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Melbourne Chinese Baptist Church


Melbourne Chinese Baptist Church

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									Church Activities
English Prayer Meeting
English Service
                                               Sunday 9:30 am
                                               Sunday 10:00 am
                                                                                                               Melbourne Chinese Baptist Church
Fusion Youth Worship                           Sunday 11:30 am                                                     (Incorporating East Kew Baptist Church)
Chinese Service and Sunday School              Sunday 11:30 am
Chinese Prayer Meeting                         Sunday 10:45 am
Chinese Adult Sunday School                    Sunday 10:00 am, 2 pm
Chinese Bible Study / Prayer Meeting           Monday 8.00 pm
Evergreen Fellowship                           Tuesday 10:30 am                           Mission Statement:        To bring people to Christ and membership in His family,
English Bible Study / Prayer Meeting           Tuesday 7:30 pm
University Bible study                         Wednesday 8:00 pm                                                    develop them to Christlike maturity, and equip them for
Wednesday Chinese Bible Study                  Wednesday 8:00 pm (Victor Chiang’s Home)                             their ministry in the church and life mission in the world,
Women Fellowship                               Every month's 1st, 3rd Thursday 10:00 am
Catalyst Fellowship                            Friday 7:30 pm                                                       in order to magnify God’s name.
Gen Christ Fellowship                          Every month's 2nd, 4th Saturday 7:30 pm
Daniel Fellowship                              Every month’s 2nd, 4thSaturday 7:30 pm
Mission Fellowship                             Every month’s 3rd Saturday 2pm             2009 Theme:               Witness as one.

                                       Today                            Next Week
Door Greeter             Lana Wong & Sarah Wong              Joanne and Emily Lim
Worship Leader           Brian Chu                           Shirlane Tse
                                                                                                           Order of Service - 10.00 am 13 September, 2009
Bible Reader             Joanne Lim                          Jessie Lawlor
Offering                 Olivia and Daniel Tay               Steven Wong, Kevin Tai
Tea Helper               Robyn S, Imelda Leung               Joanne and Emily Lim                              Worship leader: Brian Chu and the band
Musicians                The Band                            The Band
Deacon on duty           Kevin Yu                            Sam Ng                                                   Welcome & opening prayer
Sound Technician         David Fong                          David Fong
Child Care               Lana Wong                           Imelda Leung
                                                                                                                               Worship songs
Sanctuary Flower         Andy Yu, Mr. & Mrs. Andy Wu         Clara & Cynthia
                                                                                                                               Sign of Peace
                        Sunday Offering 6 September, 2009
                                                                                                                       Pastoral prayer & Offering
                                                                                                                     Bible Reading: Acts 17: 16-34
                                                                                                                     Message: Rev Dr Morris Lee
                                                                                                                            Closing worship song

                                                                                          75A Cotham Road (corner Highbury Grove) Kew Vic 3101 Tel./Fax: 9855 2868
                                                                                          P O Box 3015, Cotham L.P.O, Kew Vic 3101 Website:

EFT Transfer Details                                                                      Associate Pastor: Pastor Ricky Law                  Tel:     9841 6309/0433 004 787
                                                                                          (Chinese Ministry)                                  Email:
General Fund: Bank: CBA BSB: 063-243, a/c#: 1024 5899
                                                                                          Lead Pastor: Rev. Charles Olsen                     Tel:   9796 6163
Building Fund: Bank: CBA BSB: 063-254, a/c#: 1010 6137                                    (English Ministry)                                  Email:
Mission Fund: Bank: CBA BSB: 063-254, a/c#: 1010 6145                                     Administrator:     Phoebe Chu                       Tel:     0412 698 108
We are delighted to welcome Rev Morris Lee from Brisbane as our guest                      “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” Matthew 5:7
speaker this morning. Morris and his wife Ros have been missionaries with
GIA (previously the Australian Baptist Missionary Society) for more than 30              Prayer
years and have been involved in a great ministry amongst the majority                    Lord, we were far off, but you brought us near. We were in darkness, but
community.                                                                               you shone your light into our hearts. We were in rebellion against you, but
                                                                                         you brought conviction and repentance. Why did you do it? Because you
Morning tea will be served following our service today. Please stay and enjoy            are merciful. And you continue to shower us with mercy by your acts of
a time of fellowship.                                                                    kindness and love to us. Goodness and mercy really are following us all
                                                                                         the days of our lives! Amen.
    Fusion for teenagers: today the young people are going out to purchase
    items for the Christmas boxes they are preparing.
    The Tuesday Bible Study group – is meeting this week on Tuesday at 7.30                                 Mission focus – September 20
    pm at Boon & Emily’s home. For more information please speak Boon or                 Rev Wally Starchenko and about 6 young people will be with us for our
    Emily. Everyone is welcome.                                                          10 am service next Sunday to tell us about their mission to Russia in the
    The Uni group meets on Wednesdays at 8 pm. This week’s a Bible study                 July school holidays. They will share with us through drama, visual
    in the Sunday school building at the church.                                         images and pictures and a message from Wally.
                                                                                         This should be a great time and very suitable for people keen to learn
                          For thought and contemplation                                  about mission and especially for youth and young adults.
    One of the great principles of Old Testament worship was the way in which
    God’s people reminded themselves of God’s goodness to them in the past.
    Take a lesson from their example today. Recite at least ten instances of how                          Church Anniversary – 27 September
    God has blessed your life in the past year.                                          A special combined bi-lingual (Cantonese and English) worship service
    “Yet I call this to mind, and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s           will be held at 10.30 am on Sunday 27 September to celebrate the
    faithful love we do not perish, for His mercies never end.” Lam 3: 21-22
                                                                                         anniversary of our church. Our guest speaker will be Rev Alex Lam senior
                                                                                         pastor of Central Chinese Baptist Church.
           Personal Evangelism Course – Sunday afternoons @ 2 pm                         In the afternoon there will be a celebration starting at 1.30 pm:
                                                                                             • Singspiration
    We have an excellent training course “Just Start Talking”.
    To know Jesus is to have the most amazing relationship of all.                           • slide show reminder of the last wonderful 21 years in our church
    But strangely for many Christians sharing our faith – the very thing that should         • former pastors and church members will share their memories
    be so natural – has become difficult and discouraging.                                   • plus special anniversary cake, coffee and tea
    Well … the time has come to … Just Start Talking.
    This three week course is designed to reassure you that you’re not alone, and        Spring Cleaning of our Church will be held on 26th Sept, 9:30am-12: 30pm,
    to give you skills and confidence to point others to Jesus.                          please bring your bucket, protective gloves, vacuum cleaner, cleaning wipe,
    Please speak to Charles if you would like to be involved in this course which        garden trimming tools. Let’s come to make our spiritual home clean and tidy.
    will be starting shortly if there is sufficient interest.
    So far two people have expressed interest in this course but we need more
    before we get under way!!                                                            Nominations for the diaconate
                                                                                         The leadership of the church is inviting nominations for the diaconate in
    Thanksgiving service for June Sutton: Rev Barrie Sutton’s sister died last           preparation for the church members meeting in November. For more
    week and the thanksgiving service to celebrate her life will be held on Tuesday 15   information please speak with Kevin Yu (our church secretary) or Daniel
    September at New Hope Baptist Church at 1 pm. The service is being conducted         Yu (assistant secretary). Nominations open today and close 27 Sept.
    by Pastor Ricky Law.

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