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Terence Fane-Saunders

Terence Fane-Saunders is widely regarded as one of the leaders of the international public relations profession.
Before founding Chelgate in 1988 he was chairman and chief executive of Burson-Marsteller, one of the three
largest public relations firms in the UK, and served as a member of that company's international management
board. He had earlier served on the worldwide board of Hill and Knowlton Inc, at that time the world's largest
public relations company. Based in New York, he managed 22 Hill and Knowlton offices in Asia, Latin America,
Canada, Australia and New Zealand, while also directing all international business at the world headquarters.

He had previously spent several years as managing director of Hill and Knowlton Asia Limited, during which time
he also opened the first foreign public relations business in the People's Republic of China.

An Honours graduate of Cambridge University, where he studied law and English, Terence Fane-Saunders has
written, spoken and broadcast all over the world on different aspects of the public relations profession. As a
specialist in transnational communications and public relations, he has managed a wealth of global and
international programmes for governments, multinational companies and special interest organisations.

Terence Fane-Saunders is also a recognised expert in the management of crises and acute issues, working with
corporate, educational and international government clients to contain some of the most high profile and
demanding crises of recent years. He has also helped many organisations - both international and domestic - put
precautionary plans in place to prepare for the management of crises or acute issues, should they arise.

The Headline

Remember that your headline is not a newspaper headline. The cute, clever or funny
headline that gives no information about the story is of little value to the busy journalist
at the other end.

On the other hand if your headline can be informative, but at the same time original and
striking, that may help it stand out from the pile. But if there’s a choice, favou
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