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Principals Message Sincere wishes of a Happy New Year from all of


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									Principal’s Message                                  Kindergarten Registrations
Sincere wishes of a Happy New Year from all of       Wainwright Elementary School is now registering
the staff and students of our school to you! I       kindergarten students for the 2010/2011 school
trust that your holidays were spent with your        year. Children must be 5 years of age by March 1,
family and friends and were relaxing and             2011. You may register your child at the Main
rejuvenating.    For most, me included, the          Office of Wainwright Elementary School. Please
holidays came and went very quickly, but were        bring a birth certificate to verify legal name, age,
very enjoyable. It seems hard to believe but the     and place of birth for your child, as required by
28th of this month marks the halfway point of our    Alberta Education. If you do not currently have
school year. As you will read in this newsletter,    one, please let us know at the time of registration.
there are many fun and educational activities        An information night will be held May 10, 2010, at
planned as we live, learn, and have fun together     7:30 pm in the school library. We would like to
in them. Please take the time to read this           extend an invitation to all prospective students and
newsletter as there are many, many great things      their parents to come to the              school on
happening at our school and we would like each       this   night     to    see    the
and every one of you to become a part of it all!     Kindergarten Suite, meet the
                                                     teachers, and discuss this
                                                     program with them.
January Virtue – Responsibility                      If you know of anyone that
This month we will be focusing our energies on       would like to register, please tell
the virtue of Responsibility. We are having          them to stop by to register, or call
activities in our classrooms as well as the entire   (780)842-3361.
school to focus on the importance of this virtue
and how we can practice it in our daily lives.
Students are invited to wear Lavender/Gold or        WES – A Safe and Caring School
the school colors for Color Day on January 11th.     In our school we recognize that our students are
If you get an opportunity, please talk with your     more than that – they are also “our” kids, too! To
kids at home about responsibility, its importance    help make our school a warm and nurturing place to
and what it means to your family, our school,        be we offer many different services and programs to
and our community.                                   our kids. These include our new Dare to Care
                                                     initiative where we focus on each and every child to
                                                     help make them feel that they belong to different
Important Dates in January                           families, one of them being our WES family. We
January 4 – Students First Day Back                  also have specialists like Mr. Bell, our Family
January 7 - Early Dismissal at 2:00 pm for           School Liaison counselor who works full time in
Staff Meeting                                        our school to help both the staff and our students.
January 13 - WEPA Meeting at 7:00 pm                 One of the things Mr. Bell does with our kids is
This is a very important organization that           offer and “Peace Patrol” program where team
provides dollars through fundraising for all of      members learn to help settle concerns on the
our students. They are the major fundraising         playground before they escalate. They also learn
group and attending these meetings is an             valuable skills that will help them become leaders.
opportunity to provide input into how the money
is raised and allocated. Meetings are held once a
month in the Conference Room located beside          WES Citizens at Work
the office                                           We take citizenship very seriously at WES. We
January 18 - School Advisory Council                 work with our kids to help them learn that they are
Meeting at 7:00 pm                                   citizens of our school, our community, our country
ALL PARENTS are very welcome to attend this          and the entire globe. December was full of
meeting. This is an opportunity to gather            citizenship activities. Some citizenship activities
information about what is happening in the           that we participated in have been:
school and provide input to help WES be a better      - Entertaining the residents of the Battle River
place to live and learn.                                   Lodge and Wainwright Extended Healthcare
January 29 – No School - Non-Instructional                 facility.
Day                                                   - Our Dare to Care groups made posters to show
This marks the mid-point of the school year for            our concern for and support of our troops in
all students. Students will not be attending               Afghanistan. These will be displayed in the
school on this day as staff will be preparing for          common areas of the Canadian compound in
the second half of our school year.                        Kandahar.
 -   Fundraising through the Rotary Club to help         high school completion rates; and provincial
     build a school in Afghanistan.                      assessments of student learning.
 -   Raising Canadian Tire Money to purchase
     gifts for less fortunate members of our             From January to the end of February, Alberta
     community.                                          Education will be conducting the annual
 -   Running a Food Drive to benefit the local           Accountability Pillar Survey. In January, parents of
     food bank and its patrons.                          students in grades 4, 7 and 10 will receive a
 -   Participating in the “Christmas Close to            survey from Alberta Education. In February,
     Home” activity sponsored by the                     students in grades 4, 7 and 10 and all teachers
     Wainwright and District Family and                  will be completing their surveys online at school.
     Community Support Services.
 -   Participating in the annual Terry Fox Run           All surveys are anonymous and ask questions about
 -   Participating in the Alberta Heart and              experiences with this school. In addition to English
     Stroke Jump Rope for Heart campaign.                and French, the parent survey is available in
 -   AMA School Safety Crosswalk Patrol.                 Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Arabic, Blackfoot,
 -   The list goes on and on and on…                     Cree, Korean, Spanish and Tagalog.

