; Slow-Pitch Softball Enrollment Form
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Slow-Pitch Softball Enrollment Form


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									2009-10                                                                                    Slow-Pitch Softball
                                         SLOW-PITCH SOFTBALL
                                     ENTRY AND SITE REQUEST FORM
                                         DUE FEBRUARY 5, 2010

Please complete and return the following information to:
P. O. Box 14590
Oklahoma City, OK 73113-0590

____________________________________ High School will participate in 2010 Girls' Slow-Pitch Softball.

The OSSAA will assign site selections for Classes 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A and A Regional Slow-Pitch Softball Tournaments.
Please provide the following information regarding your playing field and whether or not your school would host a
regional tournament.

__________       1.   Do you have adequate lighting?

__________       2.   Is your field fenced with a permanent or temporary fencing?

__________       3.   Outfield dimensions (if fenced) - Please be accurate

                      LF ______ CF ______ RF ______

__________       4.   Do you have a dirt infield?

__________       5.   Do you have adequate parking?

__________       6.   Will you be able to charge admission?

__________       7.   Will you be able to provide a concession stand?

__________       8.   Is your seating adequate?
                      Approximate number of seats ________

__________       9.   Are restrooms available?

__________      10.   Are your softball field and baseball field adjacent to each other?

Other pertinent information or comments:

The financial plan for hosting OSSAA tournaments may be found in the Slow-Pitch Softball Rules and Regulations

Check one of the following:
______ We are not interested in hosting a regional tournament.

______ We are willing to host a regional tournament.

_____________________________________________                     ________________________________________
Slow-Pitch Softball Coach's Signature                             Principal's Signature


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