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English- Terminology- Glossary

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									Legal Terminology Glossary
      English / Arabic

                       Legal Terminology Glossary
                             English / Arabic

Abandonment of litigation                                              $%&'()* +,-
Acceptance                                                                     .&/0
Access and security parameters                                        1%2* 3454678*
Acceptance of service                                                         9:;<
Acknowledge (serve) parties of submission                ,=,>7)* ?@A&B C&'()* 9:;<
of the expert’s report
Acknowledge (serve) the indebted                                        CDEF)* 9:;<
Acknowledge amendments to writ of                   34/EJ)* G=KL- $M6NH GHIB 9:;<
Acknowledgement                                                                 9:;<
Acknowledgment of receipt                                                .&H&)* OE;
Administer oath                                                           16F6)* PE8
Administrative capacity                                                  QA*?R* QS4MT
Administrative guidelines                                                  UA*?* G6)?
Administrative judiciary                                                 UA*?* S4V0
Admission of Liability                                                     1=K)* A*,0<
Adverse possession                                           W)4% X) Y6) A4>; QZ468
Advise committee                                                        QA&[F)* $\])
Affirm cause of action                                                   U&;K)* .&/0
Affirm judgment                                 $6^D_ $F`N% 1% A?4H aB4b O`8 K6=I-
Aggravating factors                                                    Q?K[% c@,d
Alternative analysis                                                     G^*K/)* G6EN-
Alternative Dispute Resolution                                   34;Z4\F)* G8 G^*KB
Ambit                                                               ?@K8 UK% ,e4Jf
American judicial system                                       h`=,%2* S4V>)* C4if
Amicable settlement                                                        $=?@ $=&j-
Annotation                                                                       ,6jM-
Anti-dumping duties                                           e*,kR* $Nl4`% C&bA
Apparent ownership                                                        $L^4m $6`E%
Appeal process                                                     c4\n7b* 3*S*,_*
Appealable                                                            c4\n7bR* D^4_
Appealable case                                                         $MfI7j% $6V0
Appear before the court                                           $F`NF)* C4%o ,V8
Appearance of parties                                               c*,52* A&V8
Appraiser                                                                         1Fp%
Arbitration                                                                      O6`N-
Archives Department                                                          qMN)* OE0
Articles of commercial and civil laws                   UA4]7)* @ hfKF)* 9&f4>)* ?*&%

Ascertainment of death, “Determination”                                          Q4l&)* 34/u<
Assault                                                                                S*K7;*
Assess                                                                                    O6>=
Assessment and ratification of final fees                     $6^4v\)* C&b,)* ?4F7;* @ ,=K>-
Assisting agencies                                                             $f@4L% 34v_
Associated degree                                                              wb&7% Gxy%
Assume responsibilities                                                346)&nj% @ C4vFB C460
Axiological method                                                            |0:{o z&Ebo

Backlog                                                                       4=4V>)* OT*,-
Backlog reduction                                                    4=4V>)* OT*,- 1% KN)*
Balancing of cash drawers                                          $=K>\)* 34B4jN)* $fZ*&%
Bankruptcy                                                                             ~:l*
Battery misdemeanor                                                            z,• $N\_
Benchbook                                       $jE])* S4\u* h•4>)* 4v%K(7j= h7)* €_*,F)*
Bibliography                                                 €_*,% •/u ‚-4T 34M)yFB 946B
Bill                                                                                  $)46/FT
Bill of exchange                                                                   hfƒ* K\b
Binding force of a decision                                                     O`N)* $6]8
Blood heir                                                                          CK)* h)@
Bond                                                                            $f4%* .4'=*
Bordereau                                                                    (16%I7)*) $F^40
Breach of contract                                                          K>L)* ?&\B e,{
Brief                                                              (S4V0 $v_ h)<) Q,T„%

Canceling partial circuit judgment                 $6^D_ $F`N% 1% A?4H aB4b O`8 S4‰)*
Case delay                                                   U&;K)* hl G'M)* hl ,6{I-
Case disposition management                                      U&;K)* hl G'M)* QA*?*
Case fees assessment                                                       C&b,)* ,=K>-
Case flow                                                        $6V>)* 3*S*,_* z46jf*
Case folder management                                                U&;K)* PE% QA*?*
Case indexing                                                            U&;K)* $)@K_
Case initiation                                                           U&;K)* $%40*
Case Initiation and Receipting Network                G6'N7)* .4F;* @ U&;K)* $%40* $`/m
Case law system (precedents law)                                      $6^4V>)* aB*&j)* 9&f40
Case management                                                                 U&;K)* QA*?*
Case Management Application (CMA)                                         U&;K)* QA*?* C4if
Case note recording                                                4=4V>)* 34i8:% G6]j-
Case roll                                                                        $jE])* .@A
Case study (training)                                                          $6b*A? 3Š48

Case termination                                                                         U&;K)* S4vf*
Case type                                                                                 U&;K)* ‘&f
Caseload                                                                                  4=4V>)* O]8
Central Auditing Organization                                                34/b4NFE) UDT,F)* Z4v])*
Certificate for non-protest claims                                           &7j-@,B .&'8 CK; Q?4vm
Certificate of a case in process                                             $)@*K7% U&;? 34f46B Q?4vm
Certificate of no objection to a demolition                      $)*Z* A*,0 hE; 1L5 .&'8 CKLB Q?4vm
Certificate of no objection to assessed fees               C&bA ,=K>- ,%o hl $•A4L% ’@K8 CKLB Q?4vm
Certificate that no appeals were filed for a          $6^D_ $F`NFB U&;? hl c4\n7b* .&'8 CKLB Q?4vm
case before a partial circuit within a certain                                  .@K])* 1% Q,7l .:{
period of time
Certificate that there are no bankruptcy              .:{ 16L% “(m K• ~:l* O`8 A@KH CKLB Q?4vm
cases filed against a specified person within                                       $\6L% Q,7l
a certain period of time
Certificate that there are no rent cases filed       “(m K• $=A4]=* $6^4V0 34;Z4\% ?&_@ CKLB Q?4vm
against a specified person                                                                     16L%
Chain of title                                                                        $6`EF)* GjEj-
Chain of tasks                                                                      C4vF)* 1% $EjEb
Challenging a judge (Application to                                                        Q4V>)* ?A
disqualify a judge)
Cheque cashing privilege                                                        34`6[)* c,H 3*Z467%*
Chief clerk                                                              (z47`)* ,6/T) $F`NF)* C4; 16%*
Chief Judge, Presiding Judge                                                                $F`N% Y6^A
Chief justice                                                                              $F`NF)* Y6^A
Child custody                                                                              ?Š@2* $f4V8
Circuit clerk                                                                             $jE])* ,6-,`b
Circulars                                                                                $=A*?* 3*A&[\%
Civil (commercial) case processing                                        ($=A4]-) $6fK% U&;? 3*S*,_*
Civil and commercial cases management                                    $=A4]7)* @ $6fKF)* U&;K)* QA*?*
Civil and commercial litigation                                               UA4]7)* @ hfKF)* h•4>7)*
Civil code (law)                                                                            hfKF)* 9&f4>)*
Civil court decisions                                                                      $6fKF)* C4`82*
Civil court system                                                                   $6fKF)* OT4NF)* C4if
Civil litigation                                                                       $6fKF)* 34;Z4\F)*
Codification                                                                                       $k46H
Coherent and just basis                                                           .?4; @ Wb4F7% ~4bo
Commercial code                                                                           UA4]7)* 9&f4>)*
Commercial disputes procedures                                         $=A4]7)* 34;*D\)* .@4\- 3*S*,_*
Commercial paper                                                                            $=A4]- e*A@o
Commercials                                                                                      9&=A4]-
Commodities                                                                                         €^4VB
Community board, Municipality Council                                                        hEN% YE]%
Compensation                                                                                    34V=&L-
Conciliation                                                                                         ”EH
Conclusive oath, decisive oath                                                                $Fb48 16F=

Confiscation                                                        QA?4'%
Consolidated identification                                  K8&% P=,L-
Consolidation date                           U,{* $6V0 OV) A*,0 ˜=A4-
Construction of contract                                         K>L)* ,6jM-
Consultant                                                         UA4[7b*
Contested decisions                                    4v6E; ‘Z4\7% C4`8o
Continental law                                              UA4>)* 9&f4>)*
Contract awards                                           3*S4JL)* S4bA<
Contract integration                                              K68&- K>;
Contract of sale                                                   €6/)* K>;
Conviction                                                              $f*?<
Cost and procurement projections             34=,7[F)* @ P6)4`7E) 3*,=K>-
Cost containment                                           P6)4`7)* S*&78*
Court administration                                         $F`NF)* QA*?<
Court administration laws                     OT4NF)* QA*?4B $>EL7% 16f*&0
Court hearing agenda                                       $jE]F)* ,VN%
Court of Appeal (COA)                                    c4\n7bR* $F`N%
Court of Cassation                                           ™>\)* $F`N%
Court of First instance (Trial Court)                        $6^*K7B* $F`N%
Courts of First instance (Trial Court)                        $6^*K7B* OT4N%
Courts reform                                               OT4NF)* š:H<
Criminal Prosecution                                    $6^4\])* 34;Z4\F)*
Customary Law                                                  |l,; 9&f40

