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					     Western Regional Council                        The following is an example of a prayer for home

•   Western Regional Council takes in Alberta,
                                                     visitation, taken from “The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
                                                     Prayerbook,” published by the Council of Scotland.           Society of
    Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North West

    Territories and Nunavut.
    The first two Western Conferences started        O God, someone in this house needs me.
                                                                                                                  St. Vincent de Paul
    in Manitoba in 1965 and 1980.                    I don’t know how I will be received,
•   In 1982 the first Alberta Conference             but I go as Your ambassador,
                                                     however unworthy and weak I am myself.
    started in Calgary. Currently there are 18
                                                     Give me Your power to help in the best way                   St. Pius X Conference
    Conferences in Calgary and other
    Conferences in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge,
                                                     offering what is needed,
    Coalhurst, Taber, Brooks, Black Diamond,
                                                     giving the proper advice,
    Edmonton, Okotoks, Moranville, St. Albert,       saying the right thing.
    and Athabasca.                                   I am Your servant
•   Vincentians are actively working in these        and the servant of anyone who needs me.
    conferences          serving   and    visiting   I am weak - You can make me strong:
    approximately 10,000 people in their             I am tongue-tied - You can supply my words:
    homes,       assisting    them   with  basic     I lack courage - You can reinforce me:
    necessities and other services.                  I am perplexed - You can give the answer:
                                                     I am useless - You can make me useful.
                                                     Above all, make me recognise You in these
              Local Councils                         and seeing You let me love them as I love you.
•   St. Pius’ Conference was aggregated in           They need Your love,
    1989.                                            they need my love,
•   In Calgary, St. Vincent de Paul operates a       let’s love them together.
    free clothing outlet run by Vincentian           I’ll do my best:
    volunteers.      There are also smaller          be with me in what is Your work, and mine.
    household items, and usually bedding and
    towels available. A list is kept of persons in   Kind, gentle, understanding Saint Vincent de
    need of furniture or appliances, as well, as         Paul,
    a list of persons wishing to donate specific     inspire me in all my dealings with the needy
    items, then a match-up is made (About            whom you knew, understood and loved so
    1200 matches last year).
•   The Calgary Conferences provided 1,400
    Christmas Hampers citywide in 2000.
                                                                                                                            Servants of the Poor
•   Last year, St. Pius X Conference provided
    165 food hampers, 89 Christmas hampers                                                                        “For I was hungry and you gave me food;
    of food and gifts; 73 families were                                                                           I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was
    provided with furniture, clothing and                                                                          a stranger and you made me welcome;
    household items, and approximately 100                                                                        naked and you clothed me, sick and you
                                                     The National St. Vincent de Paul office
    visits were made to hospitals, hospices, to                                                                     visited men, in prison and you came to
                                                     provides a website for additional information
    the infirm in their homes, as well as                                                                           see me. And the King will answer, “I tell
                                                     about the Society --
    transportation of clients to medical                                                                             you solemnly in so far as you did this to
    appointments.                                                                                                 one of the least of my brothers, you did it
                                                                                     Prepared November 2001                  to me.” (Matthew 25: 35-40).
            Society of                                HOW THE SOCIETY WORKS
                                                          Situations requiring assistance are referred
       St. Vincent de Paul                            to the Conference based on their parish              The Society of St.
                                                      boundaries. In teams of two, Vincentians              Vincent de Paul
                                                      make personal visits to assess particular needs      helping people in
       The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is an
                                                      and take steps to alleviate physical needs
International Catholic Lay Organization,                                                                         your
                                                      (food, clothing or housing) and to mitigate
founded in 1833 by Frederic Ozanam (1813-
                                                      other human needs.              Vincentians serve     neighbourhood
1853, Beatified: August 22, 1997) and his
                                                      everyone, regardless of religion, beliefs or
companions. The first St. Vincent de Paul
Conference in Canada was founded in
                                                          It is neither their intent nor purpose to
Quebec City in 1846 by Dr. Painchaud.                                                                            MEMBERSHIP IN THE SOCIETY –
                                                      assume the roles of social workers, welfare
        Faithful to its founder it constantly
                                                      officials or psychiatrists, or to suddenly shatter               A VOCATION
                                                      the poverty syndrome. Their objectives are              Being a member of the Society involves a
strives to renew and adapt itself to the
                                                      simple and realistic:-                               commitment to:
changing conditions of the world.
                                                      • to supply food and clothing                        • Regular, confidential meetings to discuss
                                                      • to encourage the weary                                action and plans for assisting the needy.
       It seeks in a spirit of justice and charity,
                                                      • to give moral support to the confused              • Visiting the needy in their homes as calls
to help those who are suffering. It does this by
                                                      • to bring warmth into the often sterile world          for assistance are received.
the person-to-person involvement of its
                                                          of the elderly.                                  • Prayer and reflection on the service to the
members. Its work encompasses every form
of aid that alleviates suffering and promotes                                                                 poor through the Vincentian vocation.
                                                          No matter how efficient and generous the         • By collecting resources such as clothes
the dignity and integrity of all people.
                                                      Social Services provided by the Government              and household items on behalf of those in
                                                      are, “The poor you will always have with you.”          need.
        Vincentians gather in groups, called
                                                      The work of the members of the Society will          • Addressing the root causes of poverty and
Conferences, which meet regularly. They are
                                                      remain indispensable. The people will always            injustice and a willingness to learn about
linked together locally, nationally and
                                                      need     compassion,     understanding    and           poverty and injustice by attending
internationally.  Today, The Society of St.
                                                      sympathy.                                               workshops.
Vincent de Paul is functioning in 132 countries
on 5 continents with around 47,000                                                                         • A desire to help all, regardless of race,
conferences and almost one million members.                                                                   creed or origin.
In Canada the Society has about 15,000
members working in well over 1,000
Conferences.                                                                                                   The Society relies on people like you to
                                                          The Society of St. Vincent de Paul relies on     give as much time as they can. The only
                                                      funding through the Parish Poor Boxes, St.           qualifications are a desire to care for, and
        The objective, to bear witness to our
                                                      Vincent de Paul contribution envelopes, and          befriend, Christ’s poor.
faith, was the cornerstone of our foundation
                                                      the generosity of our benefactors.
168 years ago and is today as well.

                                                                                                           If you are interested in the Society of
                                                                                                           St. Vincent de Paul, please contact

          NO WORK OF CHARITY                                                                               St. Pius X Church
                                                                                                           2424 - 24 Avenue NW                   Phone:
              IS FOREIGN                                                                                                                  (403) 289-3602
                                                                                                           Calgary AB T2M 2A2
            TO THE SOCIETY.