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									                         Getting Started Guide for Bloomberg

Logging in:
- Double click “Bloomberg Go” icon on the screen.
- Hit the red CONN DFLT key on the keyboard.
- Type in Login Name and Password which are located at the computer screen stand,
   after you finish entering required information, press GO (Enter) key.

Useful keys:
- HOME key takes you back to the top left corner of the screen to enter a new
- MENU key takes you back to a menu
- A keyword followed by the HELP key starts key word search
- Hitting the HELP key twice allows you to submit a question to Bloomberg technical
   support, which operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Search for historical stock prices and export data
Example: Canadian Tire Corp
Step 1
On the Bloomberg screen, type in “Canadian Tire,” which should appear on the upper-
left corner of the screen, then hit HELP (F1) key on the keyboard. 17 options appear on
the screen. Click “10) companies: eqty & debt” and 5 new options appear, such as 1)
Canadian Tire Acceptance, 2) Canadian Tire Corp, etc. Finally, Click option 2
“Canadian Tire Corp’.

Step 2
After step 1, a big header “Canadian Tire Corp” appears on the screen. If you would like
to search for Canadian Tire stock prices, click option 5 “Equities.” Now, you will see a
subheader “Common Stock” with 5 options, choose option 1 “CTR CN, “ where CTR is
the ticker for Canadian Tire Corp and CN refers to Canada. Now you will see 12 options
such as 1) Today’s Market, 2) Company Information/Descriptions, etc. Click option 4
“Historical Prices.” Click option 2 “PX Table W/Avg Daily Volume.” You can change
Range, Period and Market on the screen and then hit GO key.

Step 3
To export data, open Excel. Highlight the data you need, click “CTRL+C” and
“CTRL+V” to copy and paste the data to excel. Reformat the data in Excel as you like.
Alternatively, right click and choose “Export Screen” to save the screen as an image file.

Search for bond prices and yields of Canadian Tire
Please refer to Step 1 in the previous example.

Click option 11 “Corporates by company.” Then Choose option 2 in the next screen.
Now you will see 16 options, click option 11 “Historical Prices/Yields.” Now, you will
see 11 options, you may click option 1 “Price/Yield Table.”

Step 3
Please refer to Step 3 in the previous example.

Search for accounting information
Step 1
Please refer to Step 1 in the previous example.

Step 2
Click option 5 “Equities.” then choose option 1 “CTR CN.” Click “Fundamentals &
Earnings Analysis.” Choose income statement.

Step 3
To export data, click “Download” button on the upper-left corner of the screen and
choose “97-Excel Download.” You can then read the data in Excel..

Take the data home
Type GRAB on the top left-hand corner command line and hit GO. You will be prompted
with a set of options. You can email a document to yourself and print it at your own

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