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									Case study
Methodist Ladies College
Top Melbourne School
reduces print costs by between five
and ten percent

Client Profile                              Client Challenge                                   “Fuji Xerox Global Services has
Founded in 1882, Methodist                  MLC’s Director of Corporate Services,              cut administration costs by
Ladies’ College (MLC) in Melbourne
                                            Christian Gusner, had noticed printing costs       between five and ten percent
                                            were increasing dramatically, along with
is a centre of educational                                                                     with further reductions expected
                                            demand for quality printed material and
excellence with a reputation for            more access to out-of-hours printing.              as the contract continues, a
adopting new technologies early.            Christian considered the options and realised
                                                                                               remarkable saving considering
                                            that streamlining the print and copying            productivity has increased
It was also one of the first
                                            workflow would reduce costs and open the           significantly from the service.”
schools to introduce laptops for            door to a better printing service. He also
                                                                                                                               Christian Gusner,
students and won The Australian             wanted to replace MLC’s old printers with                        Director of Corporate Services, MLC
newspaper’s ‘School of the                  more productive devices. This would increase
                                            the school’s print capacity and reduce the         TMLC had over 200-office machines onsite
year 2002’. Needless to say, the
                                            overall number of machines being used,             including faxes, copiers, scanners and black
school’s staff and students expect          rationalising office space for other activities.   and white printers. Fuji Xerox Global Services
exceptional IT support.                     Consolidating MLC’s many print devices             halved the number of machines by replacing
                                            and suppliers would reduce time spent on           single function and stand-alone devices
                                            administration tasks and the risk of toner         with networked multifunction machines
                                            running out or wrong orders being placed.          and improved the PrintCentre’s production
                                                                                               capabilities with new equipment to be
                                            Client Benefits                                    managed and staffed by Fuji Xerox.
                                            Fuji Xerox Global Services approached
                                            Christian with a strategy that met the
                                                                                               “There was an increasing need
                                            school’s entire key printing goals. Fuji Xerox     from staff and students for better
                                            Global Services proposed integrating MLC’s         quality printing and the structure
                                            operations with a cost allocation software
                                                                                               we had in place couldn’t meet
                                            package to disburse print centre overheads
                                            more accurately and provide MLC with a single      that demand. I didn’t want to
                                            customer invoice system for easier billing.        have to employ more staff.

Customer Case Study – Methodist Ladies College
        “Fuji Xerox’s solution offered access to better quality
        documents and also met our other business objectives.”

        “The excellent synergy between MLC and Fuji Xerox
        throughout the process has produced very healthy
        results and a much higher level of service.”

Fuji Xerox’s solution offered                        have better colour solutions than before, so        relationships and raising funds on a
                                                     all non off-set printing is now done in-house,”     fee-for-print basis for educational activities.
access to better quality
                                                     said Christian.
documents and also met our                                                                               “It’s a win-win situation. The
                                                     Two Fuji Xerox experts work fulltime in the
other business objectives.”                          PrintCentre and also provide preventative           excellent synergy between
                                 Christian Gusner,   maintenance and support for the school’s
               Director of Corporate Services, MLC
                                                                                                         MLC and Fuji Xerox throughout
                                                     multifunction devices. They keep the
                                                     PrintCentre operating for an additional two         the process has produced very
Christian was impressed by the way Fuji              hours each day, eliminating bottlenecks in the      healthy results and a much higher
Xerox Global Services took responsibility for        print and copying workflow. If a PrintCentre        level of service for the school. Fuji
the school’s print environment, freeing up his       operator gets sick or takes annual leave, Fuji
focus for other tasks. The changes to MLC’s          Xerox provides a replacement operator to
                                                                                                         Xerox’s comprehensive solution
PrintCentre have been significant. Producing         maintain constant print production.                 has cut costs and improved
most of the eight million impressions printed                                                            the quality of the school’s
annually by the school, the PrintCentre’s            “Previously, MLC employed a                         printed material substantially.
become much smarter and faster. Using the
                                                     full-time PrintCentre operator, but                 Additionally, the dependable
new electronic submission system, users can
send print jobs directly to the PrintCentre via      could offer them virtually no up                    service covers all of MLC’s print
MLC’s intranet, saving valuable time.                skilling or opportunity for career                  requirements, giving me one less
The deployment of high volume black and              advancement. Fortunately Fuji                       area of IT to think about.”
white and colour equipment in the PrintCentre        Xerox has a company structure                                                        Christian Gusner,
has increased service levels substantially and is    that gives our new PrintCentre                                     Director of Corporate Services, MLC
driving savings across the school. Around the
                                                     operators a ladder to climb,
campus, staff and students make regular use
of the multifunction devices, which provide          reducing our HR workload.”
lower running costs and have greatly increased                                       Christian Gusner,
print productivity and document quality.                           Director of Corporate Services, MLC

“We now have a much better mix of black              MLC plans to share the service with other
and white and colour machines. We certainly          schools in the area, developing closer working

                                                                                                    Customer Case Study – Methodist Ladies College
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