                                                         As an annual check-up on the education system, the
Parental Involvement at WES                              Accountability Pillar provides an opportunity for
Would you like to become more involved with              Alberta Education and school authorities to ensure
the great team here at WES? We offer many                that we‟re equipping students for success. Your
opportunities and are always looking for help.           participation in the survey helps, so we encourage
Some examples include, volunteering in a                 you to return your survey promptly.
classroom to help a teacher with students in
small group reading, helping out with our                Survey results will be available to jurisdictions in
activities such as the Terry Fox Run,                    May 2010, and will be reported publicly by
Kinderwalk, Santa‟s Workshop, WES School                 jurisdictions as part of their 3-Year Education Plans
Council, Winter Active day, and Track & Field            and Annual Education Results Reports.
days. We love our volunteers and are always
looking for their help and support. If you are
interested in becoming involved please feel free         Winter Weather and Outdoor Clothing
to contact the school.                                   It is our practice to promote healthy activity for our
                                                         students outdoors as much as possible. During
                                                         recess breaks we will be trying to go outside for
Attention All Volunteers:                                some of the time on most days. This will mean that
We love our volunteers and want to keep them as          all students must have appropriate winter wear
an active part of our school community! In the           (boots, coats, headgear, and mittens) so they can
interests of the safety of the students in the           play outside comfortably. We try to make sure
schools of the Buffalo Trail Public School               students are properly dressed and we would
Division – please be reminded that all volunteers        appreciate it if you were able to both ensure that
are required to complete a „Volunteer                    they have proper winter wear and reinforce the need
Declaration Form‟. We trust that you will find           to wear it when outside. If the temperature outside
this to be a positive initiative, as it is designed to   is -25 degrees Celsius with or without the wind
ensure the safety of all children. If you volunteer      chill, students will stay indoors for recess. The
in the school any capacity and have not had a            temperature will be checked on the Environment
chance to do so yet, please stop by the office and       Canada Website throughout the day, so if it warms
complete the form.                                       up to -24 degrees Celsius, with our without the wind
                                                         chill, children will go outside. Please remember
                                                         your winter clothing at all times.
Accountability Pillar Surveys
You may have recently seen newspaper articles
on Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) or                Winter Clothing and Bus Students
changes to the Grade 12 Diploma Exams. Both              Bus students need to be reminded to
PATs and Diploma Exams contribute to the                 always wear proper clothing when
Accountability Pillar, a tool used by Alberta            riding the bus. Bus drivers can
Education to evaluate how well the education             refuse entry onto the bus if a student
system is meeting the expectations of parents            is not properly dressed. BTPS policy
and the public. All parents want to know that            states that buses will operate unless the temperature
their children are receiving a quality education.        or the combined wind chill temperature exceeds –45
Grades are important but there is more to it than        degrees Celsius. The bus will get very cold very
that. A quality education helps all children make        quickly if it happens to quit on a bus route. Proper
the most of their talents and abilities.                 clothing will go a long way in keeping a child warm
