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									This Letter of Intent is used by a party who intends to file a lien on a property for the
purpose of securing payment. The letter of intent is served on the owner of the property
stating that lien will be filed within a certain number of days. This document is used
when a party has provided services on a property and has not been paid. The letter
contains the essential information including a legal description of the property, the
amount owed, and the due date. If the property owner pays the full amount due within
the time specified, the party will cease all action to file the lien. This document should
be used by a party who has rendered services on a property and has not been paid.
                                           PHONE NUMBER


                                     (Recipient’s Name and Address)


Dear                        :

Re:      Letter of Intent to File a Lien

        This is the undersigned’s written ________ (___) day notice of intent to file a lien
against the property commonly known as                                       which is more
particularly described as [Instruction: Insert the legal description for the property].

       The filing of a lien by the undersigned is for the purposes of securing payment to
the undersigned by                    [Instruction: Insert name of party that owes the
money] in the principal amount of ________ ($________) Dollars in respect of
               [Instruction: Insert a description of the services that were rendered and
not paid for].

        In the event the undersigned receives payment in full of the principal sum of
________ ($_______) due by _________________, 2011 at 5:00 pm, the undersigned
shall immediately cease all action to file the lien.

        In the event that payment is not received by the undersigned by the date and time
set forth above, the undersigned may take all necessary steps to file and perfect the lien
on the above-referenced property, or any other remedies available.

Yours truly,


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