Trenton City School Budget Cuts

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					            Tony Mack for Mayor
                                                 Press Release
 Contact: (609) 496-1578                                                      For Immediate Release

                                   Putting our Children First
1. The pending decision to lay off 85 security personnel within our school district will have a minimal impact
   on the overall school budget without controlling other runaway costs.
2. This decision ignores the fact that within the past two months there have been two major reported security
   incidents that question the safety of our children, teachers, and staff during school hours.
3. The best course of action is for our school district to be considering ways they can better protect students,
   teachers, and staff during school hours.
4. I ask Superintendent Lofton and the School Board to consider budget cuts that do not impact 1) classroom
   instruction and 2) school security.
5. I recommend a thorough review of all administrative costs, overtime, consulting/outsourcing, and grant
   opportunities as a solution to this budget crisis.
6. I urge the Board of School Estimate to challenge the budget as presented.