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Northey Street City Farm

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									Northey Street City Farm
        ….. a place for learning about living sustainably in the city
                   ABN:       16 494 592 971

16 Victoria Street

City Farm Phone: (07) 3857 8775
Nursery Phone:    (07) 3857 8774
Fax:              (07) 3857 8108

Invitation to become a sponsor / supporter of the new
Northey Street City Farm
Education Building and Administration Building

About City Farm…
Northey Street City Farm is a leading community-based sustainability education and training centre located in the suburb
of Windsor, 3km north of the Brisbane CBD. Celebrating 16 years in March of this year, it was founded in 1994 on the
Breakfast Creek flood plain near Bowen Bridge Road. City Farm is an important national and global demonstration site of
Permaculture, a sustainable planning and design system based on ecological principles and the patterns found in nature.

City Farm occupies approximately 3 Hectares of flood lands and has extensive productive gardens and landscape areas
including vegetable gardens, demonstration edible forest gardens, a ‘bush tucker’ arboretum, orchards, a demonstration
edible backyard, market gardens, a bee keeping area, chook pens, and a cabinet timber woodlot. Built infrastructure
includes a plant nursery, toilet block with biolytix system, tool and storage sheds, outdoor community kitchen and meeting
space, office building, outdoor education areas, community artworks and a performance stage.

The Farm offers a diverse range of courses, workshops and ‘hands-on’ training in Permaculture and Horticulture as well
as SEQ’s only organic nursery – ‘Edible Landscapes’- and only certified organic weekly farmers market, tours for schools
and other groups, the ‘Chai Café’, members’ newsletter and updates, and a design consultancy. The organisation
operates on the principles of cooperation, transparency and financial sustainability. It has recently prepared a Policy and
Procedures Manual to guide it into the future.

The Building
City Farm is building a durable, robust and iconic sustainable community facility, to meet its education needs and to
embody the organisation’s Permaculture-based philosophy and spirit. The project has support from elected
representatives from local, state and federal government, and has support from BCC’s Leasing Unit. The bulk of the
funding for the build has come from the Federal Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations.

This building is set to become one of the greenest small public buildings in Australia and will set a precedent in terms of
innovative sustainable design in subtropical Brisbane. This includes cutting edge features such as the 'meadow roof' that
uses the latest green technologies to deliver a thin section, intensively planted roof. We believe that this is the first time
this technology has been employed in Queensland. Other examples are the passive solar design, the use of timbers
sourced from certifiable sustainable forests, or alternatively recycled timbers, utilising straw as a durable building
component and introducing earth render as a low embodied energy thermal mass element.

The building will be a public showcase of smart best practice sustainable design.

Core funding has been obtained for the majority of the “shell”, and we are seeking support to be able to complete the
building, and provide infrastructure and technologies to enhance its green status.

                                        NB: Northey Street City Farm has DGR status, providing sponsors with tax
                                        deductable opportunities.
Business Opportunities
By being a part of this project your business has the opportunity of closely associating with an iconic green building, with
exposure to thousands of people, particularly within the 'green demographic' also likely to build in this manner throughout
the coming years. Our observations here at City Farm strongly indicate that people are looking for sources of sustainable
products for their homes, gardens and businesses.

Support Needed
We are asking businesses and groups for both support in supply or funding for materials and items, as well as general

Materials requiring specific funding for the building to be completed are:
    -    - Recycled Timber Supply               - Rainwater tanks & reticulation          - Library shelving
    -    - Meadow roof                          - Disability Platform Stair Lift          - PV panels & wiring
    -    - Bio-paints                           - Pavers & landscaping                    - Plants

During construction the project will require the following items, the cost of which could be offset to fund the the items listed
above:Construction fencing
    -    Scaff-holding                                                      -      Waste Skip
    -    Crane hire                                                         -      Silt fencing
    -    Pile drving machinery

Donations of roof sheeting, electrical equipment and conduit, windows and other items will also offset costs to
fund the greener items listed above.

Building will commence in March 2010, with a completion date for the building shell required by 30 June 2010. We would
like to have all of the green features installed by that time, too.

Benefits and Exposure for businesses
Northey Street City Farm is a hub for Sustainability Exposure and Education. It has become a magnet for people
interested in and engaged in sustainable practices. We have regular exposure to thousands of people through visitation,
print, electronic communications and media as listed below. Clear and appropriate signage and acknowledgement will be
negotiated with suppliers, acknowledgement at official functions associated with the building and ongoing links via the
building factsheet available on the website.

