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Napa Valley Orchid Society


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									                         Napa Valley Orchid Society
                                        An Affiliated AOS Society
                                             October 2009
  Meets Every 4th Friday (except December)                     P.O. Box 2152, Napa CA 94558

Officers:                            Meeting – The next regular meeting will be at the Napa Senior
                                     Activity Center, 1500 Jefferson St., Napa, on October 23rd at
President:   Paul Juberg             7:30 PM.
Vice Pres:   Tom Pickford
Secretary:   Marilyn Gardner
Treasurer:   Casey Nesbit            Program – Our guest speaker for this meeting will be Howard
                                     Gunn of Sacramento, CA., who will discuss the culture of
Past Pres: Vinton Brown              growing Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums. He describes
                                     himself as an “orchid hobbyist” who has been growing orchids
Board Members                        since 1965. He has two greenhouses – an intermediate one that
Conni Barri
Frank Fernandez
                                     is 24‟ x 28‟ and a warm one that is 9‟ x 20‟. He grows
Emily Hendrix                        approximately 1900 orchids, of which about 500 are Paphs and
Cheryl Phillipson                    Phrags, 365 are bulbophyllums and the rest are miscellaneous
                                     species. His slides are all of plants he once owned or has
                                     currently in his collection; all photographed by himself.
Committee Members
Welcoming: Darleen Dobbs
                                     Howard has been a popular speaker at orchid societies for the
            Danica Nesbit            past 15 years and gives from 6 to 8 talks per year; he has
Librarian: Cynthia Battershall       spoken here on at least two prior occasions. He and his wife,
Opportunity Margaret Pranger         Joan, a long-time secretary of the Orchid Digest Corp., have
Plant Dr    Vinton Brown             made a number of “orchid sightseeing” trips to Australia,
Newsletter Noble Emery
            Karen Olson
                                     Mexico and Ecuador, looking for orchids in situ. On one of
            Pam Zeidell              those trips, our co-editor, Noble Emery, unexpectedly „crossed
Publicity   Cheryl Phillipson        paths‟ with Joan and Howard at the Rio de Janeiro airport.
Refreshments Gretchen Cannon         Howard has won numerous AOS awards, including 6 CCMs, 2
                                     CBRs, 3 CHMs, 4 AMs and many HCCs. A few years ago, the
                                     NVOS sponsored a bus trip which included visits to Howard‟s
                                     greenhouses, as well as those of Alan Koch (Gold Country
                                     Orchids) and Fred Hillerman (Angraecoid orchids).

                                     The opportunity table – will be provided by Howard, made
                                     up of divisions from his extensive collection. There should be a
                                     number of unusual orchid species in the assortment.

                                     Future Programs:
                                           27 Nov. – Terry Boomer – Program to be determined.
                                           24 Dec. – No meeting
                                           22 Jan. – Installation of Officers‟ Meeting, Pot Luck
                                           Dinner, and a possible orchid auction.

Nominating Committee – At the September meeting, Don Doehla, Chair, announced the names
of the following members who will be on the ballot at the October meeting:
        Secretary – Pam Zeidell
        Treasurer – Connie Barri
        2 Board members: Ann Brown, Marilyn Gardner, Jim Ladwig and Karen Olson.

A paper ballot will be distributed at the October meeting for the members to vote their choices.
Since Robert‟s Rules of Order require that additional nominations „from the floor‟ can be made
by the members (with the approval of the nominee), it is possible that at the October meeting,
additional „candidates‟ will be written in and included in the voting.

Mel Dittmer Trophy Points (Sep):
    1st – Paul Juberg – Blc Sierra Bell „Bellisima‟
   2nd – Fredia Lloyd – C. leopoldii
   3rd – Karen Olson – Lc Garret Collins
   Hon. Men. – Fredia Lloyd – Blc Jade Princess

The membership plant – Den laevifolium – was won by Don Doehla.