Daily posting                                                h%&= .4M0*
Days of service                               9:;›) $B&EJF)* C4=2* ?K;
Debriefing                                          ,'7(% ,=,>- O=K>-
Decision on the merits                                 $6;&•&% C4`8o
Declaration of insolvency, notice of                      ~:l< A4vm<
Defects Liability Period                                      94FV)* Q,7l
Defendant                                                     X6E; h;KF)*
Deference                                          Q4;*,% / C*,78* / 94;ƒ<
Deliberation                                                         .@*K-
Delivering note                                                O6Ej- hT,b
Demolish                                                              $)*Z*
Deposits                                                              €^*?@
Depreciation                                                         +:x*
Determination of heis                                         $uA&)* 166L-
Detriment                                                            A,•
Devolution of estate                                          ’AR* ,'8
Dilatory debtor                                               G54F% 1=K%
Disciplinary boards                                         ‚=?I7)* Y)4]%
Disciplinary measures                                       z47`)* 34>6>N-

Disclosure of proposal contents                                ž,L)* 34=&7N% 1; P[T
Discontinuation of case for death of one of       16F'7(F)* K8* Q4l&) $%&'()* ,6b ‘4J>f*
the litigants
Discontinuation of litigation                                         $%&'()* ,6b ‘4J>f*
Disinheritance                                                           ’AR* 1% 94%,8
Dismissal                                                                             ‚Jm
Display                                                                              ž,;
Dispose                                                     U&;? hl G'M= / .4% 1; .Z4\-
Disposition of a case                                                    U&;K)* hl G'M)*
Dispute management                                                           34;*D\)* QA*?*
Disqualification                                           DT,% @o Ÿm $bA4FF) $6Ex2* K>M=
Dissemination                                                                     ,pf ,,[f
Dissipation                                                                            K=K/-
Distribute case intake to multiple accounts           $ME7(% 34B4j8 h)* ƒ&{IF)* K>\)* €=Z&-
District Court                                                4`=,%IB h)@2* $_AK)* $F`N%
Docket                                                                     $%K>F)* U@4;K)*
Docket table                                                          CK>F)* U@4;K)* .@K_
Documentary credit                                                           UK\7j% ?4F7;*
Draft written order of payment                                                        $)*&8
Dumping                                                                              e*,k<

Eliminate legal impediments                                   $6f&f4>)* 340&LF)* hE; S4V>)*
Elimination                                                                1% “E(- / c„8
Eminent domain                                                     $%4L)* $LM\FE) $6`EF)* ‘Df
Endorsement                                                                            ,6vi-
Enforce binding contracts                                                  ?&>L)* $6]8 O6;K-
Enterprise                                                                            ‘@,[%
Enterprise model revision                                               GFL)* ¡ƒ&Ff $L_*,%
Execution of a final fee claims                                $6^4v\)* C&b,)* 34/)4J% „6M\-
Execution of contract                                                               K>L)* „6M\-
Execution of judgment                                                      $F`NF)* O`8 „6M\-
Exemption certificate                                                          S4M;R* Q?4vm
Exemption of fine                                                            $%*,‰)* 1% $)40*
Exhibits                                                                               Z*,8*
Experienced judges                                                            16b,F7% Q4V0
Expert deposit payment                                                      ,6/()* $f4%o ?*Kb
Express warranties                                                           94FV)* 3*?4vm
Expropriation                                                                      $6`E% ‘Df
Extradition treaty                                                     16%,]F)* O6Ej- QKx4L%

Face amount                                                                     hFbR* ¢E/F)*

Facilitator                                                                      ,j6%
Facilities and support                                            $f&LF)* @ 3:6vj7)*
Family cases                                                    $6'(m .*&8o U@4;?
Federation Internationale Des Ingenieurs-           16=A4[7bR* 16bK\vFE) h)@K)* ?4N-R*
Conseils (FIDIC)
Fees claims                                                                   34/)4JF)*
Fees                                                                     C&b,)* G6'N-
Fees of intervention on either litigants side                      h%&]v)* G{K7)* ObA
File a case                                                                U&;K)* $%40*
Filing date                                                         U&;K)* $%40* ˜=A4-
Final court fees                                                   U&;KE) $6^4vf C&bA
Final court hearing                                 (O`NE) U&;K)* D]8) Q,6{2* $jE])*
Final decision                                                     h^4v\)* O`N)* A@KH
First court hearing                                                       h)@2* $jE])*
First reference to expert                                    S*,/()* $NE'F) $)48< .@o
Fluctuations                                                                       34/E>-
Follow up execution                                                        „6M\7)* $LB47%
Formation of contract                                                      K>L)* $k46H
Framing of the charge                                                      $Fv7)* P66`-
Fraudulence                                                                        Y6)K-
Free on board (F.O.B)                                              G>\)* ?&>; ‘*&fo K8o
Free trade                                                                   Q,8 QA4]-
Full court                                                          $6ET Q,^*? – $F`N%

Garnishment order                                   ?&>f @o $)&>\% 946;o hE; D]N)4B ,%o
General Services Administration (GSA)                                $%4L)* 34%K()* QA*?<
Generate                                                               K)&= / ’KN= / ¨7\=
Generate a copy receipt for any cash                      .4'=R* 1% GH2* a/5 $(jf
Generate notices                                                    3*A*„f* /A4J{* GF;
Guarantee                                                                  $f4F• ©$)4MT
Hallmark                                                                    QD6F% $Fb
Hands-on experience                                                         $6EF; Q,/{
Hearing or trial transcript                                              $jE])* ,VN%
Hearing procedures                                                         $jE])* .4F;*
Hearings                                                                       34jE])*
Heritage                                                                           ’A*


Identify the nature of action                  S*,_2* $L6/5 hE; c,L-
Impersonation                                      ,6‰)* $6'(m .4N7f*
In absentia                                                        ¬ 6B46k
In camera session                                            $=,b $jE_
Incomplete documentation                              $F;K% ,6k a^4u@
In presence                                                     ¬=A&V8
Indecent                                                      ”•4l GLl
Indexing a case from another court       U,{* $F`N% 1% $)4N% U&;? K60
Indexing Dept.                                                .@K])* OE0
Individual justice                                           $=?,l $)*K;
Inform concerned authorities                     $'7(F)* 34JEj)* -:B*
Inherent                                                          GHI7%
Inherited systems                                      $u@A&F)* $Fif2*
Inimical                                                           U?4L%
Inquiry                                          .*yb / a6>N- / C:L7b*
Inquiry judge                                              a6>N7)* h•40
Inspection                                                         ®67M-
Interim orders                                               $670@ ,%*@o
International private law                         ¯4()* |)@K)* 9&f4>)*
International Public law                             C4L)* |)@K)* 9&f4>)*
Interpretation of contracts                                 ?&>L)* ,6jM-
Inventory management                                       9Z4(F)* QA*?<
Investigations                                          34>6>N7)* .4F;o
Invitation for Bid                                        $'04\F)* š,5
Irrevocable divorce                                           1^4B e:5
Journal                                                      346%&6)* ,7l?
Joinder                                                  ?K_ C&'{ .4{?<
Judge of provisional matters                          $670&)* A&%2* h•40
Judge recusal                                                 h•4>)* hN\-
Judges subject to challenge                         Ox?A z&EJF)* Q4V>)*
Judges training                                               Q4V>)* ‚=AK-
Judgment, execution of                                            O`N)* „6M\-
Judgment in absentia                                              hB46k O`8
Judgment register                                               C4`82* ,7l?
Judicial control                                           $6^4V>)* $B40,)*
Judicial inspection                                        |^4V>)* ®67M7)*
Judicial Service                                              |^4V0 9:;<
Judicial sovereignty                                           S4V>)* Q?46b
Judicial year                                                $6^4V>)* $\j)*
Judiciary                                           $6^4V>)* $n6v)* S4V;*
Jurisdictional statement                                  ¯4'7{* Q,T„%
Jurists’ opinions                                                S4v>M)* S*A*

