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									This Letter of Interest is addressed to the appropriate contact at a school, university, or
organization for an individual applying for a coaching position. This letter sets out a
brief outline of the applicant's qualifications, past coaching experience and any other
training experience. The applicant will enclose of a copy of his or her resume when
sending this letter. This document provides a standard format and may be customized
to fit the specific needs of the individual. It should be used by an individual when
applying for an athletic coaching position.
{Instruction: Provide coach's name and address}

_______________, 201__ [DATE]Date

                                [, School/team name, & Address]

Attention:                      [NAME OF PERSON LETTER IS ADDRESSED TO]

Re:    Coaching Position for ___________________________

Dear _____________________,

      Please accept the enclosed resume together with this letter as my formal application for
the coaching position with the __________________ . [PROVIDE NAME OF TEAM
AND/OR TEAM & SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION. E.g., UCLA varsity football team;
George Washington High School tennis squad; Detroit Lions; etc.]

       As you will note from my enclosed resume, I have extensive experience coaching
________________. From my coaching experience, I have developed strong skills for planning
& running team practice sessions as well as identifying prospects for the team and an in depth
understanding of the rules of compliance for __________________. [PROVIDE RELEVANT

{Instruction: Add specific details, if any, if you have had specific successes in the coaching
field. For examples, winning seasons; formally bad teams showing improvement under your
leadership/coaching; particularly successful athletes that you've trained; etc.}

        Over the years, I have completed several Coaching Clinics where I obtained certificates
and certification of completion which I would be happy to provide to you at an interview. I have
a strong command of the English language which enables me to generate written correspondence
to recruits, maintain records and coordinate recruits visits to campus. {Instruction: Add details
about other training, experience, and education that is relevant.}

       I have several letters of recommendation which I will forward to you upon your request.

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       I am confident that I can bring effective skills and qualifications to the ___________ t.
[TEAM] I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and
capabilities in person.

       I Look forward to hearing from your at your earliest convenience.

Yours very truly,



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