      October- Michael Kunz/Valerie Van der Meer, Jim Ladwig/Pam Zeidell, Fredia Lloyd,
       Carolyn Nelson, Diane Casey and Danica Nesbit.
      November- Sybil O‟Keefe, Karen Olson, Penny Osterhoudt, Ruth Parlan, Cheryl

Dates for Your Orchid Calendar:
October 17th and 18th The Diablo View Orchid Society will have their show and sale at the
Pleasant Hill Community Center, 320 Civic Drive, Pleasant Hill, CA. This society with excellent
growers won the visiting society display at the San Francisco Orchid Society Show for 8
consecutive years.

October 23 - Peninsula Orchid Society Annual Auction - Start getting those plants ready for
sale! Have something to donate? (Books, pots, decorative items, etc.) Call Paul Reeve at 650-
366-3251. San Mateo Garden Center 605 Parkside Way San Mateo @ 6:00 PM

November 7 & 8 - The Orchid Society of California Show and Sale - Lakeside Garden Center
(Lake Merritt), 666 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland -10AM to 5PM both days. For more information:

ADVANCE NOTICE: Mark Your Calendars:
February 25-28, 2010: San Francisco Orchid Show, Fort Mason
March 27-28, 2010: NVOS Orchid Show
November Board Meeting will be held Nov. 4th at 7:30 at the home of Pam and Jim, 6468
Washington St., #43, Yountville. Ph: 944-0234

From AOS: I have an orchid society talk which is titled “Ten Orchid Tips” and tip number 10 is
that you don‟t need to know about orchids to be involved in your society but you will become a
better orchid grower when you are involved. Serving on your orchid society board often gives
you the opportunity to be at another board member‟s home and see how they grow. Or if they
come to your home they might have a helpful idea for your collection. You really do get back
more than you give and it is a great way to help grow your society

If you are an AOS member you have free and discounted admission to more than 200
botanical gardens and arboreta - now that is a benefit many people are not aware of. Go to
the “join” page of the web site to see the details of this offer.

Now available: the AOS 2010 Calendar. Join author Ken Slump as he shares secrets for growing
the best orchids and then offers advice for successfully cultivating and flowering a dozen choices
suitable for the greenhouse, home and under lights. $2 from each calendar sold benefits orchid
conservation. $12.95 plus shipping and handling, Order No. CL919M

From Peninsula Orchid Society:
Here are two links that will take you to interesting orchid conservation web sites:

By-Law changes – The President appointed Sybil O‟Keefe and Noble C. Emery to review and
draft suggested changes to the society‟s By-Laws since some Articles/Sections need up-dating.
When completed, any proposed changes will be reviewed by the Board and submitted to the
members for their approval. If you have any suggestions please contact Sybil or Noble.

Napa Valley Orchid Society’s Birthday – For at least thirty years, members of this society
have been under the false impression that our society was founded in 1955. Sad to relate, your
editors have discovered a copy of the original Articles of Formation of the NVOS which states
that the society was formed on the fourth of April 1958! Future copies of the annual roster will
be up-dated to reflect this correct date.

Orchid trivia – The earliest record of the introduction of a tropical orchid into cultivation is that
by Peter Collinson in 1731, who sent a plant of Bletia verecunda to a Mr. Wager in England, but
no record exists of its survival to flowering. The first orchids known to have survived, albeit for
only a short time, in cultivation, are a Vanilla planifolia and several Epidendrum species
recorded by Phillip Miller in the second edition of his Dictionary of Gardening (1768). (From
The Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species, Third Edition by Bechtel, Cribb and Launert.)

Note: to be discussed at the November meeting:
   1) January plant and related item Auction - vote
   2) Speakers‟ dinners before meetings
   3) Senior Center floor refinishing
   4)   By-Laws changes
   5)   New web site address
   6)   Exciting program possibilities for 2010
   7)   Fredia: AOS coupon for membership

New Members: Please add to your roster:
     Karen Gunst
     1160 Shady Oaks Drive
     Napa, CA 94558

        Sloane Thomas
        6620 Gordon Valley Road
        Napa CA 94558-8620

        Clair Ducrocq
        Aron Weinkauf
        1516 Harley Street
        Calistoga 94515

Renewing Member:

        Joan Rimmer
        2933 Pinewood Drive
        Napa 94558

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