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					                                                                                   September 12, 2007

                    Lake Washington Education Association
  We’re getting ready to bargain a new contract and need your help
Since this is the third year of our 3-year contract with    (OT/PTs, SLPs, psychologists, PE/Music, counselors,
the Lake Washington School District, we’ve begun the        special education, librarians, staff development, etc.).
process of bargaining a new contract to replace this one
when it expires. While much of the actual work of           September 2007 Bargaining team is formulated.
negotiating a new contract will be done by your LWEA
                                                            October 2007 Bargaining team meets for team-building.
Bargaining Team and LWEA Executive Committee, we
need your help in order to ensure that we’re                October 2007 Bargaining team attends WEA
representing your interests accurately.                     bargaining training.
Specifically, we need you to attend your building’s         January 2008 Bargaining team meets to go over all
bargaining meeting this fall.                               data collected from buildings, ongoing bargaining file,
                                                            building reps, and all other sources, including the
What you tell us at these meetings will be key to forming
                                                            current contract.
our interests and issues at the bargaining table. We need
to know how you feel about the things that affect your      January 2008 Electronic all-member bargaining
daily working life. Your building rep will be notifying     survey is conducted.
you of the date and time for your meeting, and we’re
hoping that you’ll make every effort to attend.             January 2008 LWEA and LWSD bargaining teams
                                                            participate in joint bargaining training. LWEA and
In the meantime, we thought you’d like to have a            LWSD bargaining topics are identified and assigned to
comprehensive picture of what the bargaining process        joint subcommittees.
looks like as we go through this year:
                                                            Jan.-April 2008 Bargaining subcommittees meet to
2005-ongoing Collecting info for our bargaining file        develop proposals for the new contract.
from any member who has contacted the Association
with any bargaining-related issue.                          Late April 2008 LWEA and LWSD teams are
                                                            sequestered for a week to work out a tentative
Spring 2007 Building reps gathered informal input           agreement.
from staff and shared at the May LWEA Rep Assembly
meeting.                                                    May 2008 Tentative agreement, if reached, is brought
                                                            to LWEA Executive Committee and LWEA Rep
August 2007 LWEA Executive Committee studied the            Assembly for approval.
ongoing bargaining file and building rep input and
identified possible bargaining issues. Executive            May 2008 General membership meeting is held to
Committee also examined our current contract for            ratify the new contract.
potential bargaining items.
                                                            May-August 2008 Bargaining continues if tentative
Sept.-Dec. 2007 50+ bargaining input meetings to be         agreement is not reached during sequestered
held in every building and for special interest groups      bargaining.
FYI                       Communicating information

                                           news to our members

Insurance coverage for                                          Sick leave taken in less than ½
dependents up to age 25                                         day increments
Great news! The age of dependent coverage for LWSD              Your contract allows you the choice of taking sick
benefits has increased from age 23 to 25 and dependents         leave, particularly for medical appointments, in full or
no longer have to be in school. If you dropped your             half-day increments, or for the actual amount of time
dependents from your insurance plans when they reached          you are away from work.
23, they can be re-added to your plan.
                                                                Although substitutes must be contracted in half-day
To enroll your dependent, you will need to complete a           increments, the amount of time charged against your
new enrollment form and return it prior to                      sick leave need only be the time you are gone. For
September 14 for coverage starting October 1, 2007;             example, if you leave for the dentist at 10:30 and return
or by October 15 for coverage starting November 1,              at 12:00, your sick leave balance will only be charged
2007. The final deadline to enroll a dependent is the           for 1.5 hours. Your sub, however, will be in your
end of the open enrollment period (October 15).                 building for 3.5 hours, and may either assist you or be
                                                                assigned other work by the principal.
Keep in mind that you can add your dependents to the
vision and dental plans at no additional cost. Additions        You still have the option of taking the time off in entire
to your medical plan, however, will increase your               half-day increments and having your sick leave charged
monthly premium.                                                for that time.

