; Monash College Sri Lanka Application Form 200708
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Monash College Sri Lanka Application Form 200708


Monash College Sri Lanka Application Form 200708

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									Monash College Sri Lanka
Application Form 2007/08
•	 Direct	pathways	to	Monash	University
•	 Small	class	sizes
•	 Preparation	for	university	success

Monash	College	Sri	Lanka
Application	Form
                                                                                                                                       Affix your
                                                                                                                                      picture here

Application instructions                                                    Tuition fees for 2007/08
1. This Application Form is for Monash College Sri Lanka only.              Diploma                        Part 1     Part 1 fee Part 2      Part 2 fee
2. Separate the Application Form and keep this page for your records.                                                 per unit               per unit
3. Enclose one set of supporting documents with this application.           Arts (Communication and        USD        USD         USD        USD
   • All documents must be certified by a recognised authority              Human Behaviour)               $4,000     $400        $4,000     $500
   eg. school, university, or a Monash representative.                      Business (Business             USD        USD         USD        USD
   • Where necessary, provide official certified English translations.      and Commerce)                  $4,000     $400        $4,000     $500
   Your application can not be processed unless full documentation
                                                                            Engineering Studies            USD        USD         USD        USD
   is attached.
                                                                                                           $4,000     $400        $4,000     $500
4. If you obtain Australian permanent residency at any stage of the         Information Technology         USD        USD         USD        USD
   application process, you must advise Monash College immediately.                                        $4,000     $400        $4,000     $500
5. This application is the property of Monash College Sri Lanka and
   Monash University. Supporting documentation will NOT be returned.
                                                                            • application fees are non refundable
6. It is your responsibility to advise Monash College Sri Lanka of
                                                                            • the above fees are subject to government taxes
   any change of address prior to enrolment at Monash College
   or Monash University.                                                    • ANC reserves the right to update all of the above fees at any time
                                                                            • for refunds, please refer to the Monash College Sri Lanka fee policy
Course information                                                            or visit: www.monashcollege.edu.au/srilanka/fees
For detailed course and unit information for the undergraduate diploma
programs refer to www.monashcollege.edu.au/courses                          Tuition fee payments
To find out about Monash University degrees, visit:                         • Payments can be made by Telegraphic Transfer in favour of:
www.monash.edu.au/pubs/handbooks/undergrad                                    Australian National College
                                                                              310, R.A De Mel Mawatha,
                                                                              Colombo – 3
Applying to Monash University after Monash College                            Sri Lanka
To package your Monash College course with a Monash University
degree, simply:                                                             • For local currency payments
                                                                              Commercial Bank
1. complete section 4, “Application Details” on page 01.                      Foreign Branch
2. choose your preferred Monash University destination degree                 Commercial House
   in section 6 on page 02.                                                   No: 21, Bristol Street
                                                                              Colombo – 1, Sri Lanka
Note You do not need to submit a separate application for
                                                                              Account No.: 1415745102
Monash University
                                                                            • For US DOLLAR payments
For more information: www.monash.edu/international/packaging
                                                                              Nations Trust Bank (for US DOLLAR payments)
                                                                              Corporate Branch, No.242,
Course dates                                                                  Union Place, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.
Monash College has three intakes per year. Each trimester, including          SWIFT Code: NTBCLKLX
exam period, is approximately four months. For 2007 and 2008 course           Account No.: 006021000161
commencement dates see below or visit: www.monashcollege.edu.au/
dates/srilanka                                                              Important
2007: 26 February , 25 June, 22 October                                     The information in this Application Form is correct as of April 2007, but
2008: 25 February, 23 June, 20 October                                      course information for both Monash College and Monash University is
                                                                            subject to change. Admission to specified degree courses is guaranteed
                                                                            for students in accordance with procedures specified by the faculty, for
Fees                                                                        admission in the next available semester following completion
Monash College offers full-fee undergraduate diplomas for both Sri Lankan   of the undergraduate diploma.
and international students. You will need to pay:
                                                                            You should always check with a course adviser or agent when planning
• application and reservation fees                                          your course. Visit the Monash College website for the most up-to-date
• tuition fees                                                              information about courses, entry requirements and destination degrees.
• other fees (if applicable to your undergraduate diplomas course).
For more information: www.monashcollege.edu.au/srilanka/fees                For more information contact:
Application and Reservation fees                                            Telephone: (+94 777) 44 99 55 or (+94 777) 44 99 66
For international students, a non refundable fee of USD$20 is payable       Email: admissions@ancedu.com
on submission of this form.

CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008C
CRICOS provider: Monash College Pty Ltd 01857J
Monash College Sri Lanka Application Form
Please write using BLOCK letters. All sections must be completed.

1. Visa-related information

Are you a Sri Lankan student?                                                          Yes         No
Are you currently in Sri Lanka?                                                        Yes         No         If yes, state your visa type (eg. student, tourist, etc.):
                                                                                                              and expiry date: Day / Month / Year

2. Personal details

Family name:                                                                                                  Given name(s):
(as in passport)                                                                                              (as in passport)
Date of birth:     Day   /   Month   /     Year                                                               Gender: Male           Female
Nationality (as in passport):                                                                                 Country of birth (as in passport):
Postal address:                                                                                               Home address:

Country:                                                                      Postcode:                       Country:                                                          Postcode:
Postal address valid from:               Day      /   Month   /   Year
                                                                         to      Day   /   Month   /   Year
                                                                                                              Home address valid from:        Day   /   Month   /   Year
                                                                                                                                                                           to      Day     /       Month     /       Year

Telephone: (         )                                                                                        Telephone: (       )
Fax: (      )                                                                                                 Fax: (     )
Email:                                                                                                        Email:

3. Guardianship: please complete this section if you will be under 18 years of age at the time of enrolment.
Refer to www.monash.edu/international/u18 for more information.

Name of your parent/guardian:
Parent/guardian’s business telephone (include country code): (                                          )
Parent/guardian’s business fax (include country code): (                                     )
Parent/guardian’s email address (if available):
Signature of parent/guardian:
                                                                                                                                                                                     Day       /     Month       /     Year

4. Application details

Have you previously applied to Monash University or Monash College?                                                          Yes       No
The Application Form is submitted by: (please tick appropriate box)                                           Agent stamp

     Self (direct applicant)
     Registered agent
     Other (eg. sponsor, AusAID, etc.) Attach supporting documentation.                                       Name of other:

5. Course dates

Please indicate which Monash College intake you are applying for.
For more information visit: www.monashcollege.edu.au/dates/srilanka
2007                                      26 February                                                              25 June                                           22 October
2008                                                               25 February                                     23 June                                           20 October
Other (please specify):

6. Course preferences

Please indicate which part of the Monash College undergraduate diploma you are applying for:
     Part 1                                                                                                       Part 2
Please select your preferred Monash College diploma and Monash University destination degree (next page).
     Diploma of Arts (Communication and Human Behaviour)                                                          Diploma of Business (Commerce Stream)
     Diploma of Engineering Studies                                                                               Diploma of Information Technology
     Diploma of Business (Business Stream)

CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008C
CRICOS provider: Monash College Pty Ltd 01857J
6. Course preferences (continued)

Please select your preferred Monash University destination degree.

Check the Monash College Course Guide, for individual destination degree entry requirements. SELECT ONE ONLY.

 Diploma of Arts (Communication and Human Behaviour)
     Bachelor of Arts
     Please select       Caulfield          Clayton           Gippsland                                          South Africa*
     Bachelor of Arts (Communication) – Gippsland campus only
     Bachelor of Communication – Berwick and Malaysia* only
 Diploma of Business †
    Bachelor of Business                                                                                    Bachelor of Business and Commerce
     Bachelor of Business (Accounting)                                                                      Bachelor of Business (Banking and Finance)
     Bachelor of Business (Human Resources)                                                                 Bachelor of Business (Law)
     Bachelor of Business (Management)                                                                      Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
     Please select                      Berwick              Gippsland                Peninsula                  Malaysia*                  South Africa*
     Bachelor of Commerce                                                                                   Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)
     Bachelor of Economics
 Diploma of Information Technology †
     Bachelor of Business Information Systems
     Bachelor of Information Technology Systems
     Bachelor of Computer Science
 Diploma of Engineering Studies
    Bachelor of Engineering (all majors)
     Refer to Monash College Course Guide for a list of Engineering majors by campus.

