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					                              MOSMAN MUNICIPAL COUNCIL

                    POSITION DESCRIPTION

POSITION TITLE:                        Childcare Assistant – Casual
DEPARTMENT/SECTION:                    Community Development Department
RESPONSIBLE TO:                        Children’s Services Development Officer
RESPONSIBLE FOR:                       No direct staff responsibility.
EMPLOYMENT BASIS:                      Casual
HOURS OF WORK:                         Various, on call as required

To assist as a team member in the provision of high quality care that is safe and nurturing
and ensures that the children are offered a range of activities according to the centre
program. This position will work with children aged 5-12 years in Mosman Vacation Care and
OOSH Service.

This position reports to the Children’s Activities Coordinator and contributes as an active
team member to the effective operation of the Mosman Vacation Care and OOSH Service.

The position implements appropriate activities according to the daily program and contributes
to the health, safety and well being of all children in care. There is no management

The position will be guided by and implement the centre procedures to ensure that all
children are nurtured, healthy and valued. The position is required to identify potential risks
and safety hazards and ensure that are remedied immediately where possible or are
reported to the Centre Coordinator.

MOSPLAN, Mosman Council’s Management Plan, sets the direction of Council so that the
community needs and expectations are met in a planned, co-coordinated and cost-effective

The MOSPLAN Programs within the scope of this position are:

       Program 8, Community Development and Services

The key focus is on Sub-Programs: 08.03 Children/Family
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This position has been classified as requiring a Disclosure under the Child Protection
(Prohibited Employment) Act 1998 and is subject to Employment Screening by the
Commission for Children and Young People Act 1998. False disclosure is an offence and
can result in termination

    Contribute to the day to day operations of Mosman Vacation Care and OOSH Service
    and work cooperatively with all staff to provide quality childcare experiences for all
    children in attendance.

    Under the guidance of the Coordinator ensure adherence to Department of Community
    Services Regulations and Licensing Requirements.

    Encourage and foster an emotionally secure, cooperative environment for the children in

    Display objectivity and confidentiality in dealing with personal family matters and centre

    Maintain a professional approach that reflects a positive image to the community and
    behave in a manner that presents an appropriate role model for the children.

    Resolve conflicts with and between children reasonably, positively and cooperatively.

    Maintain the centre equipment and resources in good order and ensure hygiene
    environment and practices.

    Contribute to the display of children’s work and ensure children and parents are greeted
    on arrival and made to feel welcome in the centre.

    Contribute to the set up of the centre environment to enhance children’s experiences and
    promote their healthy development and safety.

    Assist with general housekeeping duties and routine tasks.

    Ensure all work is carried out in accordance with legislative, industrial and Council policy
    requirements and standards in the areas of EEO and OH&S.

    As directed
OHS Responsibilities, Performance Measures and
Authority of Employees

      Responsibilities             Performance Measures                   Authority

Ensure all work is performed in    Conformance to OHS policy       Cease work in the event of
accordance with requirements of    and procedures                  unsafe practice and report
the Occupational Health and                                        to your Manager /
                                   Knowledge of, and use of
Safety policy, procedure and                                       Supervisor immediately
                                   SWMS and Standard
                                   operating procedures

Take reasonable care for their     Use of SWMS and standard        To fix any problems /
own Occupational Health and        operating procedures            hazards within your scope
Safety as well as that of others                                   of responsibility

Have an understanding of the       Training records                To immediately report any
Occupational Health and Safety                                     problem / hazards outside
requirements associated with                                       of your scope of
their employment                                                   responsibility to your
                                                                   Manager or Supervisor for
                                                                   immediate action.

Report all identified hazards,     Hazard identification reports
accidents/incidents and near
                                   Workplace inspection reports
misses to their

Use and maintain all safety        PPE maintenance records
equipment and personal
                                   Knowledge and use of
protective equipment (PPE) in
                                   Standard operating
accordance with relevant

Work in accordance with            Training records.
relevant competency standards
                                   Supervisor site inspection
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    No formal qualification is necessary but the position requires a demonstrated ability to
    work and care for children aged 5 to 12 years in a formal related setting.
    Demonstrated ability to contribute positively as a staff team member to achieve common
    Ability to follow direction and take imitative within the program guidelines
    Enthusiasm, patience, a caring manner and sensitivity to other’s needs.
    Demonstrated ability to establish rapport with young children.
    Ability to understand and implement an appropriate program that is suited to the needs
    and ages of each child, under the direction of the Coordinator.
    Demonstrated awareness of Child Protection issues.
    Good interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills in working with a staff team to
    achieve common objectives.
    Understanding of Occupational Health and Safety issues in the workplace and EEO
    Able to satisfy the requirements of the Commissioner for Children and Children and
    Young People Act 1998, Employment Screening Provisions.
    Provision of disclosure stating that you are not a prohibited person under the Child
    Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998.


    First Aid Certificate

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