Enrollment forms are available on the Portal under              Also, you might not be aware that you can request
Payroll and Benefits.                                           half-day subs for midday, rather than just AM or
                                                                PM. For example, you can get a sub for time slots
                                                                such as 10:00 – 1:30 if that works out better for
                                                                your medical appointment

Lake Washington Education Association                                     

      President - Kevin Teeley           Junior High Rep - Lucy Davies               LWEA Office
      LWEA / 425 822-9898                Resource Ctr / 425 702-3260                 10628 NE 37th Circle, Kirkland 98033                   Senior High Rep – David McGibney            425 822-9898 phone
      Vice President – Mike Blodgett     EHS / 425-836-6600                          425 827-7220 fax
      Kirkland / 425 822-6224            Special Services Rep - Laurie Harrison      UniServ Rep: Jim Fotter
                                         RHS / 425 498-7130                     
      Primary Rep - Jane Wartenbe
      Einstein / 425 558-7973            Specialist Rep – Jim Eaton                  Admin Assistant: Sheila Hagerman
                                         Resource Ctr / 425 702-3363            
      Intermediate Rep - Peggy Solum                                                 Admin Assistant: Ila Rhea Morrow
                                         Ethnic Minority Rep – Ernest Young
      Frost / 425 821-8238               Kamiakin / 425-823-6750                
Plan to attend                                               Did you know?
The annual Benefits Fair is scheduled for Thursday,          Your family is covered (at no extra charge) under your
October 4, from 12 noon to 6 PM. This is a perfect           dental and vision plans, which includes your spouse or
time to evaluate your current benefits selections and        domestic partner and children up to age 25. However,
to make sure that your dollars are being used in a way       your medical plan premium does increase if you add
that stretches your state allocation as far as possible.     dependents, depending on the number of people that
                                                             you cover.
In addition to being able to talk with representatives
from all of the different insurance companies, there         If you haven’t listed your family on your dental or
will be door prizes, snacks, and much more! Mark             vision plan enrollment forms, you do need to add them
your calendar – plan to be there!                            – it isn’t automatic. To obtain an enrollment form, go
                                                             to the LWSD Portal – Payroll and Benefits.
Use this link to access the medical comparison
summary and premiums chart on to the LWSD Portal.
                                                             Thanks to your union…
IA time to be determined                                     Then: Teachers purchased materials and supplies for
                                                             their classroom out of their own pocket and received no
Each junior and senior high building is entitled to
                                                             reimbursement. In addition, there was no
receive 30 minutes of IA time per FTE classroom
                                                             reimbursement of tuition or extra work done outside of
teacher. This time may be used for instructional
                                                             the regular work day.
assistants or other direct help to relieve workload.
The staff of each building should meet each fall to
                                                             Now: Teachers receive the $2,000 Professional Fund
determine how this time will be used.
                                                             which can be used to:
                                                                • Cover classroom materials
                                                                • Home DSL or high speed internet service
What in the world is WAC                                        • Membership to professional organizations
time?                                                           • Tuition for continuing education classes
                                                                    Conference fees and materials
“WAC time” refers to the period of time before school           • Payment of student loans incurred after
begins and after school ends that you’re required to be             employment
in the building. WAC refers to “Washington                      • Up to 8 half days of salary for extra work.
Administrative Code,” which is a listing of all the rules
and regulations that schools, districts, and school
employees must follow.

Under the law, WAC time exists to ensure that parents                            Calendar
and students can access teachers at designated times of
the day. While this doesn’t mean that teachers have to
sit in their classrooms and wait just in case a student or           Sept. 18        Rep Assembly
parent drops in, it does mean that if a parent or student
wants to schedule a meeting with a teacher, the teacher
must be available to meet with them during those times.
                                                                     Sept. 24        School Board Meeting

You are not expected to supervise students during WAC                Sept. 25        Executive Committee
time. You can feel free to be away from your classroom
running copies or doing other prep work for your                     Oct. 4          Benefits Fair, 12-6 PM
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                                                                       More member benefits!
                                                                 WEA members can access a wide variety of great
                                                                 programs and discounts. These include:

                                                                   •    Entertainment
                                                                   •    Dining Out
                                                                   •    Travel and entertainment
                                                                   •    Hotel – Best Western
                                                                   •    Emergency Roadside Assistance
                                                                   •    Much more!

                                                                 Check out the Member Benefit page on the WEA

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            Ads are accepted only in written form – send directly to Sheila Hagerman –
                  Ads are subject to approval by the Executive Committee and may be edited for length.