Letter of Intent - To Marry

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									This Letter of Intent is addressed to the appropriate government authority which states
the writer's intent to marry a foreign national within a certain or prescribed time frame.
The letter of intent is used for purposes of obtaining a visa and for other matters relating
to immigration and naturalization. This document provides a basic format for the letter
and may be customized to fit the specific needs of the writer. It should be used a citizen
that intends to marry a foreign national residing in another country.
                               LETTER OF INTENT – TO MARRY
_______________________ [Comment: insert name]
_______________________ [Comment: insert address]

_______________________ [Comment: insert date]

_______________________ [Comment: insert recipient’s name]

_______________________ [Comment: insert recipient’s address]

Attention: _______________________

         Re:      Letter of Intent to Marry

Dear _______________________:

        I, ______________________, a citizen of the _________, [Comment: insert country]
born on the ____ day of _____________, ________, do hereby declare that I am legally able and
intend to marry ________________________, on or about the ____ day of _______________,
2_____, or within __________ (____) days of his/her arrival into the Country of

Yours very truly,

__________________________                  [Comment:         include     signature   with   printed   name

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