Kerb market                                 $HA&/)* ¡A4{ $6)4F)* e*A@2* €6B
Kill                                                                    G70
Kite                                                         $=A&H $)46/FT
Kleptomania                                     (|jMf ž,%) $0,j)* 9&\_

Labor cases                                                         .4F; U@4;?
Land transport                                                           U,B G>f
Lapse of right                                                        aN)* ²&>b
Law and amendments                                           4v-:=KL- @ 16f*&>)*
Law enforcement                                                     16f*&>)* „6M\-
Law of evidence                                                     34/uR* 9&f40
Lawyers syndicate (Bar Association)                                16%4NF)* $B4>f
Lease                                                                  A4]=< K>;
Legacy                                                            ’A*&7% ,’*,-
Legal parameters                                                 $6f&f40 346JL%
Legal precedents                                                   $6f&f40 aB*&b
Legal references                                                   $6f&f40 €_*,%
Legal research                                                       |f&f40 ³NB
Legal status                                                        |f&f40 ۥ@
Legislation-laws                                              16f*&0 – 34L=,[-
Legislation or regulations                                    ”^*&) @o 34L=,[-
Legislative Authority                                          $6L=,[7)* $JEj)*
Legislative bodies                                                $6L=,[- 34n6x
Legislative judicial seminars                           $6^4V0 $6L=,[- 3*@Kf
Legislative modification                                       $6L=,[- 3:=KL-
Legislative proposals                                         $6L=,[- 348,7>%
Legislators and judges                                      Q4V>)* @ 9&;,[F)*
Letter of guarantee                                                94F• z4J{
Libel, defamation                         C&b,)* @o $B47`)* @o ,[\)* G6/jB c„0
Lien                                                                UA4>; 1xA
Life span                                                              Q46N)* QK%
Limitation of actions or statute of                                          C?4>-
Liquidated damages and penalties                      QA,>% @o $;&J>% A*,•*
Liquidation                                                            $6M'-
Liquidator                                                            hM'%
Litigants                                                 (C&'()*) 166•4>7%
Loan                                                                   ž,0
Loan contract                                                     ž,>)* K>;
Lobby                                                                    G7`-

Making of contract                                                K>L)* C*,B<
Maritime transport                                                U,NB G>f
Market research                                                e&j)* $b*A?
Marriage officer                                                       9@ƒI%
Mediation                                                             $54b@
Mediator                                                               w6b@
Mentor                                                          Km,% / OEL%
Mentor judge                                                 Km,F)* h•4>)*
Minimum value                                                   |F60 z4'f
Mission statement                                                      $)4bA
Mitigating conditions                                                  PM(=
Monitoring Government registers                  "h%&`8" w6b&)* ,\lK)* $LB47%

National Centre of State Courts (NCSC)           34=Š&)* OT4NF) |%&>)* DT,F)*
Navigation                                                               A4NB<
Negative Certificate                                               $6/Eb Q?4vm
Negligence                                                   $=,6'>- $6)&nj%
Negotiable commercial paper                              $)@*K7% $=A4]- e*A@*
Negotiation                                                             ž@4M-
Nepotism                                                        zA402* Q4B4N%
Never filed                                                         1`- O) 9IT
Newsletter                                                     $=A4/{* 3*,[f
Non-suited cases                              $J04b U@4;? – $%4>% ,6k U@4;?
Non-case value jurisdiction                            hF6>)* ¯4'7{R* CK;
Non-specialty jurisdiction                     (h^Š@) h;&\)* ¯4'7{R* CK;
Non-territorial jurisdiction                           hENF)* ¯4'7{R* CK;
No-penalty-on-suspicion, Beyond                                   34v/[)* SA?
reasonable doubt
Notation for registration on case roll                    .@K])4B K6>)4B ,6mI7)*
Note of protest                                                 ¡4]78* Q,T„%

Objection                                                               .4`[7b*
Objection to execution of judgment                              „6M\7)* 3Š4`m*
Obligations                                                             34%*D7)*
Off the roll                                                               P0@
Ontology                                                            ?&_&)* OE;
Open argument                                                 $Ll*,F)* z4B ”7l
Oral evidence                                                        $6vMm $)?o

Order an investigation                                                                 a6>N- S*,_<
Organization of Economic Co-operation                             $=?4'70R* $6F\7)* @ 9@4L7)* $Fi\%
and Development (OECD)
Original writ of summons                                                         U&;K)* $M6NH GH*
Ownership                                                                                     $6`E%
Panel                                                                                      16MEN% $n6x
Panels                                                                         $n6x – $F`N% – ,^*@?
Panels of three                                                                    Q4V0 $u:u 1% $n6x
Partial court, trial court                                                               $6^D_ $F`N%
Partial court (circuit)                                                         $6^D_ Q,^*? @o $F`N%
Party                                                                                     zD8 / PE8
Party dispositions                                                           zD8 / PENE) W6EF- K\b
Paying fines                                                                                O=,‰- A*,0
Payment                                                                                       34;&lK%
Payroll plan                                                                             ‚-*@,E) $J{
Payroll policy                                                                          ‚-*@,)* $b46b
Peer                                                                                        K\)* ,,6i\)*
Peer groups meetings                                                               S*,i\)4B 34;4F7_*
Perceive                                                                              +AK= ,OvM= ,|L=
Periodic reports                                                                         $=A@? ,=A4>-
Peripheral                                                                                       |NJb
Perjury                                                                                     A@Z Q?4vm
Personnel department                                                               16E%4L)* 9&nm QA*?*
Personnel policy                                                                 16E%4L)* 9&nm $b46b
Pertinent                                                                      ‘&•&F)4B $E')* a6u@
Piracy                                                                                         $\H,>)*
Pitfall                                                                                    ,J{ ,eZI%
Plea bargaining                                              Ov7F)* €% $6^4\])* $•@4MF)* @o $%@4jF)*
Pleading brief                                                              ($6B*&_ @* $6;4l?) Q,T„%
Political sovereignty                                                                  $6b46j)* Q?46j)*
Positive certificate                                                                     $6B4]=* Q?4vm
Postponement as a request by litigants for                             ”)4'7E) C&'()* ‚EJT G6_I-
Postponement as a request by litigants to              3*K\7j% / 3*,T„% O=K>7) C&'()* ‚EJT G6_I-
submit documents / brief
Postponement for acknowledging absent            1% ¡A4(- ‚EJB 1=,•4N)* ,6k C&'()* 9:;R G6_I-
litigants with a demand for exclusion from                                            U&;K)*
Postponement for acknowledging litigants               ¬ 6%&]x G{K7F)* 34/EJB C&'()* 9:;R G6_ I-
with demands of intervening party
Postponement for acknowledgment of                                    c4>=R4B G6]L7)4B 9:;R G6_I-
enhancement of case processing
Postponement for acknowledgment of                                 ‚J[)* 1% K=K]7)4B 9:;›) G6_I-
renewing case processing

Postponement for administrative reasons as        ‚/b U2 $jE])* K>; 1% 1`F7)* CKL) UA*?* G6_I-
hearing was not held for some reason
Postponement for allegation of forgery                      ,=@D7)4B 1LJ)* 3*S*,_* ƒ4N-R G6_I-
Postponement for amending plaintiff’s                                 h;KF)* 34/E5 G=KL7) G6_I-
Postponement for attachment of tax file                                h/=,V)* PEF)* OV) G6_I-
Postponement for complaint against                          U„6M\7)* K\j)4B CD7EF)* C4'7{R G6_I-
responsible for writ of execution
Postponement for expert report                                    ,6/()* ,=,>- ?@A@ CKL) G6_I-
Postponement for final judgment                                                    O`N)* D]8
Postponement for forensic medicine report                    h;,[)* ‚J)*,=,>- ?@A@ CKL) G6_I-
Postponement for including new litigants                                     ?K_ C&'{ .4{?*
Postponement for including other items                                          3*?,MFE) G6_I-
Postponement for more investigation by                       $5,[)* Oj0 A4J{¶B 34=,N7E) G6_I-
police station
Postponement for more time for judgment                                             O`NE) G_* K%
Postponement for other reasons                                              U,{o z4/b2 G6_I-
Postponement for paying expert deposit                                   ,6/()* $f4%* ?*Kj) G6_I-
Postponement for paying fees of                                  ¬6%&]x G{K7)* ObA ?*Kj) G6_I-
intervention on either litigants’ side
Postponement for prosecution opinion                                          $B46\)* Uo,) G6_I-
Postponement for re-acknowledgment of                        34/EJ)* G=KL7B 9:;R* Q?4;Š G6_I-
writ of demands amendments
Postponement for review                                                          ‘:5›) G6_I-
Postponement for service                                                         9:;›) G6_I-
Postponement for summoning witnesses                                      ?&v[)* 9:;R G6_I-
Postponement for, continuance                                                             G6_I-
Power                                                                                    $JEj)*
Pre-trial procedures                                                       $jE])* G/0 4% .4F;o
Pre-emption                                                                          $LM[)* a8
Preliminary judgments                                                             $=K6vF- C4`8o
Premeditated murder                                              KH,7)* @ A*,HR* a/b €% G70
Preparations                                                                          3*D6v]-
Private sector                                                                  ¯4()* ‘4J>)*
Problem identification and solving                                        4vE8 @ $E`[F)* K=KN-
Problems related or leading to case delay                          4=4V>)* ,6{I7B $>EL7% GT4[%
Procedural                                                                              h^*,_<
Procedural Law                                                                 34Ll*,F)* 9&f40
Procedural modification                                                       $6^*,_* 3:=KL-
Procedural problems                                                             $6^*,_< GT4[%
Procedural reform                                                        3*S*,_R* |l š:H<
Procedural rules                                                                 $6^*,_* K;*&0
Procedures                                                                             3*S*,_<
Process cash receipt                                                           G6'N7)* S*,_<
Procurement                                                                3*K=A&- @ 34=,7[%

