What is Being Green? by arslanoguz


									                                                               What is Green?
   We affect the planet, for good and for ill. Generations from now, the world will know that we were
   here because what we do now changes the face of the planet for generations, even centuries to
   come. We leave a “footprint” behind us. If the footprint is positive, that’s a Green footprint.

                                         Green isn’t an all or none thing
                                         Many of you may be doing things already that are Green
                                         Or you may not be aware of what is Green
                                         Or someone has told you you’re not Green

                                  Being Green is a process, the choices you make every day that impact our
                                      planet’s long term health. Why not have those choices be Green?

                                          What is Your Payback?
                         A typical green built home and implementing cost saving habits can save on average: $76 a
                         month in heating and cooling costs, $16 a month in lighting costs, $16 a month in shower
                         water costs, $19 a month in shower water heating, and $22 a month in lawn-watering costs,
                         for a total monthly savings of $149 a month in energy and water costs. (State of Nebraska
                         Energy Office)

                                             Do I have to spend a lot of money or rebuild?
                         No, There are many no-cost or lost cost changes you can make to save money.
                         The goal at every step of the process will be to identify all possible enhancements to your
                         home/business’s efficiency and to establish a priority order for these items, based on:
                               What’s important to you
                               The cost involved, if any
                               The payback period

                                                                                                        4 a Green World
       QuickTime™ and a
                                                                                Save $Green$ by living & working Green
are needed to see this picture.
                                                                   Tawnya Guldenstein, Certified Green Auditor & Eco Consultant

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