                                                         until the situation is rectified. Fashion is usually
The Accountability Pillar uses a set of 16               forgotten quite quickly when the cold sets in!
indicators consisting of surveys of students,
parents and teachers on various aspects of
quality; student outcomes such as dropout and
A Change of Clothes                                  WES School Community Donates To Help the
We are asking parents, especially those with         Canadian Rotary Centennial Project
children in ECS to Grade 3, to please supply         Our students in Grades 1 to 6 enjoyed an
your children with a spare change of clothes to      “Afternoon at the Movies” on December 18th to
keep in their lockers at the school. Often we do     help raise funds for this worthwhile project.
not have extra clothes for students to change into   We raised a total of $1143.50 between our Silver
when there are spills, slips, or accidents.          Collection at our Christmas Concert and our
                                                     “Afternoon at the Movies”, to donate to the project.
                                                     As well, the Rotary Club is matching 50 cents for
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!                     every dollar we raised. Good work everyone!
We have tried to express our appreciation for the    Thank you to all that were able to help with this
many parents who make our school a better place      cause.
to live and learn. At WES we feel very much
that parents and friends of WES are valuable         Kudos to our Local East – Alta Co-op
members of the educational team.            It is    Friday, December 18th was a big day in our school
wonderful to see so many parents in our school       for many reasons. One of these was the “movie in
in a volunteer role. Through the Christmas           the gym” activity that we enjoyed. We realized that
Season, we had an amazing number of                  you can‟t have a movie without popcorn and our
volunteers who came into our school and helped       friends at our local Co-op store came to our rescue.
out with the many exciting events. We try to say     They donated all of the popcorn and supplies to
thank you, however we want to make sure that         make over 500 bags of popcorn. Mrs. Golding also
all of our volunteers know how much we               came in and popped the popcorn with Mrs. Hoey
appreciate the difference you make in our school.    and Mrs. Stang – what a big job! Thank you to our
We focus on the virtues during the school year       local Cooperative for being such a huge supporter
and the message that we are trying to send is        of our school as well as our volunteers who helped
reinforced when we can point to the many             bring this fun activity to our kids.
volunteers as fine examples of excellence in
citizenship. THANK YOU ALL!!!                        Accelerated Reading /Library News:
                                                     The Book Fair was a success providing books for
                                                     our shelves and prizes for our Accelerated Reading
                                                     Program. We raised $2497.77 for our Library.
                                                     Thanks to our parents, the students, and the
                                                     volunteers for their support and help during the
                                                     book fair. Many thanks to the school staff
WEPA Santa’s Workshop                                especially for the extras that are asked of them
What a huge success! We, at WES, are very            during the book fair.
appreciative of our parent association WEPA, as
well as all parent volunteers. We are also           The following students have joined the
grateful for the terrific response by parents and    100 Point Club for Accelerated Reader
community members who donated items to the           as of Dec. 17, 2009:
workshop.      Our students were excited to          Mannix, Nolan             Grade 2    105.4
purchase gifts for their family members for          McCracken, Eric           Grade 2    133.5
Christmas. The gift of giving is the greatest gift   Smith, Matthew            Grade 2    131.8
of all.                                              Keer, Ariane              Grade 3    123.0