Thousands of people regularly visit this Community garden. Some details:
    •    Over 2 thousand people attending the weekly Sunday Organic Markets with over 40 stalls. This is also an
         increasingly popular gathering point for Sunday breakfast and coffee. The Education Building will be accessible
         by the patrons and stall holders.
    •    Several hundred commuters daily walking past and through the building area, from the hospital carpark to place
         of work. The building features and signs will be clearly visible to these people.
    •    Over 100 people each week regularly wander the open gardens for recreation, play and picnics, 24/7.
         Individuals, family and larger groups come here for a different park experience. The building will be accessible to
    •    Last year 120 adult students enrolled in long-term permaculture and horticulture courses at the farm, where
         sustainable practices and technologies are a key part of the course. By 2013, this number will have doubled to
         250, with the education building being a key part of the program.
    •    Each year over 400 people attend one-off workshops, which will now be held in the new building, as part of a
         “Sustainable Living Series”. The features of the building will be visible and utilized as a teaching tool during these
    •    Each year over 2,000 school children, with attending teachers and parents, visit the farm for education programs.
         The building will be accessed here, with our “take home package” including the afore mentioned fact sheet
         documenting the sustainable attributes of the building.
    •    Each year we hold 4 large free community events at the Solstices and equinoxes, and a Harvest festival,
         attracting over 4,000 people to each event. Many of these people are new to our gardens. The building will be
         central to event activities.
Our Networks, Partnerships and Contacts
Through a dynamic website, monthly e-News bulletins and quarterly newsletters, the farm reaches thousands of people.
Sponsors and supporters will be clearly listed, as well as having appropriate free advertising provided. This
would reach:

    •    2,500 people receiving monthly e-news updates
    •    320 financial members, receiving regularly newsletters and communications
    •    The average of 60 people a week or 3000+ annual visitors to our website

We currently have formal or informal partnerships and relationships with the following organisations:

    •    Brisbane City Council: Active Parks Program, GreenHeart/CitySmart Programs and Forums and Presentations,
         Gold Programs, regular Library Presentations, Sustainable Enterprise Programs, Community Garden Support
         Initiatives, Creative Communities Events,
    •    Queensland Health: RBH Mental Health Support programs, Recreational Support, Education Queensland
         through several Schools and Media Branch
    •    Federal Government Employment Programs, including Mutual Obligations, Personal Support, Community Jobs
         Programs and Work for the Dole activities.
    •    Environmental and Community Groups, including Friends of the Earth, Wilderness Society, SPIRAL Community
         Hub, New Farm Neighbourhood Centre
    •    Disability Support groups including Endeavour Foundation, Cerebral Palsy League, Reclink, Studio 33, Nundah
         House, Red Cross,
    •    Cultural Groups including Bemac (Brisbane Multicultural Community), Vulcana Circus, Flipside Circus

Media Exposure
Northey Street City farm is increasingly sought after to feature in media presentations and for comment of sustainability
related issues. As the iconic community garden and education venue for Permaculture in SEQ, we are the “go to” place
for a photo, story or comment.

In the past 2 years we have featured on;

    •    ABC TV Garden Show feature
    •    Costa’s Garden Odyssey, a feature gardening show on SBS
    •    Numerous short clips on news on ABC, Channel 7 and Channel 9
    •    Courier Mail: several long and short features
    •    Sunday mail: colour feature
    •    ABC Radio: several interviews
    •    Several features in various general gardening, organic and lifestyle magazines

Further Building Details
The building consists of a ground floor education space (140 square metres) and a first floor office, meeting room and
library (50 square metres). It is located on the northern side of Edgar Street and east of the large car park. Please refer
to the architectural drawings.

The key sustainability features include:

    •    Design for Q100 flood event
    •    All timber materials to be sustainable FSC certified or recycled timbers, where possible
    •    3kW photo-voltaic roof mounted system
    •    ‘Green roof’ – meadow style eaves with light well
    •    Building location, orientation, plan layout, roof design and window types to maximise appropriate passive solar
         climate management and cross ventilation of the building
    •    'Floor to wall' book shelving on the western wall along with an external venting wall cavity has an insulation effect
         and prevents direct heat gain, encouraging the hot air to rise and escape
    •    Ceiling fans (no air conditioning) on the first floor are the active climate control greatly increasing comfort levels
    •    Recycled casement windows hinged in one direction and louvers
Key Project Drivers
The project has come about because:

    •   City Farm has experienced two damaging floods in the last 12 months – 17th November, 2008 and 20th May,
        2009. Office equipment, paperwork and the library were badly damaged particularly in the May 2009 flood. The
        current office is not flood proof.
    •   Recently, there have been unprecedented levels of community interest and enrolments in permaculture and
        horticulture education at City Farm. The Farm’s existing educational facilities are currently at capacity. This
        includes the library collection.
    •   At a NSCF planning event held in 2008 the office was identified as been too small and inadequately designed
        (lighting, space, ventilation, storage…) to meet the needs of staff.

Further details are available from our website, or by contacting Gav Hardy at or our office,
Tuesday to Thursday, 10am – 4pm.

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