Promotion line number                                                                    $6%K0o
Property rights                                                                  $6`EF)* e&>8
Proposed regulatory reforms in law                 9&f4>)* hl $6F6i\7)* 348:HR* 348,7>%
Proposed solutions                                                               $Nm,% .&E8
Proprietary system                                          QK8*@ $T,[B ¯4{ – aE‰% C4if
Prosperity                                                                                S4{A
Protest                                                                        O`N)* $•A4L%
Protocols                                                                 $604M-* – .&T&-@,B
Provisional measures                                               (e*,kR*) $70y% 3*S*,_*
Public justice                                                          $6;4F_ – $%4; $)*K;
Public relations                                                                 $%4; 340:;
Public services dept.                                                    $%4L)* 34%K()* QA*?*
Public session                                                                     $6\E; $jE_
Publications                                                                         3*A*KH*
Punitive arrestment                                                               h^*D_ c4>=*
Purchase order                                                                       S*,m ,%*
Purchase tickets                                                                  ,T*„7)* S*,m
Purging and handling                                                       $)@4\F)* @ ,6vJ7)*
Putting case on hold                                                              h>6EL- c4>=*
Quality                                                                                 Q?&_
Qualification                                                                    QS4MT ©Gxy%
Quarterly                                                                $\b €BA GT ©|;4BA
Quest                                                                      ³NB ©,N- ©a6>N-
Quittance                                                                     $')4(% ©S*,B<
Quota system                                                                   “'N)* C4if
Quorum                                                              16L% ?K; @o ©?KN% z4'f
Rationale                                           h>J\F)* ~4b2* ,z4/b¸) ž,; @o wjB
Ready for reform                                                        š:H›) K6_ ?*KL7b*
Reappraisal                                                                          O66>- Q?4;<
Receipt                                                                                  .4'=<
Receiving documents (judgment and                              S*,/()* ‚7`F) U&;K)* .4bA<
supporting documents)                        (O`NE) QK=yF)* 3*K\7jF)* @ C4`82*) a^4u&)* .&/0
Receiving note                                                                   C:7b* hT,b
Record books                                                                            3:]b
Record invitation                                                                   G]b ¹&;?
Recording and indexing claims                                          34/)4JF)* $b,vl @ K60
Recording documents of acknowledgment                                       $\ELF)* e*A@2* K60
Recording objections to execution                                   „6M\7)* |l .4`mR* G6]j-
Recording service result                                                 9:;R* $]67f G6]j-
Records management                                                              3:]j)* QA*?<
Recreation rooms                                                                       $8*,7b*

Recusal (judge disqualifying himself)                                               XjM\) h•4>)* ?A
Reduce case delay                                                              4=4V>)* ,{I- 1% KN)*
Reduce opposition                                                                    $•A4LF)* G6E>-
Reduce time                                                                     $6\%D)* Q,7M)* ,6'>-
Re-engineered procedures                                                      3*S*,_R* O6i\- Q?4;<
Refer to a partial circuit for non-case value           ¯4'7{R* CKL) $'7(F)* $6^D])* $F`NFE) $)48<
jurisdiction                                                                                   hF6>)*
Refer to another circuit or non-specialty            (h^Š&)*) |;&\)* ¯4'7{Š* CKL) U,{o Q,^*K) $)48<
Refer to another circuit for non-territorial         hENF)* ¯4'7{Š* CKL) U,{o $6^*K7B* $F`NF) $)48<
Refer to expert dept.                                                                  S*,/()* h)< $)48<
Re-filed cases                                                                        4v7%40< K6;o 4=4V0
Reform                                                                                            š:H<
Refuse cause of action, Rejection                                                         U&;K)* ™lA
Regardless                                                                                ,i\)* c,'B
Register                                                                                           G]j=
Register of action                                                                           $T,8 G]b
Regulations                                                                                        ”^*&E)*
Rehabilitation                                                                                G6xI- Q?4;<
Remedy at law                                                    (S4V>)* C4%* U&;? €lA) 9&f4>E) S&]E)*
Reinstating cases                                                                                   K=K]-
Rent                                                                                             3*A4]=*
Rent cases                                                                               3*A4]=* 4=4V0
Rent contest                                                                             3*A4]=* 9&L5
Rent law                                                                                3*A4]=Š* 9&f40
Rental contract or lease                                                                     A4]=Š* K>;
Reorganization                                                                                O6i\- Q?4;<
Re-organizational reform in law                                               9&f4>)* |l |F6i\- š:H<
Replacement of employees                                                                   $)4FL)* .:8<
Report                                                                                              ,=,>-
Reporting system breakdowns                                                            ,=A4>7)* C4if G[l
Reports on allegation of forgery                                                   ,=@D7)4B 1L5 ,=A4>-
Repository                                                                    9D(% / ‘?&7j% / AK'%
Request for bid (RFB)                                                             $'04\% ž@,; ‚E5
Request for information                                                                   34%&EL% ‚E5
Request for proposal (RFP)                                                        $8&7M% ž@,; ‚E5
Request the appointments of experts                                                     ,6/{ 166L- ‚E5
Requirements                                                                                     34/EJ7%
Requirements analysis                                                                   34/EJ7F)* G6EN-
Requirements report                                                             aB4j)* 1; G'M% ,=,>-
Res nellius                                                     (+&EF% ,6k .4% hE; K6)* ۥ@) S:67b*
Res nullius                                                                               QA&]v% $6`E%
Reschedule                                                                                   $)@K_ Q?4;*
Rescheduling the case                                                          ‚J[)* 1% U&;K)* K=K]-
Research results                                                                             ³N/)* ¨^47f

Resources                                                                               ?A*&%
Responsibilities                                                                    346)&nj%
Responsive                                           $B4]7bR* €=,b ,~4j8 ,‚6]7j% ,‚6]%
Restrictions                                                                              ?&60
Restructure                                                                       $E`6x Q?4;<
Retreats                                                           ,>F)* ¡A4{ K>L- 34;4F7_*
Retrieve                                                               ?K]= / €_,7j= / ?,7j=
Revenues                                                                              3*?*,=*
Review judicial procedures                                     $6^4V>)* 3*S*,_R* ž*,L7b*
Review procedural processes                                        $6^*,_R* ²*&J()* $L_*,%
Revision of collection of case filing fees                 U&;K)* €lA C&bA G6'N- $L_*,%
Revision on fees estimation                                                    C&b,)* $L_*,%
Revocable divorce                                                                hL_A e:5
Revoke the divorce                                                            $_@D)* $L_*,%
Rewrite                                                                          $k46H Q?4;*
RFP business requirements                          GFL)* 34%DE7j% ,6l&7) ž,LB CK>7)* ‚E5
RFP administrative requirements                    $=A*?< 34%DE7j% ,6l&7) ž,LB CK>7)* ‚E5
Right to vote                                                                    •=&'7)* a8
Role                                                                                      A@?
Rule of law                                                                      9&f4>)* Q?46b
Rules                                                                                   K;*&0
Rulings of court cassation                                                ™>\)* $F`N% C4`8o
Rulings of high constitutional courts                          46EL)* $=A&7bK)* $F`NF)* C4`8o
Sales tax exemption                                                34L6/F)* $/=,• 1% S4M;*
Sample form                                                                     $\6; QA4F7b*
Schedules court hearings                                                      34jE])* K=KN-
Scheduling management information                                      .@K])* QA*?< 34%&EL%
Scope of work                                                                     .4F;o A45<
Securities                                                                            3*K\b
Senior judges                                                                  9&`\N% Q4V0
Sentence, execution of                                                   $6LJ>)* C4`82* „6M\-
Sequestration                                                                 $b*,N)* ž,l
Serve parties of submission of the expert’s                     ,=,>7)* ?@A&B C&'()* 9:;*
Serve the indebted                                                               CDEF)* 9:;*
Service                                                                                 9:;*
Service data                                                    $M6N')* GH4B 9:;R* ˜=A4-
Service department                                                                1=,VNF)*
Service dept.                                                                 1=,VNF)* OE0
Signature case                                                           €60&7)* $NH 4=4V0
Site preparation                                                            €0&F)* 3*D6v]-
Situational leadership                                                        $6>0&F)* Q?46>)*
Slander                                                                                  c„0
Solvency                                                                     A4j;< / $j6EM-

