Letter of Intent - To Sue

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									This Letter of Intent is used to notify a prospective defendant of an individual's intent to
commence legal proceedings against the person or entity. The Letter of Intent
references the matter in dispute and includes a provision regarding settling the matter
out of court. This document provides a basis template for a letter of intent to sue and
may be customized to fit the specific needs of the drafting party. This should be used a
potential plaintiff of a lawsuit to notify the other party.
                                LETTER OF INTENT TO SUE

                           __________________________________ [NAME]
                        ____________________________________ [ADDRESS]
                                __________________ [TELEPHONE]

_____________________ [DATE]

__________________________________ [NAME]
____________________________________ [ADDRESS]

Dear _________________:

Re: ___________________ [SUBJECT OF PROSPECTIVE LAWSUIT}

      This Letter of Intent shall serve as your formal notice of the writer’s intent to commence
legal  proceedings      against    you/your     company      in    respect     to    the   matter
______________________________ [DESCRIPTION OF CONFLICT].

      In the event you wish to resolve and settle this matter prior to legal proceedings being
commenced against you, please contact the writer at the above address in writing within
__________ [AMOUNT IN WORDS] (___ [AMOUNT IN NUMERALS]) business days.

        Failure by the writer to receive a written reply from you within the time frame indicated
above, with your intention of resolving this matter, the writer will take any and all actions
necessary for the commencement of legal proceedings in the courts of applicable jurisdiction and
will be seeking costs against you in respect of same.

Yours very truly,


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