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					                                           Quick Specs
                                Silent Partner Plus

                            Features                                                                     Applications
3    True RMS Measurements                                                          3   Energy Studies
3    12 Bit Resolution                                                              3   Machinery and motor analysis
3    ± 0.25% Accuracy                                                               3   HVAC studies
3    Measure voltage or current on any channel.                                     3   Electrical Utilities
3    Downloads with Silent Partner Windows® software                                3   Peak shaving and Load Management

The Silent Partner Plus is an inexpensive current and/or voltage logger that is especially useful where
harmonics are suspected. RMS values can be stored at different rates by the user. Inputs accept any 1 VAC full
scale CT or PT.

                                                    Specification                                                       Notes
Maximum Channels               Three                                                         Selectable storage for 1, 2, or 3 channel operation.
Range                          0 - 1 VAC input. Actual current range depends on CT used.     True RMS for 50/60 Hz. operation.
External Connections           Aux. power, download. and three 1 VAC inputs.
Sensor Type                    External CT’s or external voltage module.
Sampling Rate                  2 to 4 seconds.                                               Set via Silent Partner software.
Storage Rate                   32 seconds to 15 minutes.                                     Set via Silent Partner software.
Parameters Stored              Avg, Min/Max, or Min/Max/Avg.                                 Set via Silent Partner software.
Samples per Average            16 at 32 second storage.                                      Set automatically, depending on storage rate.
                               256 at 15 minute storage.
Memory                         32K or 64K, non-volatile RAM.                                 Memory size must be specified when ordered.
Memory Treatment               Stop when full, or wrap.                                      Set via Silent Partner software.
Storage Capacity               43,632 readings for 1 channel, avg. only (32K).               Storage available depends on memory size, number of
                                7,272 readings for 1 channel, min/max/avg (32K).             channels and storage mode.
Indicators                     Flashing LED when logging.
Power                          Internal battery and/or adapter.                              Uses standard 9V alkaline.
Battery Life                   At least 7 days (can also operate from external adapter).
Communications                 RS232, support for remote setup.
Software                       Silent Partner for Windows.                                   Requires PC running Windows 3.1 or greater and 1 free
                                                                                             serial port.
Packaging                      Rugged, durable ABS.
Accuracy                       ± 0.25 % Range + CT or PT error
Safety                         Isolation of measurement circuit via CT’s and PT’s
Operating Temperature          - 40ºC to 60 ºC

Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice
Silent Partner Software - Simple, Easy, Powerful
Silent Partner software allows you to download, save, retrieve and analyze the data collected with the Silent Partner
Plus. The software will run on any PC running Windows 3.1 or greater with 1 free serial port for data transfer.

Software Features
•    Runs under Windows®                                                 •   Enable and disable individual traces to remove on-
•    Full colour printer support.                                            screen clutter.
•    Built-in export to WK1 spreadsheet translation.                     •   Graphs can be configured to display a single or dual
•    Allows you to import a bitmap file so you can                           Y-axis.
     include your company logo on printed reports.                       •   Zoom feature allows you to view graphs in
•    One Silent Partner software can download any                            maximum detail.
     logger in the Silent Partner family.
                                                                         •   Scale your data using
•    View your data in graphical form or view the actual                     multipliers to implement CT
     numerical data in tabular form.                                         or PT ratios. This enables
                                                                             you use CT’s and PT’s with
                                                                             different      primary    to
                                                                             secondary ratios.

                                                                         •   The       Survey
                                                                             gives        you
                                                                             statistics about
                                                                             your data in
                                                                             one compact
                                                                         •   The Notes box
                                                                             allows you to
•    View graphs in                                                          about the test
     1 hour, 1 day,                                                          site, particulars
     1 week or 1                                                             of the hookup, contact names, etc.
     increments                                                          •   Software indication of low battery voltage in the
                                                                             Silent Partner Plus logger.
•    View up to 9
     traces on a                                                         •   All setup of sampling rate/storage interval, time and
     single graph -                                                          channel configuration is done via software.
     Min, Max, and
     Average for all
     3 channels.

Ordering Information
Description                                          Order Code          Description                                 Order Code
Silent Partner Plus with 32K memory               SPP32                  5A to 1VAC CT (RED, YELLOW, BLUE)           M357, 8, 9
Silent Partner Plus with 64K memory               SPP64                  1000A to 1VAC CT (RED, BLUE ,YELLOW)        M319, 20, 21
Silent Partner Software (c/w download cable)      SPSOFT                 3000A to 1VAC CT (RED, YELLOW, BLUE)        M349, 50, 51
 20 VAC Tingle-Voltage Input Module               ACMOD1-20              Multi-range 20,50,100,200,500,1000 Amps     M093
750 VAC Voltage Input Module                      ACMOD1-600             120 VAC to 9VDC adapter                     AC1

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