Staff computer literacy skills assessment        ,-&6/F`)* C*K(7b* hl 16Md&F)* 3*A4v% O66>-
Staffing patterns                                                             $6M6d&)* GT46v)*
Standalone                                                                             G>7j%
Statistics dept.                                                                  S4'8R* OE0
Statutes                                                                                K;*&0
Sub-cases                                                                       $6;,l U@4;?
Suborn a witness                                                                  Kx4[)* 16>E-
Subscription                                                                           z477T*
Subsequent court hearing                                              $6)47)* $F`NF)* 34jE_
Subsidy                                                                                   O;?
Substantive                                                                 hb4bo / U,x&_
Substantive improvement                                                        º,x&_ ,=&J-
Summary jurisdiction and procedure in                                          G]L7j% S4V0
matters of special urgency
Summons                                                                     A&VNB P6E`-
Supporting register for accounts                                 QKHA2* z4jN) K;4j% ,7l?
Supreme Court                                                         4`=,%IB 46EL)* $F`NF)*
Supreme Judicial Council (SJC)                                       S4V>E) hE;2* YE]F)*
Survey                                                                                  ”j%
Syndic, Trustee                                                              h^4V0 ~A48
Synopsis                                                                   D_&% / ,'7(%

Take testimony of witness                                                     ?&v[)* z*&]7b*
Targeted beneficiaries                                                               9@K6M7j%
Task                                                                                      $Fv%
Termination of contract                                                              K>L)* ˜jl
Test period                                                                       A4/7{R* Q,7l
Testimony quorum                                                                Q?4v[)* z4'f
Timely disposition of cases                                          4=4V>)* hl G'M)* $;,b
Trade customs                                                                      $\vF)* K6)4>-
Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual            QA4]7)4B $>EL7F)* $=,`M)* $6`EF)* e&>8 $604M-*
Property Rights (TRIPS)
Trial dates                                                                   $FT4NF)* ˜=A*&-
Trip schedule itinerary                                                          Q?4=D)* .@K_

Undivided ownership, Joint ownership                                          QoD]% ,6k $6`E%
United States Agency for International                          $6)@K)* $6F\7E) $6`=,%2* $n6v)*
Development (USAID)
Unprescribed (public) interest                                                  $Eb,% ”)4'%
Urgent cases                                                                   $E]L7j% U&;?

Vagrancy                                                                  ?,[-
Vague                                                                      Ov/%
Validity                                                           ƒ4Mf ©94=,b
Vendor                                                                      €^4B
Vendue                                                              |^4V0 €6B
Verdict                                                     16MENF)* $n6x A*,0
Versatile                                                ‚f*&])* ?KL7% / ‚E>7%
Victim                                                      $6N• ©X6E; |\]%
Vitiate                                                           ‚6L= ©GJ/=
Void                                                               |‰E% ©G54B
Voluntarily postponement                                           |04M-* c4>=<
Vow                                                              Oj0 ©Kv; „{o
Vote                                                                   •=&'-

Waiting period                                                       (Q¾,F)*) QK;
Warranty for hidden defects                                        z&6L)* 94F•
Wasting rights                                                      e&>N)* A*Kx<
Whitepaper                                                 hFbA h%&`8 ,=,>-
Wife’s proxy                                                        $_@D)* G6T@
Win win situation, Wintwin                        c*,52* €6F_ $NE'% a>N7-
With malice aforethought                               KH,7)* @ A*,HR* a/b
Witness for the prosecution                                           34/u* Kx4m
World Trade Organization (WTO)                            $6F)4L)* QA4]7)* $Fi\%
World health Organization (WHO)                           $6F)4L)* $N')* $Fi\%
World Intellectual property Organization         $=,`M)* $6`EFE) $6F)4L)* $Fi\F)*
World Customs Organization (WCO)                        $6F)4L)* +A4F])* $Fi\%
World Bank                                                         |)@K)* W\/)*
Writ                                                             U&;K)* $M6NH
Writ of attachment                                                    D]8 ,%o
Writ of Debt                                                           S*?o ,%o
Writ of demands for person intervening on         4
                                                  ¬ 6%&]x G{K7% 34/E5 $M6NH
either litigant’s side
Wirt of proceeding with case after being              ‚J[)* 1% K=K]- $M6NH
Writ of summons                                               U&;K)* $M6NH
Writing judgments in case                             U@4;K)* hl C4`82* $B47T

CMA Terminology Glossary

                      CMA Terminology Glossary

Address                                                                      9*&\;
Administration                                                       $F`NF)* QA*?*
Age                                                                    .@*K7)* 1%Z
Alternative title                                               U&;KE) Q,v[)* Obo
Annex                                                                aNEF)* h\/F)*
Appealed civil                                                        PfI7j% hfK%
Appealed commercial                                                 PfI7j% UA4]-
Appealed labor                                                       PfI7j% .4F;
Legal Personality                                                   ºA4/7;* “(m
Associated cases                                                  $J/-,F)* U@4;K)*
Attach document                                                          K\7j% O•
Attach judgment                                                          O`N)* O•
Attach transcript                                                       QA&H O•
Average duration                                            .*K)* S*,_R* Z4]f< QK%
Bankruptcy                                                                   ~:l<
By Age and Circuit                            Q,^*K)* O0A @ U&;K)* .@*K- QK% ‚j8
By Age and Event type                  ,6{2* ’KN)* ‘&f @ U&;K)* .@*K- QK% ‚j8
By Case number                                                  U&;K)* O0A ‚j8
By Circuit                                                        Q,^*K)* O0A ‚j8
By Parties by ID/Number               U&;K)* hl C&'(E) $6'([)* a6>N- O0A ‚j8
By Parties by Name                                 U&;K)* hl C&'()* S4Fb* ‚j8
By Subject                                                   U&;K)* ‘&•&% ‚j8
Capacity                                                                    $M')*
Case document                                                    U&;K)* 3*K\7j%
Case status                                                        U&;K)* P0&%
Circuit allocation                                                     Q,^*? 166L-
Circuit reassignment                                        U,{* Q,^*? h)< $)48R*
Civil general                                                           hET hfK%
CMA Cases                                                     U&;K)* 34f46B QK;40
Compensation                                                            34V=&L-
Count                                                                         ?K;
Courts below                                                        $6^D_ $F`N%
Current Cases by Year Filed                U&;K)* $%40* $\b ‚j8 $)@*K7F)* U@4;K)*

Date commenced                                                U&;K)* $%40* ˜=A4-
Date of decision                                              O`N)* A@KH ˜=A4-
Decision                                                                      A*,0
Defendant                                                            X6E; h;KF)*
Deleted documents                                 U&;K)4B $>EL7F)* ,6k 3*K\7jF)*
Deliberation room                                                   $)@*KF)* $l,k
Deputy                                                            ,b 16%* K;4j%
Details                                                                   G6H4M-
Document                                                                     K\7j%
Due date                                      .*K)* S*,_R* Z4]fR €0&7F)* ˜=A47)*
End date                                                 .*K)* S*,_R* S4v7f* ˜=A4-
Event results                                       $jE_ ,{¾ 3*S*,_* „6M\- $]67f
Events Schedule                                                  3*S*,_›)* .@K_
Event status                                                   .*K)* S*,_R* P0&%
Event subtype                                    $)*K)* 3*S*,_R* 1% $6;,l ‘*&f*
Event type                                                     .*K)* S*,_R* $L6/5
Exemption                                                                    Q4l4L%
Expert Request to Expert Opinion        ,=,>7)* ?@A@ h78 @,6/()* h)< $)48R* „\%