 * Students intending to complete their degree in Malaysia or South Africa will need to apply directly to Monash University Malaysia or Monash South Africa.
 † Direct pathways to business, commerce and information technology double degrees are available if you achieve a pass average 65%.
 See www.monashcollege.edu.au/destination

7. Qualifications/academic records

Please provide details and documentation of all secondary and post secondary school results, either completed or pending, including an

explanation of the grading system.

Secondary studies

 Date	of	commencement:                         Name	of	qualification:                   Institution:                                  Country/state:               Date	completed:
    Day    /     Month   /       Year                                                                                                                                Day   /   Month   /   Year

    Day    /     Month   /       Year                                                                                                                                Day   /   Month   /   Year

    Day    /     Month   /       Year                                                                                                                                Day   /   Month   /   Year

Post-secondary studies

Both complete and incomplete studies must be listed below. Submit official statements for all studies including failures (if any).

 Date	of	commencement:                         Name	of	qualification:                   Institution:                                  Country/state:               Date	completed:
    Day    /     Month   /       Year                                                                                                                                Day   /   Month   /   Year

    Day    /     Month   /       Year                                                                                                                                Day   /   Month   /   Year

    Day    /     Month   /       Year                                                                                                                                Day   /   Month   /   Year

 Are you seeking credit transfer?           Yes     No
 If yes, please complete the credit transfer application section on page 03 and return with the relevant subject syllabuses

 Are you currently attempting a final year qualification?          Yes     No
 If yes, please indicate the date the results will be available and the name of the examination:
 Date:     Day       /   Month      /   Year
                                                          Name of examination:

If your final year of study was completed more than 6 months ago, please provide a detailed account of work or activities undertaken since then.

 Start date                      Work experience/activities (please explain)                                                                       Country/state           Finish date

CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008C
CRICOS provider: Monash College Pty Ltd 01857J
8. Monash College English requirements

For more information visit: www.monashcollege.edu.au/entryrequirements

Please tick the appropriate box and attach your results.

     English was the language of instruction in previous studies completed.
     Documentary evidence must be provided if institution is located in a non-English speaking country
     I have achieved a satisfactory level of performance in English as a subject at Sri Lankan or London O Levels or Sri Lankan or London A Levels
     I will sit/have sat for an English language proficiency test
         IELTS or              TOEFL and TWE/ER                 Date taken:            Day   /      Month   /   Year

     Result (if known)                     Overall:                                                 Listening:                              Reading:
                                           Writing/TWE/ER:                                          Speaking:
Please note, IELTS is the only English proficiency test accepted by the Australian Government for visa applications from certain countries.
Test must be taken within 2 years of course commencement.
     I am currently enrolled or intend to enrol in an English language course
     Name of English language course:                                                                           Name of English language centre:
     Start date:     Day   /   Month   /   Year
                                                      Finish date:   Day   /   Month     /   Year
                                                                                                                       Number of weeks:

     I would like to enrol in an English language course at ANC prior to commencing my studies at Monash College.

9. Credit transfer (if applicable)
Monash College may grant credit for subjects (units) passed at other recognised institutions if:

•    they are considered equivalent in content and standard to those offered by Monash College

•    they are relevant to the planned course of study

Credit transfer will affect the duration of your course and therefore the duration of your visa.

Credit may be granted for Diploma Part 2 only and for a maximum of four units.

To be completed by all applicants seeking credit transfer

Monash College undergraduate diploma you are seeking credit for:

Subjects studied previously

Student to complete                                                                                                                       Office use only
Previous institution:                                                                                                                     Monash College
Name of degree/course:                                                                                                              Approved

                                                                                         Monash College                                                                   Monash College
Year           Subject name (list all subjects below)                                      unit code                       With Credit    Without Credit    Rejected        Signature

Please attach additional sheets if necessary.

