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									                                                         Dear Friend                                view the photo gallery. You will,
                                                                                                    we are sure, be greatly moved by
                                                         Happy New Year to you and                  their achievements.
                                                         Christmas seems such a long time
                                                                                                    “My dear brethren,
                                                         ago now as we march very                   Just a little note to let you know
                                                         positively into the new and exciting       that as usual at this time of year I

Peace of the Valley
                                                         vibration of 2010. Here at the
                                                                                                    am making a visit to India and Sri
                                                         Temple and also in our personal
                                                         lives there has been a great urge to
                                                                                                    Lanka on behalf of my separate
                                                         ‘clean out’ old stuff on many              little charity, Star Action*. I shall
                                                         levels. This ‘cleaning out’ process        be accompanied by Stuart, my co-
                                                                                                    founder/trustee, and together we
                   “Willomee”                            is a wonderful way to move energy
                                                         and allow new vibrations, new              will be monitoring all our
                                                         energy into our lives. Have you too        ‘brotherhood in action’ projects
                                                         felt this impulse to ‘clean’?              that we set up in Sri Lanka in the
WHITE EAGLE LODGE (AUSTRALASIA) January 2010                                                        wake of the 2004 tsunami, and
                                                         With this in mind our very first
                                                         retreat this year, as you will see in      establishing       more      projects
                                                         the enclosed Star Retreat brochure,        connected with healing the
                                                         is ‘Living with No Regrets.’ This          situation following the terrible
                                                         week will be a wonderful                   civil war. In India we are
                                                         opportunity for those participating        spending time at our ‘Save the
                                                         to ‘clean out’ our regrets on an           Babies Orphanage’ and looking
                                                         inner level, opening ourselves to          further into our project to create
                                                         the inflow of new energy, healing          a home for destitute elderly.
                                                         and the very beautiful vibration of
                                                         love and peace.                            Our vision for Star Action is truly
                                                                                                    to put brotherhood into action,
                                                         The following is a copy of an email
                                                                                                    caring for all ages and needs.
                                                         from the World Wide Lodge
                                                         Leader Jenny Dent. As you will
                                                                                                    Obviously what we can do is just
                                                         see when reading Jenny, along with         a ‘small drop in the ocean’ but in
                                                         Stuart Neill and a few other very          all we do we are endeavouring to
                                                         dedicated souls, are Trustees of a         bring the magic of the Star to
                                                         Charity called Star Action. It is          facilitate the getting of aid to
                                                         truly amazing how a small band of          where it is really needed. (I am
                                                         dedicated, energetic people can            sure we have all been struck by
    (Walking through into a new year, a new vibration)   achieve so much. Visiting the web          the difficult situation encountered
                                                         site listed at the end of the article is   in getting aid in Haiti to those
                                                         inspirational particularly when you
who need it following the tragic           of     our       golden    chain      Welcome to                                  Into the Light
earthquake.)                               encompassing the whole world.
                                           Our dear spiritual grandmother          New                                        Marjorie Jenkins
As you are already aware we are            Ylana, feels this very strongly       Members                               Marjorie was a member of the
also doing Star Action work in             with me and will be meditating       A very warm and sincere                Lodge since February 1990..
West Africa, building a teenage            from New Lands, connecting           welcome to:-                           She quickly became involved in
community centre in the very               with me and Stuart during our        Barbara     Coucill, Raewyn            the     healing    ministry   and
deprived community of Asiakwa              time in Sri Lanka. (This will be     Fraser, Sue Jenkins, Patricia          faithfully served as a Healer for
in Eastern Ghana. Dear Fred and            from 6th – 19th February.)………        Rogers, Garry & Laura Willett          many years.        Her beautiful
Hamida are there now, not only                                                  and Gaye Willox                        gentle heart and service was so
facilitating our Star Action               Your Sister Golden Radiance                                                 valued by the team of healers
project, but also creating a White         (White Eagle’s name for Jenny)                                              throughout Australia and New
Eagle Centre and home for our
                                                                                      Temple of Light                  Zealand and I know her
White Eagle family in Ghana. I             * As said, this is a SEPARATE                 Maleny                        dedicated      service     helped,
am absolutely delighted that my            charity, as the terms of our Trust                                          supported      and    encouraged
Marathon Swim has raised several           Deed do not encompass practical      Each monthly service at the            many patients.
thousand pounds for the White              aid projects. Please see our         Temple is recorded. Copies of          Marjorie loved the times she
Eagle work in Ghana and also a             website if you    the Service are available on CD        came to the Retreat Centre and
similar sum for the Star Action            wish to know more.                   Each service CD is $12 or $115         freely yet gently shared her
project.                                                                        for the year’s services which is       innate wisdom with others on
As before, I am really grateful for                                             11 CD’s which is quite a saving.
your thoughts and prayers during                                                Both prices include postage.           When possible Marjorie and
                                           THANK YOU                                                                   John would join us for our
my time in India and Sri Lanka.
