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OSHC Brochure - Whole

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									           Daily Procedure                                What to Bring?                                  OSHC
Before School Care                             All children who attend Before and After
 Children can be dropped off at the            School Care and Vacation Care should:
P.C.Y.C. anytime between 6.30-8.30am.
Children will be given breakfast if they
haven't already eaten and then be able to      *Bring a hat
do free play until it is time to be dropped
off at school by one of the Before School      *Wear closed in shoes
Care Carers.
                                               *Bring sunscreen
After School Care
 Children are collected from school at         * Named Plastic Cup
3.00pm and afternoon tea is provided after
they have all arrived. Children are allowed    *Bring morning tea and lunch
to do free play or organised activities are
also provided for them eg. colouring in,
oval games, board games, homework,                    (Vacation Care only)
imaginary play.
                                               *All items should be clearly named
Vacation Care
 Children can be dropped off at the
P.C.Y.C. anytime from 6.30am and
onwards. Children are able to do free play
unless other activities have been organised.
The day is normally split up into four
sections by morning tea, lunch and
afternoon tea. Morning tea and lunch is                                                    IPSWICH PCYC
supplied by the parent and afternoon tea is
supplied by the P.C.Y.C. Excursions are also                                               Ph: (07) 3281 2547
organised so the children get out and about.                                              Fax: (07) 3812 2417
Before and After School Care and Vacation Care
are non profit making programs providing fully                  Child / Staff Ratio                                   Fees and Membership
supervised activities appropriate to the age, skill
and interest of the children.
                                                      The Staff consists of a coordinator who is              Club Membership is compulsory. This fee is a
                                                      responsible for the organising and overseeing of        yearly payment and is current from January to
                                                      the complete program and coordinators assistants        December.
        Fees and Bookings                             who are responsible for the day to day care of the
                                                      children. All activities are fully supervised. The      Membership Fees for 2010 are as follows:
                                                      majority of staff are presently studying in child       Junior (under 18)               $20.00
                                                      care related fields. The child/staff ratio is 1 staff
                                                                                                              Senior (over 18)                $30.00
Before and After School Care                          member to 15 children for both Before and After
                                                      School Care and Vacation Care.                          Family (see office for cond.)   $60.00
 A registration form is to be completed for each                                                               DAILY FEES
child who attends the centre. It is the parents
responsibility to inform the office immediately                                                               Before School Care              $9.50 per day
upon any changes to the details stated on the                 Who Can Use the Service?                        After School Care               $12.00 per day
form including change of days.
                                                                                                              Vacation Care                   $35.00 per day
 Fees are payable on the first day of the child's
attendance each week. Fees can be paid weekly
                                                      Our programs are open to children from 5-12             (Some excursions & incursions extra)
                                                      years of age currently attending primary school.
or fortnightly but in advance is preferable.          For Before and After School Care there is a drop         Childcare Benefits through F.A.O applies to all
                                                      off and pick up service to and from Central State       of our childcare programs. This means you may
Vacation Care
                                                      School, Central Preschool, Raceview, Ipswich            be eligible for rebates on fees. Please see our
 Programs for Vacation Care can be collected          West, Silkstone, Brassall & North Ipswich.              office for more information.
from the P.C.Y.C. a month before the school           Children from other schools are welcome to
holidays start. A registration form is to be          attend our Before or After School Care but
completed for each child who attends the centre.      transport to and from school is the parents             TIMES
All booking must be returned to the office to         responsibility. Everyone is welcome to use our          Before School Care times are as follows:
secure a position.                                    Vacation Care program.
                                                                                                              Monday to Friday - 6.30-8.30am.
Fees are to be paid before the start of the
Vacation Program or as soon as Childcare                           Public Holiday’s &
Assistance has been calculated.                                                                               After School Care times are as follows:
                                                                     Pupil Free Days                          Monday to Friday - 3.00-6.00pm.
 For both Before and After School Care and
Vacation Care all information given on the            Child Care is available on Student Free Days –
registration form remains strictly confidential.      Easter, Winter and Spring Vacations between             Vacation Care times are as follows:
Membership to the Ipswich P.C.Y.C. is required        6.30am-6.00pm.
for children attending our facility. All payments                                                             Monday to Friday - 6.30am-6.00pm.
must be made via direct debit.                         Before & After School Care and Vacation Care
                                                      programs are not run on public holidays.

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