Fees                                                                    C&b,)*
File Location                                                U&;K)* PE% 94`%
Filed                                                                     $%4>%
Filing date                                                   ‚EJB CK>7)* ˜=A4-
Filing party                                               ‚EJB CK>7F)* c,J)*
Filing to Decision                         O`N)* A@KH h78 @ U&;K)* $%40* „\%
Filing to First Expert Referral         ,6/(E) $)48* .@* h78 @ U&;K)* $%40* „\%
Filing to First Hearing                        $jE_ .@* h78 @ U&;K)* $%40* „\%
Filing to Service acknowledgment            9:;R* C4F- h78 @ U&;K)* $%40* „\%
Firm                                                      ‘4lK)* GpF% ‚7`% Ob*
First hearing                                                         $jE_ .@*
General commercial                                                     hET UA4]-
General labor                                                           hET .4F;


Hearing                                                               $jE_
Hearing Roll                                                   34jE])* .@A
Hearing Room                                                   $F`NF)* $;40
Identity Card                                          $6'([)* $04J/)* O0A
Improving                                                          16jN-
Judgment                                                             O`8
Judgment decision                                              h^4V0 A*,0
Judgments by judge                                 h•4>)* Ob* ‚j8 C4`82*
Judicial (juridical) person                                UA4/7;* “(m

Keywords                                                       $)*K)* 34FE`)*
Lead , Clerk                                                       ,b 16%*
Litigant request                                          h•4>7F)* 1% ‚E5
Litigant request decision                         h•4>7F)* 1% ‚E5 hl A*,0
Long title                                  $6u:p)* 166j6^,)* 16F'()* S4Fb*
Management                                                              QA*?*
Miscellaneous                                                          ‘&\7%
Natural person                                                  |>6>8 “(m
Negative Certificate                                              $6/Eb Q?4vm
New Circuit                                               4v6)< .4NF)* Q,^*K)*
New Status                                                       K=K])* A*,>)*
Non person                                                   UA4/7;* “(m
Number of times postponed                                       3:6_I7)* ?K;
Order                                                                   ,%o
Original Case Court                Q,% .@2 U&;K)* 4v%4%o •F60o |7)* $F`NF)*
Overdue                                                ,{I7F)* .*K)* S*,_R*


Panel                                                            Q,^*K)*
Panel and Circuit keywords        34jE])* @ ,^*@K)* hE; $)*K)* 34FE`)*
Party details                                            O'()* 34f46B
Past events                                    $)*? 3*S*,_* 1% O- 4%
Payer                                                            ?KjF)*
Pending                                                          .@*K7%
Pending Events                       U&;K)* 4v//jB $>ELF)* 3*S*,_R*
Plaintiff                                                       h;KF)*
Positive Certificate                                      $6B4]=* Q?4vm
Postcode                                                 ºK=,/)* O0,)*
Previous circuit                                     4v\% .4N% Q,^*K)*
Previous status                                          aB4j)* A*,>)*
Reference                                 ‘4lK)* ‚7`FB $J6-,% 34f46B
Rent                                                        3*A4]=*
Rent contest                                           3*A4]=* 9&L5
Representative details                                 h%4NF)* 34f46B
Sequential party number                             O'()* GjEj% O0A
Service Requests                                        9:;R* 34/E5
Short title                               166j6^,)* 16F'(E) K])* Ob*
Signature                                                 €60&- $NH
Start date
                                               .*K)* S*,_R* SKB ˜=A4-
Status change                                                $il4NF)*
                                                         ”6N'- ‚E5
Taxes                                                       ‚^*,•
Time since last step                    9À* h78 S*,_* ƒ4(-* „\% QKF)*
Transfer case                                          U&;K)* $)48*
Writ of service                                          9:;* $M6NH

Types of Cases Glossary

                          Types of Cases Glossary

Adjoining                                                       e4'7)*
Administrative decision                                   UA*?R* A*,>)*
Affiliations                                                   346LF_
Agency                                                           $)4T@
Agricultural reform                                      h;*AZ š:H*
Appeal                                                         c4\n7b*
Arbitration                                                      O6`N-
Legal Personality                                   $=A4/7;R* $6'([)*
Bail                                                            $)4MT
Bankruptcy                                                     ~:l*
Bankruptcy procedures                                   ~:l* 3*S*,_*
Banks                                                           +&\B
Benefits                                                        K^*&l
Brokerage                                                     Q,jFb
Capacity                                                           $6Exo
Cemetery                                                         34f4/_
Cassation                                                          ™>f
Cessation                                                          P0@
Civil (government)                                       ($%&`8) |fK%
Civil (old)                                                 (O=K0) |fK%
Commercial papers                                      $=A4]7)* e*A@2*
Commercial place                                         UA4]7)* GNF)*
Commercial work                                           $=A4]- .4F;*
Common property                                                   ‘&6m
Companies                                                       34T,m
Compensation                                                    ™=&L-
Conciliation                                                      a6l&-
Contract                                                            K>;
Criticism                                                            K>f
Custody                                                            D]8
Customs                                                          +A4F_

Terminal sickness                                         3&F)* ž,%

Declaration                                 9:;*
Division                                    O6j>-
Donation                                      $/x

Education                                     O6EL-
Employees                                 9&Md&%
Enjoy a usufruct                            e4M-A*
Execution                                    Q,/{
Expertise                                  ?*,67b*
Facilities                               al*,%
Family cases                       $6'(m .*&8*
Fees                                      C&bA
Fictitious                              $=A&H
Force majeure                         Q,x40 Q&0
Foreigners                               ‚f4_*
Forgery                                  ,=@D-

General System                          C4; C4if
Grung rent, long term lease                 ,`8
Guardianship                       $=4H@ ©$b*,8

Heritage                                    ’AR*
High Court                          46EL)* $F`NF)*
Home land                                   15&%

Illicit enrichment                  ‚/b :B S*,u*
Improvement                                16jN-
In specie insurance                 $6\6; 34\6%I-
Insurance                                   16%I-
Investment                                A4Fp7b*
Irrigation                                   UA

Judgment                                   O`8
Judges                                    Q4V0
Jurisdiction, competence                ¯4'7{*

Labor                                       GFL)*
Law                                         9&f40
Lawyers                                    Q4%4N%
Limitations                                  C?4>-

Material laws                        $6l,; C4`8o
Military orders                    $=,`j; ,%*@o
Money                                      .*&%o
Monuments                                  A4uÀ*
Mortgage                                    1xA

Nationality                                $6j\_
Nationalization                             O6%I-
Nullity                                   9:J/)*

Obligation                                  C*D7)*
Occupation                                 QZ468
Opposition                              $•A4L%
Order of performance                     S*?o ,%o
Order on a petition              $V=,; hE; ,%o
Organizations                          34jby%
Organizing                                  O6i\-
Ownership, deprivation of            $6`EF)* ‘Df


Partition                                   $^D]-
Patrimony                                    $T,-
Post                                          K=,B
Preemption                                   $LMm
Prescription                                  C?4>-
Profits                                        €=A
Proofs                                       ‘&l?
Property                                     $6`E%
Proscription                            ,i8 ©€\%
Public entities                        $%4; 34n6x
Public prosecution                      $%4; $B46f

Qualification                                 $6Ex*
Real estate                                    A4>;
Real estate execution                   UA4>; „6M\-
Registration                                 G6]j-
Rents                                         A4]=*
Replevin                          aN7jF)* ,6k ?A
Requiring reconsideration        ,i\)* Q?4;* ~4F7)*
Residue                                      $)4Vl
Responsibility                              $6)&nj%

Sale                                           €6B
Seizure                                    S:67b*
Social insurance                  $6;4F7_* 34\6%I-
Solidarity                                 1%4V-
Subject matter court              ‘&•&F)* $F`N%
Successor                                    PE{
Supply                                      1=&F-
Syndicates                                  34B4>f

Taxes                                    ‚^*,•
The final judgement              hV>F)* ,%2* Q&0
Tradition                                 c,;
Transfer                                     G>f

Treaties                   3*Kx4L%
Trial                       $FT4N%
Tribunals                    $F`N%
Unconstitutional        ºA&7b? ,6k
Will                         $6H@