Important                                                                                                       3. Exemptions may be approved only for the course stated in your offer
                                                                                                                   letter and cannot be transferred to another course without further
1.   This application must be accompanied by:
     •   an official transcript of results obtained from previous studies                                       4. Credit applications must be submitted at the time of course application.
     •   a copy of the subject syllabus(es) at the time studies were taken.                                        Applications received after this time will not be considered.

2. Do not consider exemptions granted until you have received official                                          Note: incomplete applications will not be considered.
   notification from Monash College Sri Lanka.

CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008C
CRICOS provider: Monash College Pty Ltd 01857J                                                                                                                                           03
10. Application fee payment – please select
     A bankdraft should be in US dollars made out to Australian National College.
     Mail your bankdraft together with your acceptance forms to:
     Business Office, ANC, 308–310, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo – 3. Sri Lanka.


     Credit card

Tick one:            MasterCard             Visa           AMEX        Amount USD$_______.00

Card no:                                                                                               Expiry Date:           /

Cardholder’s name:

Cardholder’s signature:

     Application waived

Event:                                                            Country:                                                           Date:       Day   /   Month   /   Year

Name of Monash College Sri Lanka staff member:                                                     Signature:

11. Important checklist
Before submitting this application, please make sure you’ve included:
• completed Application Form                                                        • subject syllabus(es)
• application for credit transfer (if applicable)                                   • proof of completion (if applicable)
• certified copies of your transcripts                                              • official certified English translations (if applicable).
   (English language proficiency, academic records etc.)

12. Declaration and signature
I declare that I have read the instructions on this Application Form and            Personal information may be collected from, or disclosed to, relevant
that the information provided by me is true and complete. I recognise that          bodies for the verification of your previous qualifications, and it may
it is my responsibility to provide all necessary documentation to support           be disclosed to government agencies, as required by legislation (e.g.
my application and I authorise Monash University and Monash College                 DIAC) for your visa application and to Monash College for assessment
to obtain further relevant documentation where necessary.                           of your application. The information on this form will be disclosed to
                                                                                    Hobson’s Australia Pty Ltd to assist in the processing, administration and
I acknowledge that Monash College and Monash University reserve the
                                                                                    management of applications for Monash College courses. Information
right to vary or reverse any decision regarding admission or enrolment
                                                                                    may also be shared with the registered agent you appoint to assist with
made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information. I accept
                                                                                    your application for entry or visa processing.
that information provided by me will be retained by Monash University,
Commonwealth and state agencies, and the ESOS Assurance Fund,                       You have a right to access personal information that Monash University
pursuant to obligations under the ESOS Act 2000 and the National Code.              holds about you, subject to legislation. If you wish to access or inquire
                                                                                    about the handling of your personal information, please contact the
The information on this form is primarily used to assess your application
                                                                                    University privacy officer at: privacyofficer@adm.monash.edu.au. Privacy
for entry to a Monash College course. It is also used to create an
                                                                                    legislation only applies to students who study in Australia.
enrolment record on the application management system and the
student database, to prepare statistical analysis, and to inform you                I have read and understand the above conditions and am prepared to
about your course and other college/university courses/events. If you               accept them in full.
do not complete all the questions on this form, it may not be possible
for Monash University to process your application for enrolment in
a Monash College course.

Signed                                                                              Signed
(student)                                                                           (parent, legal guardian*)

Date:        Day / Month / Year                                                     Date:         Day / Month / Year
                                                                                    * If student is under the age of 18

                           Return this form to:                                                  Note:
                           Monash College Sri Lanka                                              This Application Form is for Monash College in Sri Lanka only.
                           Australian National College
                           308 – 310, R.A De Mel Mawatha
                           Colombo – 3
                           Sri Lanka

CRICOS provider: Monash University 00008C
CRICOS provider: Monash College Pty Ltd 01857J                                                                                                                                04

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