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                                               provides online information,
 Founded in 1999 in Charlotte, NC,
                                                        streamlined, personal processes and unmatched provides residential                  rate and loan choices to assist borrowers in their
 mortgage lending in 13 states.                     home purchases, refinancing and home equity loans.
                                               takes the mystery out of the
                                                      lending process, truly establishing an environment
                                                                                   WHERE LOANS CLICK.

                                                        Why is
                                                               the lender for you?

                                                                      We take a good thing
                                                                       and make it better.
                                Online lending provides speed, access, convenience and options.
                enhances online lending by providing access to
                         information, tools and choices that make you an informed borrower –
                         BEFORE you apply.
Better Business             From the convenience of your own home, you can research options, familiarize
Bureau online               yourself with loan terms, qualification requirements, processes and language,
reliability program         submit an application and reach a loan expert – with a few clicks of your mouse.
                         AFTER you apply, our system provides detailed
Web site secured with    updates and superb service while your loan is in process.
industry-standard           After you submit your loan application, you will receive email updates with the
Verisign security           status of your loan twice a week and at loan milestones - like Loan Approval.
encryption.                 You also have access to a password-protected website at
                            that shows you the progress of your loan – at your convenience.
Growth and service
awards recipient            BECAUSE provides:
recognized by local,
regional, national and      •   Nationally competitive rates and a broad range of loan programs.
international               •   Technology-based tools that speed processing.
organizations.              •   Web-based resources available 24/7.

                           AND helps clarify the complex details of borrowing with:
Unwavering supporter
of Susan G. Komen           •   Mortgage School that provides knowledge, Loan Advisor and Mortgage
Foundation, the Cystic          Calculators that help set accurate expectations.
Fibrosis Society and        •   24/7 ability to apply for and track your loan online, completing the mortgage
the local community.            process and approval at your home, on your schedule, your way.
                            •   Access to a fully licensed staff of mortgage experts reflecting more than 100
                                years of experience.

                finds mortgage options that click with
                         borrowers’ needs, monitors loans details from beginning
                         to end AND quickly closes your loan.

                         Contacting is easy.
                           Visit the website:

                            Call toll free 1.877.523.3886
                            Email loan experts at

   Better Business