •   Current Victorian Drivers Licence
In addition, the position requires meeting the behaviour standards outlined in
our ‘practice and behaviour’ guidelines and to:

• provide a welcoming and safe environment for children and young people
• promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people to whom
  we provide services
• act as a positive role model for children and young people
• report any suspicions, concerns, allegations or disclosures of alleged
  abuse to management
• maintain valid ‘working with children’ documentation
• undergo periodic criminal history record checks
•   report to management any criminal charges or convictions you receive
    during the course of your employment/volunteering that may indicate a
    possible risk to children and young people.


This position directly reports to the CEO of The Mirabel Foundation.

The Children’s Programs Coordinator will be expected to make decisions in
consultation with the Child and Youth team and the CEO.

Constant liaison with all of the Mirabel team is required.

Pre-approval from the CEO is required of all expenses incurred.

I fully understand the duties and responsibilities as outlined in this job
description and understand that the CEO has the right to change the above in
order to suit the interests of the Foundation’s future needs.



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