“Close to Home” Gifts for Seniors                    Cornish, Brayden          Grade 5    111.7
                                                     Krinbill, Mckenna         Grade 5    245.1
We want to express our gratitude to all members      Pospolita, Elizabeth      Grade 5    127.4
of our school community who contributed to this      Radujko, Emily            Grade 5    168.9
worthy cause. Well done students, staff and          Taylor, Jacaida           Grade 5    114.8
community for your heartfelt generosity to help      Wood, Brenden             Grade 5    109.9
brighten the day of needy local seniors.             Stonehocker, Tyson        Grade 6    124.8

Christmas Concert: The Best Gift Ever                Congratulations to all.
Our students and staff put on another awesome
performance for our Christmas Concert. We
very much appreciate the support shown by the
large number of people able to attend our
performances. It is worth all of the time and        After School Floor Hockey Wraps Up
effort invested into our concert when we have        The Grades 4-6 Boys Floor Hockey Program had 30
such a huge level of support from our                boys attend. The boys worked on teamwork, fair
community. Thank you! Also, our appreciation         play, and positive attitudes towards their friends.
goes out to Mr. Brink for taking the time to         Focus was on skill development and knowledge of
introduce the play to our school and for helping     the game. We are fortunate to have quality
organize this event, to Mr. Bell for running the     equipment sponsored by Wainwright Wellness
sound system, and to Nancy Bullock for her           Forever and our physical education budget. Mr.
piano playing during our week of caroling.           Pullen and Mr. Mitchell were impressed with the
                                                     positive attitudes, and skill development. Well done
After School Curling program in Full Swing            Grade 2 Beach Day
Students in grades 5-6 have been teaming up           January 28th will see our kids in
with junior high students from Wainwright High        grade two celebrating the
School to curl on Tuesdays from 4:00-5:00 p.m.        “middle” of winter with a
Our students have been working on skill               beach day. Our grade 2 classes will
development and socialization. Mrs. Caron and         dress and have activities suitable for a      more
Mrs. Doetzel are the supervisors for the program      tropical climate. Please remember to have your
which is run by Mrs. Mary Frank from the              child in grade 2 wear clothes that fit our Canadian
Wainwright High School. We appreciate her             winter as they will need to be dressed warmly for
efforts to continue to include our students in this   their trip to and from our school.
lifelong activity. The students are performing
well and enjoying another unique Canadian             Grade 3 Medieval Day
pastime – Well done!                                  January 28th – Hear Yea! Hear Yea! Calling all
                                                      members of the Grade 3 WES Kingdom. This is an
                                                      exciting day of exciting activity set in Medieval
                                                      Times. Grade 3 parents will receive notes from
                                                      their children‟s teachers outlining the plans for this
January is a cold time of the year and it is always   exciting event. Parents, please remember that if you
fun to have a few exciting events to break up this    are sending a costume for your child on the bus with
time of the year. The student events for the          them, they must adhere to the rules regarding carry
month of January will include:                        on items on our school buses.

After School Basketball Program
All girls and boys are encouraged to
sign up for our Grades 4-6 Boys and
Girls Basketball program that starts                  Halfway Hat Day –February 1, 2010 – This is a
on Monday, January 11th after school                  day for the entire school to show their school spirit.
from 3:30-5:00 p.m. Please contact Mr. Mitchell       Normally we don‟t allow hats in school, however
at 842-3361 if you have any questions. All            this is an opportunity for all students to wear their
students will be given a permission slip that         favorite winter hats (they can be normal winter hats
needs to be completed in order for students to        or decorated in a winter theme).
take part in the program. This program is non-
threatening and is open to all students. Please       Jump Rope For Heart
come out and give it a try.                           Once again Grades 4, 5, and 6 will be participating
                                                      in The Heart and Stroke Foundation‟s Jump Rope
Kindergarten Kinderwalk                               For Heart day on February 11, 2010. We will be
This annual event will take place on January 27th     sending home permission slips with your child that
for the Monday/Wednesday classes, and January         will need to be signed and returned prior to student
28th for the Tuesday/Thursday classes. A note         participating. We will also be sending out the
will go home with your child letting you know of      pledge forms with all students in these grades. We
the starting time. This is one of the major                   ask that all pledge forms be returned to the
fundraisers for the KAP and the children really               school, even if no funds are raised.
enjoy the activity filled day.                                  Students that raise money toward this
                                                                    cause will be permitted to participate.

                       Wainwright Wellness Forever
                       Proudly Presents…

                       Friday, January 29th is just going to be a lazy day
                       full of TV and video games, right? WRONG!!!
                       Please mark this day on your calendar to come on
                       out for some free shinny hockey and public skating
                       at the PMM as well as a “twoonie swim” at the
                       Wainwright Communiplex. Come and join your
                       friends and have some fun on this day off of

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