Computer and training Glossary

                      Computer and training Glossary
Access points                                                                      .4'-Š* w^4b@
Access protocols                                           (.4'-Š* 3Š&T&-@,B) .4'-Š* G^4b@
Accessories (Computer)                                                                 $>NE% ¨%*,B
Accommodator (Training)                                                            1=,{Á) K;4j%
Anticipatory set (training)                                                         34L0&7)* 1=,F-
Application of software                                                              $6>6/J- ¨%*,B
Applications Acceptance Testing (AAT)                                           34/EJ)* G/>- A4/7{*
Approval and priority setting                                              $=&)@2* @ $>l*&F)* w/•
Arabic hyper text                                                           $6B,; $6L_,% ¯&'f
Assimilator (training)                                                                     ‚;&7j%
Assistance of automation                                                         $7F-2* hl QK;4j%
Attitudinal training                                                              hT&Ej)* ‚=AK7)*
Audiences training                                                                        9@K6M7j%
Audiences expansion                                                     X\% 1=K6M7jF)* e4Jf €6b&-
Audiovisual equipment                                                        $=,'B @ $6LFb QDv_o
Automate and streamline procedures                                      4vJ6j/- @ 3*S*,_R* $7F-o
Automation                                                                             $\`6% - $7F-o
Automation applications                                                             $7F-2* 34>6/J-
Automation of the civil and commercial           $=A4]7)* @ $6fKF)* 4=4V>E) |•4>7)* 3*S*,_< $7F-o
case litigation procedures

Backup computer                                                     PEF)* 1% $654678* $(jf GF;
Beta testing                                                                     h)@2* A4/7{Š*

Change agent                                                                  ,66‰7)* ’*K8< a=,l
Classroom facilitator                                                                QA@K)* aj\%
Classroom norms                                                     ‚=AK7)* $;4>B $6T&Ej)* ²4Ff2*
Client / server                                                                       C?4{ / G6F;
Communication method test model                                      .4'-Š* G^4b@ A4/7{* ¡ƒ&Ff
Computer Literacy Laboratory (CLL)                                           ,-&6/F`)* O6EL- GFL%
Constituency building                                                 ‘@,[FE) QK=y% $v/_ 1=&`-
Control panel (computer)                                                               O`N7)* $8&)
Converger (training)                                                                         €F]%
Court automation                                                                     OT4NF)* $7F-*
CPU                                                                          $=DT,% $])4L% ¹K8@
Create docket entries                                         CK>F)* U@4;K)* .@K]) 3:{K% GF;
Criminal Justice Integrated System (CJIS)                     G%4`7% |^4\_ |^4V0 34%&EL% C4if
CRT                                                                               O=K0 ,6/L- $m4m
Customized software                                                                   $)KL% ¨%*,B

Data Management Systems (DMS)                                                  34f46/)* QA*?* Oif
Data server                                                         34%&ELF)* C?4{ / $`/[)* C?4{
Data transformation                                                               34f46/)* G=&N-
Draft enterprise model                                                        GFLE) ¡ƒ&Ff €•@
Dumb terminal                                                                 S4FH $6l,5 $=4vf

Enhance knowledge and skills                                            3*A4vF)* @ $l,LF)* Q?4=Z
En banc                                                                                  9&LF7]=
End outputs                                                                         $6^4v\)* ¨^47\)*
Entrenched attitudes                                          ,66‰7E) $=?4LF)* $(b*,)* 3*K>7LF)*
Entries                                                                                   3:{K%
Established practice                                                  (X6)< 4% @o S*,_< |l) GH*
External demands outstrip data availability        Q,l&7F)* 34%&ELF)* e&M- $6_A4()* 34_4678Š*
Extractor fan                                                                                 ²4Mm

Flip chart                                                                           $60A@ QA&/b
Flowchart                                                                            alK7)* wJ(%
Friendly interface (computer)                                                   $Evb a6/J- $v_*@

Group activities                                                     Q,6‰')* 34;&F]F)* 1=A4F-
Group dynamics                                                         |;4F])* GFL)* 346`6%4\=?
Group training technique                                                |;4F])* Y=AK7)* z&Ebo

Hardware and software                                  (¨%*,/)* @ 3*KLF)*) 34>6/J7)* @ QDv_2*
Hierarchical or one-to-many relationships             34x4]-* QK; h)< K8*@ 1% @o $EjEj% $0:;
Html hypertext markup language                                   $6L_,F)* ¯&'\)* ,=&J- $‰)

Improve access to legal information                       $6f&f4>)* 34%&ELF)* hE; .&'N)* ,6j6-
Industrial management                                                            $6;4\')* QA*?R*
Information dissemination                                                          34%&ELF)* ,[f
Information Resource Management (IRM)                                     34%&ELF)* A?4'% QA*?*
Information Systems                                                                34%&ELF)* Oif
Install computer equipment                                                ,-&6/F`)* QDv_* ‚6T,-
Install programs                                                                   ¨%*,/)* G6FN-
Instrumental                                                                          K6M% K;4j%
Integrated and gradual phase-in                                         |]=AK- @ G%4`7% z&Ebo

Knowledge evaluation                                                                |l,LF)* O66>7)*


LAN                                                                      $6ENF)* 34%&ELF)* $`/m
LAN application                                                           $6ENF)* $`/[)* 34>6/J-
Learner circle                                                                     OEL7)* $%&i\%
Learning Assessment (for pre and post                                                OEL7)* A*K>%
Local Area Network (LAN)                                                   $6EN% 34%&EL% $`/m
Local Cost Financing                                                      $6ENF)* P6)4`7)* G=&F-
Local travel / in-country                                                 $)@K)* ?@K8 G{*? ,Mb
Locally hired                                                                       ¬ 6EN% 166\6L%
Logistical requirements                                                          ?*K;R* 34/EJ7%
Mainframe                                               |j6^A ‚b48 ,6/`)* |f@,7`)R* ‚b4N)*
Manage assigned caseload                                             $ET&F)* 4=4V>)* O]8 QA*?<
Management Information System (MIS)                                        34%&ELF)* QA*?< Oif
Management of training process                                            $6F6EL7)* $6EFL)* QA*?<
Management training design                                           $=A*?< ‚=AK- QA@? O6F'-
Managing change                                                        3*,6‰7F)* / ,66‰7)* QA*?<
Managing expectations                                                            34L0&7)* QA*?<
Managing people                                                                   ¯4(mo QA*?<
Managing projects                                                             34;@,[F)* QA*?<
Mandatory versus desirable requirements                        X=A467{* GB4>% $=A4/_< 34/EJ7%
Map for anticipated achievements                                    $L0&7F)* 3*Z4]f›) $J=,{
Microcomputer                                                                     ,6‰H ‚b48
Microfiches indexes                                                          ®6l@,`6% ~A4vl
Microfilming documents                                         OE6l@,`6F)* |l e*A@2* ,=&'-
Minicomputer                                                                     wb&7% ‚b48
Mock-up                                                               |j6^,)* ,-&6/F`)* Q4T4N%
Mock-up system                                                                     C4i\E) ¡ƒ&Ff
Mock-up terminal                                                            $6T4N% $6l,5 $=4vf
Modems                                         (P-4v)* ²&J{ ,/; 34/b4N)* G6H&- Z4v_) C?&%
Monitor resolution (computer)                                               $m4[)* ž,; $l4pT
Multiple operating systems                                                    ?KL7% G6‰[- C4if
Multi-tasking                                                   •0&)* YMf |l ¨%*,B QK; „6M\-
Multi-user                                                              16%K(7jF)* ?KL7% C4if
National database                                                         $6%&>)* 34f46/)* K;*&0
Needs assessment studies                                      34_4678Š* K=KN- @ ,'8 34b*A?
Network server                                                                     $`/[)* C?4{

OAE specs                                                       $7F-¸) |F6i\7)* Â4\F)* 34MH*&%
Observational Study Tour (OST)                                                      $6b*A? $)&_
Off the Shelf (OTS)                                                            ¬ >/j% QKL% ¨%*,B
Office automation                                                                   ‚-4`F)* $7F-o
Office policy and rules                                                   ‚7`F)* ”^*&) @ $b46b
Office renovation                                                                   ‚7`F)* K=K]-

On screen inquiries                                                 $m4[)* hE; 34%:L7b*
On-site system technician                                             €0&F)* |l GFL= |\l
Operating system                                                             G6‰[7)* C4if
Organization charts                                                        $6F6i\- GT46x
Organizational Automation Environment                            $7F-¸) O^:% |F6i\- Â4\%
Organizational backup for automation                          $7F-2* $6EFL) $6F6i\- QKf4j%
Orientation program                                                        |v6_&- ¨%4f,B
Outlines written for various courses                    ¨x4\F)* $B47`) Ybo @ 346)¾ €•@
Outputs                                                                           34_,(%
Over payment                                                                QK^*Z 34;&lK%
Overextended staff                                                         16Md&F)* ?4v_<
Overhead projector                              (A&7`6_@,B K6x,l@o) |bo,)* ž,L)* Z4v_
Ownership of response information                                 $B4]7bŠ* 34%&EL% $6`E%

