; Peace of Eden
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Peace of Eden


Peace of Eden

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									                                               INSPIRATION The peace and tranquillity of the cool, crisp Eden Valley is ideally
                                               suited to the clean, pure flavours of Riesling.
                                               Minimal intervention enables the fruit to speak for itself.

                                The ‘Peace of Eden’ is a piece of Eden.

                                THE WINE

                                Colour: Interesting....it is not as pale as some. A more golden colour promises flavour.
                                Nose: Mmmmm! Pears and green apples jumping out of the glass. It has distinct minerality too. I’m
 Peace of Eden                  excited before I even try it. Im expecting a richness on the palate and bright, fruit sweetness.
                                Palate: This Riesling is from Eden Valley, slightly cooler than other Barossa sub regions and a
                                fantastic area for Riesling. 2009 was a hot vintage but we clearly lucked in on the Riesling.
                                This old vineyard is in a great position to dodge the hot northerly winds that can be so
 Eden Valley
                                damaging. Getting back to the palate... It is bright and tangy. Layers of green apple, pear and
                                citrus with that stony, balancing minerality are all evident. Lovely and rich in texture as
 RIESLING                       expected. The fruit is powerful and flavoursome but it is clean and crisp and polished from
                                start to finish.

                                Cellaring Potential: This is a stunning wine to drink now. You could also put away for several
                                years for an aged and honeyed beauty! Try 5-8 yrs.
Harvest date: 18th March 2009

Alc/Vol: 12.5%                  WINEMAKING

Residual Sugar: 4g/l            Vinification: Fruit hand-harv ested. Destemmed and crushed and chilled. Cold pressed. Juice settled
Acid: 6.5                       and clarified. Fermented with Yeast QA23 for floral aromatics. Fermented between 14 -16 C.
                                Fermentat ion ceased at approximately 4g/L residual sugar. Heat and cold Stabilised, filtered and
pH: 3.01                        sent to bottle. So simple!
                                Oak: No oak
                                Age of barrels: n/a
                                Time in barrel: n/a

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