Another part of my work in Sri             to all who sent                                                             monthly services of worship in
Lanka      is    spending      time        Christmas Cards.                           ZODIAC ANGEL                     the Temple and it was a really
                                                                                       CALENDARS:                      sad day when the journey to
meditating in our Little Temple            Traditionally  we
                                                                                                                       Maleny became too much for
for World Peace, which although            hang them in the                                                            Marjorie. Their presence and
                                                                                PLEASE NOTE:
built under the aegis of Star              Meeting Room for all to see.                                                their special energy have been
Action, is deeply linked to our            We feel that as each person          We would like to apologise for         missed.
White Eagle Temples. Together              enters the room they are             the error on the September page
with the Little Temple in Ghana,                                                                                       Marjorie    will always     be
                                           enveloped in your good               of the Zodiac Angel Calendar.          remembered as a gentle, caring,
I see these both as like                   wishes, your love and                                                       loving and compassionate soul
‘substations’, helping in the              thankfulness. Bless you all.         The key words for Virgo energy         and such a lady.
earthing of the light of the Star in                                            should read:
Asia and in Africa (where we                                                                                           We feel quite sure Marjorie has
have no White Eagle Temples)—                                                   CAREFUL,             PRECISE,          been welcomed into the spirit
I believe they are very much part                                               CONSCIENTIOUS                          world with ‘Well done, thou good
                                                                                                                       and faithful servant.’
                                       3                                                                           4
                                        THE                                         I Love this and hope you                    other    pot’s     side?
                                                                                                                                That’s because I have
     The Way to Pray                    MOUNTAIN                                    do too:
                                                                                                                                always known about
The way to pray is to put               STORY                                                                                   your flaw, so I planted
yourself      into      complete                                                    “An elderly Chinese woman had               flower seeds on your
attunement with the spirit of           A son and his father were walking           two large pots, each hung on the            side of the path, and
love. Be in it, live in it. Think       on the mountains. Suddenly, his             ends of a pole which she carried            every day while we
not of yourself and of your             son falls, hurts himself and                across her neck.                            walk back you water
                                        screams:         “Aaahhh!” To his
earthly need, but of God. Of                                                                                                    them. For two years              I
                                        surprise, he hears the voice                One of the pots had a crack in it
yourself you are nothing: but           repeating, somewhere in the                                                             have been able to pick these
                                                                                    while the other pot was perfect and
when you dwell in the centre of         mountains: “Aaahhh” Curious, he                                                         beautiful flowers to decorate the
                                                                                    always delivered a full portion of
the Star, or that heavenly light,       yells: “Who are you?” He receives                                                       table. With you being just the way
you become great because you            the answer:        “Who are you?”                                                       you are, there would not be this
are then consciously with God           Angered at the response, he                 At the end of the long walks from           beauty to grace our house.”
and God is with you; and all            screams: “Coward!” He receives              the stream to the house, the cracked
things work together for good           the answer: “Coward!”                       pot arrived only half full.                 Each of us has our own unique
when you are with good or with          He looks to his father and asks:                                                        flaw. But it’s the cracks and flaws
                                                                                    For a full two years this went on
God.                                    “What is going on?” The father                                                          we each have that make our lives
                                        smiles and says: “My son, pay               daily, with the woman bringing
                                                                                    home only one and a half pots of            together so very interesting and
White Eagle (Quiet Mind P 14)           attention.” And then the father                                                         rewarding. You’ve just got to take
                                        screams to the mountain: “I admire          water.
                                                                                                                                each person for what they are and
                                        you!”     The voice answers:           “I
                                        admire you”.       Again the father         Of course, the perfect pot was              look for the good in them.”
Dear One, we sincerely pray                                                                                                                        Author unknown.
                                        screams: “You are a champion!”              proud of its accomplishments. But
that this year unfolds for you                                                      the poor cracked pot was ashamed
                                        The voice answers:
in positive ways you have               “You are a champion!” The boy is            of its own imperfection, and
never dreamed of. May your              surprised, but does not understand.         miserable that it could only do half
                                                                                                                                    RESPECT YOUR
heart be filled with the Light          Then the father explains: “People           of what it had been made to do.              BROTHER, YOUR SISTER
of God. Please just take a              call this ECHO, but really this is
                                        LIFE. It gives you back everything          After two years of what it                  “The true Light is a gentle love
moment to breathe in God’s                                                                                                      which, rising in you, causes you to
                                        you say or do. Our life is simply a         perceived to be bitter failure, it
Light and feel it filling every         reflection of our actions. If you                                                       look     on     the      world     with
                                                                                    spoke to the woman one day by the
cell of your body.                      want more love in the world, create                                                     understanding and compassion and
                                        more love in your heart. If you                                                         respect. When you respect the
God bless you and yours.                want more competence in your                “I am ashamed of myself, because            soul of your brother, your sister you
                                        team, improve your competence.                                                          respect his/her life in every way.