Package (computer)                                                           ¨%*,B $%D8
PC based                                                  |'([)* ‚b4N)* hE; Yby%
Perform its research function                                       $6pN/)* X7M6d&B C46>)*
Performance appraisal                                                          S*?2* O66>-
Performance development                                                      S*?2* ,=&J-
Performance indicators                                               3*Z4]fR* 3*,my%
Performance of mock-up terminal                             $6T4NF)* $6l,J)* ¡ƒ&Ff S*?*
Period of test                                                                 A4/7{* Q,7l
Peripherals                                         (|^&• ”b4% / $LB45) QK;4j% 3*K8@
Permanent record                                                              a60? G6]j-
Personal computer                                                        |'(m ,-&6/FT
Phased-in automation                                                     $6]=AK7)* $7F-2*
Pilot courts                                                                  QK^*A OT4N%
Pilot site judges                                                   QK^*,)* OT4NF)* Q4V0
Plan components                                                            $J()* 34f&`%
Plan development                                                               $J{ ۥ@
Planning                                                                           w6J(-
Planning committee                                                            w6J(- $\])
Platform                                                              Oi\E) ,/\% / $'\%
Pop-up menu                                                         |^4>E7)* A&vi)* $F^40
Pre-visit orientation                                      Q?4=D)* G/0 4F) ?*K;R* ¨%4f,B
Preliminary evaluation of organizational                     |F6i\7)* G`6vE) |^K/% O66>-
Preliminary needs assessment                                      34_4678:) |^K/% O66>-
Prepare environment for judicial reform                      |^4V>)* š:HR* Â4\F)* $n6v-
Present ideas                                                              A4`lo ž,;
Present system                                                                |)48 C4if
Presentation                                                              ž,; / O=K>-
Prime contractor                                                 h)@o KvL7% / .@* .@4>%
Print server                                                               $;4/J)* C?4{

Printed material                                                           $;&/J% Q?4%
Priorities                                                                     34=&)@o
Priority requirements                                                34/EJ7F)* 34=&)@o
Program jurist                                                 ¨%4f,/)* hE; C4; c,[%
Programming                                                                     $]%,B
Programs                                                                        ¨%*,B
Project description                                                   ‘@,[F)* P6H&-
Promote reform                                                    š:HR* $6EF; D=DL-

Quality of education and training                                ‚=AK7)* @ O6EL7)* $6;&f

Receptive                                                          QK=K])* A4`l¸) G/>7%
Recycle bin (computer)                                                  34l@„NF)* $Eb
Redesign                                                                   O6F'- Q?4;<
Redesign database                                           34f46/)* K;*&0 O6F'- Q?4;<
Reengineering                                                              O6F'- Q?4;<
Reform program model                                           š:H›) ¨%4f,B ¡ƒ&Ff
Regular communication model                                    ºA@K)* .4'-:) ¡ƒ&Ff
Regulatory impediments                                                   $6F6i\- a^*&;
Regulatory reform                                                       |F6i\- š:H<
Regulatory reform plan                                        |F6i\7)* š:H›) $J{
Retrieval of basic information                            $6b4b2* 34%&ELF)* ‘4_,7b*
Role to play                                                                A*@?2* ‚L)
Round-table seminar on strategic planning         |]6-*,7bR* w6J(7)* 1; $8&7M% ¹@Kf
Sample court software                                              $F`NFE) ¨%4f,B $\6;
Scanner                                                          3*K\7jFE) |^&• ”b4%
Screen layouts                                                      $m4[)* G`m @o $n6x
Search and find                                         4v;4_,7b* @ ¯&'\)* |l ³NB
Search capabilities                                                          ³NB 3*AK0
Search database                                                  34f46/)* K;*&0 hl ³NB
Search parameters                                              ³N/)* 34%&>% @ ,H4\;
Select and Monitor trainees                      Ov7LB47% @ QA@K)* |l 9&TA4[F)* A467{*
Selection procedure                                                   A467{Š* 3*S*,_<
Share information                                                    34%&ELF)* $TA4[%
Shielded cable                                   34;4LmR* 1% X6FN= G`[B w\‰F% GB4T
Skills development                                                      3*A4vF)* ,=&J-
Skills evaluation                                                         UA4vF)* O66>7)*
Software design                                                     ¨%*,B $Fifo O6F'-
Space management                                                3484jF)* C*K(7b* Q?4;<
Speakers                                                           9@,•4N% /9&uKN7%
Special mailings                                               Q4V>)4B $H4{ 3*A*KH<
Specific description of result                                     ¨^47\E) ?KN% P6H&-

Specifications                                                            34MH*&%
Spreadsheet program                                          QK7FF)* O^*&>E) ¨%4f,B
Staff training                                                    16Md&F)* ‚=AK-
Standardized curricula                                       QK8&% $6/=AK- ¨x4\%
State-of-the-art                                      .4]F)* *„x |l ?A@ 4% ’K8o
Stimulate thinking                                                      ,6`M7)* e4l*
Storage                                                             1=D(- / $fD{
Strategic plan                                                    $6]6-*,7b* $J{
Strategy mission                                               $6]6-*,7bR* $FvF)*
Streamline                                                              |B46jf* w{
Streamline procedures                               3*S*,_R* ,6j6- @ O6i\- Q?4;<
Strong base of support                                    1=K=yF)* 1% QK;40 aE{
Structural support                                          |F6i\7)* G`6vE) O6;K-
Structure                                                              S4\B – G`6x
Sub-programs                                                          $6;,l ¨%*,B
Sub-objectives                                                        $6;,l c*Kxo
Supporting educational material                               QK;4j% $6F6EL- ?*&%
Supporting equipment                                                 $6E6F`- QDv_o
System Acceptance Testing (SAT)                              C4i\)* .&/0 3*A4/7{*
System analysis                                                      $Fif¸) G6EN-
System installation                                                   C4i\)* ‚6T,-
System maintenance                                                      C4if $f46H
System model                                                          C4i\)* ¡ƒ&Ff
System software                                                     G6‰[7)* ¨%*,B
System specs and limits                                 $Fif2* 34MH*&% @ ?@K8
Systems Integration Testing (SIT)                            $Fif2* G%4`- A4/7{*

Tab (dialog box)                                                      ‚=&/- $%:;
Tab (keyboard)                                                        $)@K_ $%:;
Tailor-made software                                   4
                                         (16L% ž,‰) ¬>l@ $M6`%) $;&\'% ¨%*,B
Taskbar                                                               C4vF)* w=,m
Team building                                                      GFL)* e,l S4\B
Technical advisors                                                166\l 9&=A4[7b*
Technical assessment                        $6\M)* 34_4678Š* ,'8 @ K=KN- $b*A?
Technical assistance                                                     $6\l $f&L%
Technical evaluation report                                     |\M)* O66>7)* ,=A4>-
Technical proposal                                                     |\l ž,;
Technical support                                                          |\l O;?
Terminal emulation                                             $6T4N% $6l,5 $=4vf
Tickler system                                                          $LB47% C4if
Time management                                                         •0&)* QA*?*
Time sharing                                             •0&)* O6j>- $>=,JB GFL)*
Time standards                                                         $670@ ,6=4L%
Time wasters                                                       •0&)* 34L6V%
Trainees’ affairs                                                  16BAK7F)* 9&nm

Training curriculum, materials and                     $6/=AK- O6x4M% @ Q?4% @ ¨x4\%
Training of Trainers (TOT)                                            16BAKF)* ‚=AK-
Training requirements                                               ‚=AK7)* 34/EJ7%
Training techniques, technology and           ¨x4\F)* @ 46_&)&\`7)* @ ‚=AK7)* ‚6)4bo
Training technologies                                          ‚=AK7)* 346_&)&\`-
Transaction log                                               $T,N)* @ GFL)* G]b
Twisted pair cable                                 16-?,l 1% 9&`% +:b2* 1% ‘&f

Unix                                                          G6‰[7)* C4if 34‰) K8*
Update                                                                       ³=KN-
Upgrade                                                             346f4`%< ,=&J-
User interface                                                        a6/J7)* $v_*@
User profiles                                                         CK(7jF)* $=&x
Utilities                                                                     al*,%

Variety                                                                        ‘&\-
Vision                                                                         $=ÃA
Wallpaper (computer)                                                        $6ME{
WAN                                        $6EN% 34`/m 1% $f&`% UKF)* $Lb*@ $`/m
Word processor                                            ¯&'\)* $])4L% ¨%4f,B
Work flow                                                           GFL)* z46jf*
Work-plan                                                               GF; $J{
Workshop                                                               GF; $mA@


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