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					        Henna Workshop Permission Slip
Students participating in the workshop will learn the ancient
art of henna including how to mix henna paste and apply it
to their skin. Henna leaves a temporary stain on the skin for
1-3 weeks. Henna has been used as a safe and temporary
method of skin adornment for thousands of years.
Company/Artist uses only 100% natural herbal henna
powder, tea, and essential oils (plant essences) to ensure a
safe and beautiful henna experience. Although very
uncommon, it is possible that some people may have an
allergy/intolerance to any natural substance. Please notify us
of any known allergies and use common sense.

Company/Artist has never used “black henna” and does not
condone the use of this dangerous chemical.

We hope you enjoy your henna for the weeks to come!

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