                                                                                    this crack in my side causes water
                                        This     relationship   applies       to                                                This gentle spirit, this respect one
                                                                                    to leak out all the way back to the         for another, must come. For this is
                                        everything, in all aspects of life; life
                                        will give you back everything you           house.”                                     the generation of the one true Light,
                                        have given to it.” YOUR LIFE IS                                                         and this true Light is that of love.”
                                                                                    The old woman smiled, “Did you
                                        NOT A COINCIDENCE. IT’S A
                                        REFLECTION OF YOU!                          notice that there are flowers on                                     White Eagle
                                                             Author Unknown         your side of the path, but not on the
                                    5                                                                                       6
Keep Hope Burning                          PEACE BE STILL                             Temple of                  Werribee:
                                                                                                                 Tel:    Jillian 03 9773 9218
                                                                                      Light                      Ballarat:
You must keep hope burning             The Master’s voice, calls and
                                                                                      White Eagle Lodge          Tel: Lesley 03 5331 3420
within your souls like a lamp          says: “Peace, be still,” – be
                                       calm.     The Master has the
                                                                                      Maleny, Qld                      Pam 03 5345 4022 or
burning upon the Altar. Keep                                                                                                0417 051 519
hope       bright!        Those        advantage of a higher view than     Tel:- 07 54 944 397
                                       any earthly person. He knows           SOUTH AUSTRALIA
commanded to guide, to help,
                                       that the all-seeing eye of the                                            Adelaide:
to succour you during your             Creator is watching, that the       Brisbane:
tests and trials have their                                                8 Thorne Street, Windsor.             Tel: Christine 08 8552 2150 or
                                       hierarchies are drawing close;                                            0417 840 040
finger upon the pulse of each;         that God is omnipotent, and that    Tel: Tracey 0403 249 840
upon your individual lives we                                              Gold Coast:                           TASMANIA
                                       man can be guided at the right
have our hand; and                                                         Tel: Sue       07 5537 1037           Hobart Area:
                                                  moment. The law of
                                                                           N.S.W.                                Tel:    Jean    03 6227 1721
if things appear                                  spirit       operates,
                                                  despite all fears.       Sydney Group:                         Launceston:
chaotic, remember
                                                                           Tel: Dianne       0402 030 107        Tel:    Susan 03 6331 2309
you have to learn a                               Therefore,    if   the
lesson – a much                                   individual – yourself,        Robin        0418 412 946        WESTERN AUSTRALIA
needed lesson –                                   for instance – would                                           Como:
                                                  serve God and his                                              Tel:    Janet    08 9450 2090
and whilst you allow                                                       Canberra:
                                                  fellow, he must learn
your      mind       or                           to attune himself to
                                                                           Tel:    Hilda      02 6291 6565       NEW ZEALAND
emotions to remain                                all-good; to withdraw    VICTORIA                              Waikanae: (Kapiti Coast)
chaotic, you stand                                from conflict and        Melbourne:                            Tel:    Jean    04 905 6016
beside your lesson                                turmoil on the lower     Public Services of Worship held       Havelock North:
book refusing to                                  level and rise to the    at: Alvie Road Hall, Cnr High         Tel:   Sarah 06 877 1044
learn. But if you                                 mountain tops. This      Street Rd & Alvie Road, MT.           Northland:
light the lamp of hope in your         procedure will not defy or          WAVERLEY                              Tel:    Maya & Stephen
mind      you      are   meekly        contradict his reason, if he        (Melway Map 61. D 11)                         09 433 4975
receiving, absorbing that              accepts the divine will. Man has    Tel: Jillian 03 9773 9218             Wanganui:
beautiful lesson which God,            to learn to seek first of all the           Dora 03 9802 7869             Tel:   Vicky    06 343 3202
                                       kingdom of heaven, the places               Hilary 03 9889 2293
in His/Her divine and perfect
                                       of stillness and quiet at the       Mt. Waverley Group:
love and wisdom, is offering           highest level of which he is
to you.                                                                    Tel: Beverly       03 9807 0368       The White Eagle Lodge
                                       capable; and then the heavenly      Buxton:
                    White Eagle.                                                                                        P.O. Box 225
                                       influences can pour into him, re-    Please phone the Lodge on 07
                                       create him, and use him for the
                                                                                                                    MALENY QLD 4552
                                                                           5494 4397 for information              (19 Tesch Road, Maleny)
                                       salvation of mankind.
                                                                           Mornington:                                Tel: 07 5494 4397
                                                           White Eagle.
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